Stryper / Live In Japan / 1DVD

Stryper / Live In Japan / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Shiba Yubinchokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th July 1985 PRO-SHOT


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2016 of 27 years alone to Japan are trying to achieve, the official video recorded the first visit to Japan performance of STRYPER is reprinted in history highest quality!
This work, this one turned into DVD once the release has been the first official video work “LIVE IN JAPAN” from the Japanese edition VHS.
Is currently with a DVD of the boom also ended feeling of rock video, but treasure the video that has not been still reprinted in the official is left with plenty. For to a certain band is sealed in the past, also treasure us some bands that remain buried in the darkness of history since there is no money to reprint. But we also turned into DVD such a masterpiece group at highest quality until now, this work is of the latest bullet.
It became master in Omoto, Japan Edition VHS, which was released at that time. Its state of preservation is was a guy so-called “Donpika”, mint-quality domestic Koamania had been important complement. Vinyl cover what it had been opened, sunburn is not even let alone wrinkles. Is about had involuntarily heard that “Should I touched in white gloves?”. This as collector, who had been keeping the important of us in cooperation of, solely thing “because we want to look at the best quality.” How mint quality, to say the perfect state of preservation, do not leave forever. To one of the now seen in still perfect condition, it …… the sense of crisis that it is not transferred to digital has moved a collector’s heart.
Also that he was kindly asked the trust, quality because of our reprint series. In this series, also elaborately refined with respect to digitization · DVD press, partnering with a professional manufacturer of overseas of the analog video. The consumer machine pulled out all of the information that is contained in the video by the high-end equipment and the environment of different dimensions, are transferred to DVD. “Because it is the thing that has to cherish, want to leave in perfect condition as much as possible”, it is why collaboration in the form to respond to the feelings of the collector is realized. This work, just super beautiful that has passed through such a process. Because it is the finest state without going to some, such as a tape of yore and deterioration, stagnation there is no flow out visual beauty. Distortion of the screen end of the should be the fate of the analog cause also does not occur, we do not see even a single line noise. From Michael Sweet of bangs of wings one by one up to the wrinkles of the yellow and black costume, it is projected super clear. This is another, is exactly what such as that I do not think only the master quality.
And, fresh thing of the first visit to Japan STRYPER that was revived in the quality! At the time, the 22-year-old birthday just of Michael of clear voice is full of clarity sparkles were greeted with Japan, how far also extend beautifully. Guitar sounds edge Kiritachi or more to the album, sharply heavy. Set list is the debut EP “THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK” all six songs 5 ​​songs, six songs of the first full album “SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND”. Just before reaching the blockbuster “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL”, the most wild of their time was a heavy metallic in, I that all is clogged their momentum riding in the uplink tone.
Band as well, precisely because of the audience are also living in an era feeling plenty of live. You sheer bubble previous era and from a little reflected female fans hairstyle, but still the figure of Michael to sing in one hand such a rose and prickly pear that from her was passed, tell the STRYPER popular at the time vividly. Of course, “From Wrong To Right” in the “Bible throw” performance after the well has been perfectly recorded.
More last, 1 member alone talk about Jesus Christ, “Message From Stryper” is also included. Of course, it is with Japanese subtitles. Simple “Music is a gift of God” and speak Oz Fox and Tim Gaines, Robert Sweet to call hot to drum stick one hand and “will be a fighting spirit under the guidance of God.” And sincerely Michael said, “you are STRYPER may not refuse even to admit (the message of God) accept” to the serious. Only because at that time, it is the name scene that is what the facial expressions and words because their 20s remain the intense impression.

Under the banner of “Christian Metal”, exquisite melody and heavy edge young STRYPER you and me to deliver a beautiful singing voice,. He began to run was just of what the dazzling performance because they, joy that jumped out to the world is the best of the official video to be blown from the whole body. In the history of ’80s heavy metal, yellow and black large-flowered that bloomed beautifully while feat. This one was revived its appearance in history highest quality. If the official does not leave, I can not leave someone. Respond with full force to the determined purpose of the collector, large masterpiece video was crystallized. This shine, please bloom in your home by all means.

本作は、かつてリリースされた初のオフィシャル映像作品『LIVE IN JAPAN』を日本盤VHSからDVD化した1本です。
そして、そのクオリティで蘇った初来日STRYPERの瑞々しいこと! 当時、22歳の誕生日を日本で迎えたばかりのマイケルのクリア・ヴォイスは透明感に溢れてキラキラと輝き、どこまでも美しく伸びる。ギター・サウンドもアルバム以上にエッジが切り立ち、鋭くヘヴィ。セットリストはデビューEP『THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK』の全6曲中5曲に、初のフルアルバム『SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND』の6曲。大ヒット作『TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL』に至る直前の、もっともワイルドでヘヴィメタリックだった頃の彼ら、その総てが上り調子に乗った彼らの勢いが詰まっているのです。
バンドだけでなく、観客も時代感覚たっぷりに同居しているからこそのライヴ。ちょっと映る女性ファンの髪型からしてバブル以前の時代が透けますが、さらにそんな彼女から渡されたバラやウチワを片手に歌うマイケルの姿が、当時のSTRYPER人気を如実に物語る。もちろん、「From Wrong To Right」の後には“聖書投げ”パフォーマンスもばっちり収録されています。
さらにラストには、メンバー1人ひとりがイエス・キリストについて語る「Message From Stryper」も収録。もちろん、日本語字幕付きです。シンプルに「音楽は神の贈り物」と話すオズ・フォックスやティム・ゲインズ、ドラムスティック片手に「神の導きの基に闘志となろう」と熱く呼びかけるロバート・スウィート。そしてマジメに真摯に「あなたが(神のメッセージを)認めなくても拒まなくてもSTRYPERは受け入れる」と語るマイケル。当時だからこそ、20代の彼らだからこその表情と言葉が強烈に印象の残る名シーンです。


1. Introduction 2. Makes Me Wanna Sing 3. Loud N’ Clear 4. From Wrong To Right
5. You Know What To Do 6. Surrender 7. Together Forever 8. First Love 9. Loving You
10. Soldiers Under Command 11. Co’mon Rock 12. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
13. Message From Stryper

Michael Sweet – vocals, guitar Oz Fox – guitar, backing vocals
Timothy Gaines – bass, backing vocals Robert Sweet – drums, percussion


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