Suzi Quatro / LA Forum 1975 Mike Millard Master Cassette / 1CD

Suzi Quatro / LA Forum 1975 Mike Millard Master Cassette / 1CD / Wardour
The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 17th June 1975

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Every week, the Mirrored Collection continues to discover the amazing master of Omoto. The latest work is that Susie Quattro. It’s the birth of the finest live album that you can meet her in her heyday, when she announced “Queen of sadistic rock”, “Euphoric idol” and “Rock for mom” at a rapid pace.
The one that is contained in this work is “June 17, 1975 Inglewood Performance”. It is a transcendent audience recording recorded in “THE FORUM” that has become the scene of many mirrored legends. Although Susie at that time was extremely popular in Europe and Japan, it seemed to be late in its home country of America. In order to overcome such a situation, I was vigorously touring as the opening act of Alice Cooper, which was the most popular at the time. In order to imagine that time, let’s first look back at the activity outline in 1975.

・February 23-March 6: UK (3 performances)
・March 25-April 29: North America #1 (19 performances)
“May 1 “YOUR MAMA WON’T LIKE ME” release”
・May 1-July 27: North America #2 (51 performances) ←★here★
・August 30th-September 11th: Europe (4 performances)
・September 30th-October 19th: Japan (14 performances)
・November 1: Adelaide performance

This is the 1975 Susie Quattro. However, in the case of Susie, the records of the 70’s are often ambiguous, and details such as the number of performances above are uncertain. Alice Cooper’s undercard tour is “North America #1-2”, which was also initiated by Alice. In fact, Alice’s record was recorded in the Inglewood performance of this work, but it has long been unclear whether there was a stage of Susie. This excavation finally confirmed that “it was there”… Anyway (assuming you were on a full US tour with Alice), this is Inglewood’s 31st show in North America.
This work recorded at such a show has a super-super magical sound. When it comes to mirrored recordings in 1975, BLACK SABBATH’s “LONG BEACH ARENA 1975 (Zodiac 401)”, which was unearthed earlier, has become a big hit, but this work is also comparable to that super masterpiece. Anyway, the core is zero distance, the detail is sound board grade, yet the beauty of natural and glossy sounding is beyond even the official album … Anyway, even if I checked every point, I could not find Ara at all, and the common sense of audience recording that I had experienced innumerable until now collapsed.
And one more. Equipment must be checked in 1975. Also known as a turning point for Millard this year, in the first half of the year he switched to the “AKG microphone + Nakamichi 550” while using the “Shure microphone + Sony TC-152SD”. Of course, the latter is the better one, and this work was recorded with this equipment. It is the first work of the winning equipment that has built the legend of Millard with numerous name recordings.
The beautiful sound of such a life is a great performance that tries to capture the native America. Speaking of Susie in the 70’s, “LIVE AND KICKIN'” is definitely the standard, and the sound quality of this work is only the official one. Let’s organize while comparing.

・Queen of sadistic rock (3 songs): All Shook Up/Glycerine Queen (★)/Shakin’ All Over
・Euphoric idol (1 song): Keep A Knockin’ (★)
・Rock for mom (3 songs): Your Mama Won’t Like Me/Michael/You Can Make Me Want You
・Others: Jam/Star Spangled Banner/Sweet Little Rock’N’ Roller
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that can be heard even in the official live work “LIVE AND KICKIN'”.

…And this is how it looks. Please be careful about the handling of “★”. I usually attach it to songs that I can’t listen to in a comparative work, but this time I reverse it. There are only two songs that are the same as “LIVE AND KICKIN'”, and if you put them on as usual, they would be full of “★”. It’s a fresh show without the duplication of “LIVE AND KICKIN'”.
Moreover, the performance of singing such a set is wonderful. Susie at that time was making a breakthrough worldwide, and had a full-scale show in each country. Only the home country remains… The energy that should be poured into the full show is concentrated in less than an hour. For that reason, he runs through from the beginning to the last with a sprint. The frustration of not succeeding as expected in his home country is entrusted to the heavy sound, and the roar of the wild that can not be defeated. Even after listening to the very popular Japanese performance, you can experience the amazingly powerful show, “Is it tough so far!?”.

”Susie Quattro x Mike Millard”…A collaboration album of two people who have been handed down in a completely different field while both are symbols of 70’s rock. Her full power to challenge her home country while succeeding in the whole world, and the main point where the recording magician began to show. Experience the “miracle of recording” that occurred because both of them were in the same place at the same time, a press CD that will permanently retain its brilliance.

そんな本作に封じ込められているのは「1975年6月17日イングルウッド公演」。数々のミラード伝説の現場となってきた“THE FORUM”で記録された超絶級オーディエンス録音です。当時のスージーは欧州や日本で絶大な人気を誇っていたものの、母国アメリカでは出遅れ気味。そんな状況を打開するため、当時人気絶頂だったアリス・クーパーのオープニング・アクトとして精力的にツアーを行っていました。そんな当時をイメージするためにも、まずは1975年の活動概要から振り返ってみましょう。

《5月1日『YOUR MAMA WON’T LIKE ME(ママに捧げるロック)』発売》

そんなショウで記録された本作は、魔法のような超極上サウンド。1975年のミラード録音というと、先だって発掘されたBLACK SABBATHの『LONG BEACH ARENA 1975(Zodiac 401)』が大ヒットとなっておりますが、本作もあの超名盤に匹敵する。とにかく芯はゼロ距離だわ、ディテールはサウンドボード級だわ、それでいてナチュラルで艶やかさな鳴りの美しさは公式アルバムさえ超越しているわ……。とにかく、あらゆるポイントをチェックしてもアラがまったく見つからず、これまで無数に体験してきたはずのオーディエンス録音の常識が崩れ去っていく。
そしてもう1つ。1975年となるとチェックしておかなくてはならないのが機材。この年はミラードにとってターニング・ポイントとなったことでも知られ、前半期には「Shureマイク+ソニーTC-152SD」を使用しつつ、半ばから「AKGマイク+Nakamichi 550」に切り替えている。もちろん、優れているのは後者であり、本作もその機材で録音されている。数々の名録音でミラード伝説を築いてきた必勝の機材による最初期の作品なのです。
そんな絶世の美音で描かれるのは、母国アメリカを攻略せんとする大熱演。70年代のスージーと言えば、どうしても『LIVE AND KICKIN’』が基準になりますし、本作のサウンド・クオリティは公式作以外を寄せ付けない。ここでは比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・サディスティック・ロックの女王(3曲):All Shook Up/Glycerine Queen(★)/Shakin’ All Over
・陶酔のアイドル(1曲):Keep A Knockin’(★)
・ママに捧げるロック(3曲):Your Mama Won’t Like Me/Michael/You Can Make Me Want You
・その他:Jam/Star Spangled Banner/Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller
※注:「★」印は公式ライヴ作『LIVE AND KICKIN’』でも聴ける曲。

……と、このようになっています。気をつけていただきたいのは「★」の扱い。普段は、比較作品では聴けない曲に付けますが、今回は逆。『LIVE AND KICKIN’』と同じ曲は2つしかなく、普段通りに付けると「★」だらけになってしまう。それくらい『LIVE AND KICKIN’』とのダブリがなく、フレッシュなショウなのです。



1. Intro.
2. All Shook Up
3. Your Mamma Won’t Like Me
4. Michael
5. You Can Make Me Want You
6. Glycerine Queen
7. Shakin’ All Over / Jam
8. Jam
9. Keep A Kncokin’
10. Star Spangled Banner / Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller
11. Outro.

Suzi Quatro – vocals, bass
Len Tuckey – guitar, backing vocals
Alastair McKenzie – keyboards, backing vocals
Dave Neal – drums, backing vocals


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