T Rex / The Gluttering Chipolata / 1CD

T Rex / The Gluttering Chipolata / 1CD / Shakuntala

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Budoakn Hall, Tokyo Japan October 25, 1973 Digitally Remastered

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Evaluation of T REX has not been decided yet. Rather than musicality, attention is drawn to the style surrounding it, and it is the present situation that only the abstract cutaway “gram rock centered presence” is told. T-REX has Mark Boran as the leader and the rest as a replacement, while the former T-REX has more than 10 people for a short period of activity. In other words, T-REX is a band for Mark Boran to express and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a generic name for the project.

Commercial hit “Electric Warrior” released for the first time by changing the band name to “T-REX” in 1970. After that, continued a single hit one after another, and also gained great popularity in Japan. It was performed in 1972 and 1973 for the second year in a row in Japan, which was held in the enthusiastic popularity excitement. Including regional performances, in both cases Tokyo was chosen as the venue for the Budokan, so the popularity in Japan at that time is known.

This work includes the performance of Nippon Budokan on October 25, 1973, which will be the second visit to Japan. The concert itself was unusually short, and at the time it was short, and since each song was played with a long arrangement, the number of songs is only 7 songs. Haruo Chikada is recog- nizing that he was not good at playing and not knowing what songs he is playing, but he is blessed with appearance, the young Japanese fans enthusiastic about becoming obsessed with the typical rock mark Boran Is a genuine, Budokan performance wrapped in a yellow cheer, as ten minutes of songs continued as mentioned above, it was a wonderful concert without boredom.

This work is the first appearance sound source recorded from the master by the recording person himself who was present at the Budokan in those days. Although the volume emitted by the band was large, a slightly over level part was found, but even with consideration of the times it was recorded with sufficient sound quality, and the enthusiasm of the day was drawn to the sound image which is transmitted directly directly more than anything else I guess.

The Japanese fans seemed to have a mark also on the impression that they are quiet, and the appearance of being desperately seated at the audience seats with MC is recorded vividly. Before the last “GET IT ON”, ask questions to the audience, “What is Friend doing in Japanese?” It is pleasant to return “coma nachi” whether “Tomodachi” from the audience seat could not be heard well.

Well, I want to include one note. There are not so many titles that recorded TREX ‘s Japan tour. Although there are not many, there are some already existing ones, “GET IT ON” has been recorded in the last two songs, and it is recorded in the composition that the concert ends with “TOKYO BLUES”. However, in this work, the order of the songs of these two songs is opposite, and the concert ends with “GET IT ON”. Which is correct this? This work was recorded as it was, the recording person himself recorded at that time, no hands are added in the process, and it is natural, but there is no editing trace. It is a natural composition that concludes with the biggest hit song “GET IT ON” in the United States is a natural composition, and the point that it is played with a long arrangement exceeding anything more than 17 minutes is a doubt that this is the last of the concert There will not be. Therefore, this work can also be said to be the title recorded for the first time in the right order.

T REX 2nd time, and the last performance to Japan arrived October 25, 1972 Budokan performance is fully recorded at the first appearance sound source. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

T REXの評価はいまだ定まっていない。音楽性よりも、それを取り巻くスタイルに注目が行き、いわく「グラムロックの中心的存在」という抽象的な切り口でしか語られていないのが現状である。T-REXはマーク・ボランをリーダーとし、その他は入れ代わり立ち代わりで、元T-REXは短い活動期間ながら10人以上にのぼる。つまりT-REXとはマーク・ボランが表現をするためのバンドであり、プロジェクトの総称と言っても過言ではないだろう。




日本のファンはおとなしいという印象はをマークも抱いたらしく、MCで必死に客席をあおっている様子が生々しく収録されている。最後の「GET IT ON」の前に、「Friendは日本語で何て言うんだ?」と客席に質問を投げかけている。客席からの「トモダチ」が上手く聞き取れなかったのか「コマナチ」と返しているのが微笑ましい。

さて、ひとつ注記を入れておきたい。T REXの来日公演を収録したタイトルはそう多くはない。多くはないながらも、いくつか存在する既発盤では「GET IT ON」が最後から2曲目に収録されており、「TOKYO BLUES」でコンサートが終わる構成で収録されている。しかし本作はこの2曲の曲順が逆で、コンサートは「GET IT ON」で締めくくられる。これはどちらが正しいのだろうか? 本作は録音者本人が当時録音した、そのままで収録されており、その過程で何ら手が加えられていないし、当たり前だが編集痕もない。アメリカにおいても最大のヒット曲「GET IT ON」でコンサートが締めくくるのは自然な構成であるし、何より17分以上に渡る長大なアレンジで演奏されている点、これがコンサートの最後であることは疑いはないだろう。よって本作は初めて正しい曲順で収録したタイトルともいえる。

T REX2度目の、そして最後の来日公演となった1972年10月25日武道館公演を初登場音源にて完全収録。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Introduction
02. 20th Century Boy
03. Chariot Choogle
04. Telegram Sam
05. Buick Mackane
06. Jeepster
07. Tokyo Blues
08. Get It On

Shakuntala. STCD-056

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