Sykes / Osaka 1998 / 2CD

Sykes / Osaka 1998 / 2CD / Zodiac
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Live at Umeda Heat Beat, Osaka, Japan 26th July 1998.


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Genius guitarist: Excellent live in Japan that summarizes John Sykes’ career is coming. It is contained in this work “July 26, 1998: Umeda Heat Beat” performance. THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE, BLUE MURDER, SYKES and Sykes who repeatedly came to Japan with various projects, but at this time it was a Japan tour that touched the two series of soft “LOVELAND” and hard “20 TH CENTURY” . Let’s begin with the schedule of the time.

· July 22: Shinjuku Liquid Room
· July 23: Shinjuku Liquid Room
· July 25: Shinjuku Liquid Room
· July 26: UMEDA HEATBEAT 【this work】
· July 27: Nagoya Diamond Hall

Over all, five performances. Although it is a lonely place that the box gradually became smaller little by little as you visit Japan, the density of energy filled in that small space increases, on the other hand. This work is an audience album whose enrichment has reached the climax. It is a superb item which has been directly CD-converted from original DAT which inhaled the air of a special site directly.
Actually, the energy of this work is not a huangpa! Although it seems to be an audience seems to sound in the drum, guitar, vocal, base is “as if it is a sound board”. That is far more terrible than Sonjyusono’s sound board thing, it is a direct feeling of direct conference level. Picking · harmonics, briggoli · gorigori bass, sike ‘s breath – level vocal are everything frightening, it is a sudden sound to be screwed into the brain’ s miso.
I wrote that “There is likelihood of being in the drum in the drums” earlier, but this also means “just shooting on drums” (not decided!). Certainly, although distance is felt compared with other musical instruments that are close to abnormalities, the air between the drum and the audience seems to explode and it seems that one shot is a firecracker or a gunshot. That is not a gunshot made of movies or animation. It is “explosive sound” like explosive explosion just in front of you. How to say Tommy Aldridge is powerful, I can hardly imagine a very impressive recording so far. That it is realized by audiences recording … ….
It was a masterpiece known as the best in Osaka since the 1990s that made such a strong unequaled sound a thing. In our shop, I have made a number of original masters of this recordingist a CD. Just a couple of examples … RAINBOW “OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006)”, AC / DC “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 182)”, MEGADETH “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 211)”, RICHIE SAMBORA “UNDISCOVERED SOUL IN OSAKA ZODIAC 199) “, IRON MAIDEN” DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2004 (ZODIAC 213) “. What do you think. A mountain of this masterpiece just by limiting it to HR / HM. Both live albums were intense guitar sounds, but this work is an excellent item in top class among them.
I can not say it is the splendor of the show drawn with that sound. Sykes became frequented in Japan in the 1990s, and its flavor was also diminished, but this was a great heyday of creative motivation if returning the opposite. In this work, the famous music group of that gem is concentrated. It is terrible powerful that the famous songs of THIN LIZZY and WHITESNAKE rush to the cascading stage in the final stage, but BLUE MURDER / the solo which is the main of the set is superb! To be honest, it may be hard to say that all songs in this era are masterpieces, but that is only because the difference between good and bad was great. The set of this work that narrowed down to that “good” blows out a melody of gems and a guitar with a furious momentum. Even if you set it to “20 TH CENTURY”, even if you set it to “OUT OF MY TREE”, the height of the peak of a good song will be surprised as it is now. Indeed, indeed he was a genius songwriter … ….
And the vocal which is spirited on superb masterpieces and rude performance is also excellent. Although the guitar gets lost, the vocal far surpasses the master Gary Moore … … No, this singing voice is a dimension that can not be compare with singer songs. Of course, as a composer I know more about songs than anyone, and their expressive power is superb. If you sing a ballad, the crying melody will become a fashionable atmosphere, even without roaring you will sing hard rock tough. Although it is not a personality push like Phil Rhinotto or David Cavadair, that’s why the stunning singing skill is reflected.

The official live board “BAD BOY LIVE!” Also summarized the career, but it was somewhat WHITESNAKE. In contrast, this work is a masterpiece of a live album featuring “Solo · Artist: Sykes” all over. The roots of genius guitarist / singer / songwriter who furiously roar with super high quality sound. Please, please taste to the utmost!

天才ギタリスト:ジョン・サイクスのキャリアを総括する極上ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが登場です。本作に収められているのは「1998年7月26日:梅田ヒートビート」公演。THIN LIZZY、WHITESNAKE、BLUE MURDER、SYKESと、さまざまなプロジェクトで来日を繰り返したサイクスですが、この時はソフトな『LOVELAND』とハードな『20TH CENTURY』の2連作を引っさげてのジャパンツアーでした。まずは、当時の日程から始めましょう。

・7月26日:UMEDA HEATBEAT 【本作】

実際、本作のエネルギーはハンパじゃない! ドラムの鳴りにオーディエンスらしさは感じられるものの、ギター、ヴォーカル、ベースは「まるでサウンドボード」。それも、そんじょそこらのサウンドボード物より遙かに凄まじく、ほとんど卓直結レベルのダイレクト感なのです。ピッキング・ハーモニクスも、ブリグリ・ゴリゴリなベースも、サイクスの吐息レベルのヴォーカルも、すべてが凄まじく、脳ミソにねじ込まれる激サウンドなのです。
そんな強烈無比なサウンドをモノにしたのは、90年代から大阪で随一と知られていた名手。当店では、この録音家のオリジナル・マスターを何作もCD化してきました。ちょっと挙げてみると……RAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、AC/DC『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 182)』、MEGADETH『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 211)』、RICHIE SAMBORA『UNDISCOVERED SOUL IN OSAKA(ZODIAC 199)』、IRON MAIDEN『DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2004(ZODIAC 213)』。いかがでしょうか。HR/HMに限定しただけでもこの大傑作の山。いずれのライヴアルバムもギター・サウンドが強烈でしたが、本作はその中でもトップクラスという逸品中の逸品なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウの素晴らしさと言ったらない。サイクスは90年代になって頻繁に来日したために有難味も薄れていましたが、これは逆を返せば創作意欲の大全盛期だった。本作はその珠玉の名曲群が濃縮されているのです。終盤にTHIN LIZZYやWHITESNAKEの有名曲が一気呵成に押し寄せるのも凄い迫力ですが、セットのメインとなっているBLUE MURDER/ソロこそが素晴らしい! 正直なところ、この時代の全曲が名曲とは言い難いかも知れませんが、それは出来の良し悪しの差が大きかっただけのこと。その「良し」だけに絞り込んだ本作のセットは珠玉のメロディとギターが猛烈な勢いで吹き出すのです。『20TH CENTURY』にしても『OUT OF MY TREE』にしても、良い曲のピークの高さには今さらのように驚かされる。まさに、まさに彼は天才ソングライターだった……。

公式ライヴ盤『BAD BOY LIVE!』もキャリアを総括していましたが、ややWHITESNAKE寄りでした。それに対し、本作は“ソロ・アーティスト:サイクス”を全面に感じられるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。激烈にして超ハイクオリティなサウンドで轟く、天才ギタリスト/シンガー/ソングライターの真骨頂。どうぞ、思う存分に味わい尽くしてください!

Disc 1(42:26)
1. Intro. 2. Look In His Eye 3. Soul Stealer 4. System Ain’t Workin’ 5. Billy
6. Cautionary Warning 7. I Don’t Wanna Live My Life Like You 8. Jelly Roll 9. Hold The Line
10. She Knows

Disc 2(41:52)
1. Defcon 1 2. Drums Solo 3. Cold Sweat 4. We All Fall Down 5. Thunder And Lightning
6. Still Of The Night

John Sykes – Guitar, Vocal Marco Mendoza – Bass Jamie Muhoberac – Keyboards
Tommy Aldridge – Drums

Zodiac 233

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