Stryper / Kawasaki 2019 2nd Night / 2CDR

Stryper / Kawasaki 2019 2nd Night / 2CDR / Shades

Live AT Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 10th February 2019.

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The second fastest release from the latest arrival in Japan that has just finished! This visit was limited to Club Citta 2 performances, but this week the 2 performances will be completely reproduced with sister works. This work is a super-superior audience recording of the second day of the performance “February 10, 2019: Club Citta Kawasaki”.

[Sound that is too transcendent beyond the dimension of guest records] It was introduced only two days after the live performance, but it is not whether it is early or bad, but rather it is super high quality that is outstanding even in the latest recording in Japan! As mentioned in “KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT (Shades 1020)” on the first day, which will be released at the same time, it was the master craftsman “West Japan’s strongest taper” who recorded this sister work. Although he is always acclaimed as “a sound board” and “a better sound than he heard in the field”, these two works are at the top of his collection.
Actually, this work can only be thought of as a sound board. A very thick core like a rough rope arrives straight, and details are detailed as if looking through the fibers of the rope with a microscope. The most overwhelming thing is the close contact direct feeling. Audience recording / sound board recording is judged by the sense of distance of the tone and reverberation, but this work feels at zero distance, and even the time lag at which the sound is transmitted is unknown. Coming on top of that, there is no surrounding audience noise. Of course, you can hear the enthusiasm of the scene, but it is far and smaller than the performance sound. It’s a sound that synchronizes with the band sound as if standing among the members. It is the most advanced sound of the 2019 audience because he is the “strongest” who is always eager to upgrade the latest equipment.

[Too special show with condensed early trilogy] The show drawn with the ultimate sound is also the ultimate. The concept is different for the two performances this time. Here, let’s organize the contents of the second day.

・ SET 1: Complete reproduction of “LIVE IN JAPAN”
・ SET 2: Complete reproduction of “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL”

It consists of two parts. This work is a two-disc set that is completely recorded on each disc. This configuration is too amazing. The first part is a complete reproduction of the official video “LIVE IN JAPAN” that recorded the first visit to Japan as on the first day, but the content is “5 songs of the debut EP + 6 songs of the 1st album”. The early heavy metallic super masterpieces are concentrated and reduced. And what follows is a complete reproduction of the 2nd album, which is a major masterpiece. In other words, the world “only” of the golden trilogy “THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK” “SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND” “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL” is fully bitten (only the encore last is the new song “God Damn Evil”. “).
This concentration is not a hamper. As a matter of fact, the reproduction of “LIVE IN JAPAN” is the same as the first day, and the reproduction of “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL” has been completed in 2016. At first, I thought it would be lacking in freshness, but when I actually heard it, I was overwhelmed by the ultra-purity alone. Moreover, the playing ability has been updated in a modern way, and Michael Sweet’s singing voice is also on the second day. So far, STRYPER has introduced a number of live albums, but none of them are so thorough and “rich”. You can fully experience it with transcendental sound …. The commemorative feeling of the performance in Japan and the special feeling of the fastest release are no longer relevant. As one HR / HM album, it is a music work that is too special to shine fiercely.

It’s dark. Too rich. The world of the golden trilogy by the combination of the first part where the first visit to Japan is revived, the second part where the major masterpiece burns live. And all of them are live albums that can be drawn with sounds that embody the cutting edge of 2019.
I think that many people will ask for it as a memory of coming to Japan, but the dimension in which this work stands is not that far. This one alone is a super masterpiece that shines in the history of STRYPER, and when combined with “KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT”, “Japan in 2019” can be completely collected. A transcendent sister work that blows away the impact of the fastest release. Please enjoy it thoroughly at the same time!

終了したばかりの最新来日から最速リリース第2弾! 今回の来日はクラブチッタ2公演の限定でしたが、今週はその2公演を姉妹作で完全再現。本作は、その2日目となる「2019年2月10日:クラブチッタ川崎」公演の超・極上オーディエンス録音です。
 ライヴ本番からわずか2日後のご紹介となったわけですが、早かろう悪かろうどころではなく、むしろ最新の来日録音でも群を抜く超ハイクオリティ! 同時リリースとなる初日『KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT(Shades 1020)』でも触れましたが、今回の姉妹作を記録したのは、かの名匠“西日本最強テーパー”氏。いつも「まるでサウンドボード」「現場で聴いたよりも良い音」と絶賛される名手中の名手ですが、今回の2作品は彼のコレクションでも最高峰に位置するもの。
 ……という2部構成。本作は、それぞれディスク1枚ずつに完全収録した2枚組なのです。この構成は凄すぎる。第1部は初日と同じく初来日を収めた公式ビデオ『LIVE IN JAPAN』の完全再現ですが、その中身は「デビューEPの5曲+1stアルバムの6曲」。初期のヘヴィ・メタリックな超名曲が濃縮還元されているわけです。そして、そこに続くのは大代表作たる2ndアルバムの完全再現。つまり、黄金3部作『THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK』『SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND』『TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL』の世界“だけ”がたっぷりとブチかまされるのです(アンコール・ラストのみ新曲の「God Damn Evil」)。
 この濃度はハンパじゃない。実のところ、『LIVE IN JAPAN』再現は初日と同じですし、『TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL』再現は2016年に実行済み。それだけに最初は新味に欠けるかと思っていましたが、実際に耳にすると超純度だけで圧倒される。しかも、演奏力は現代的にアップデートされており、マイケル・スウィートの歌声も2日目の方が出ている。これまでSTRYPERでも何作ものライヴアルバムをご紹介してきましたが、ここま徹底的で“濃ゆい”ものはありませんでした。それを超絶サウンドでフル体験できる……。日本公演の記念感も、最速リリースの特別感も、もはや関係ない。1本のHR/HMアルバムとして、猛烈に光り輝く特別すぎる音楽作品なのです。
 来日の思い出にお求めになる方も多いと思いますが、本作の立つ次元はそれどころじゃない。この1本だけでもSTRYPERの歴史に輝く超傑作であり、『KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT』と併せれば、“2019年の日本”を完全コレクトできる。最速リリースの衝撃も吹っ飛ぶ超絶なる姉妹作。どうぞ、併せて徹底的に味わい尽くしてください! 
Disc 1 (51:41)
1. Intro. 2. Battle Hymn of the Republic 3. Makes Me Wanna Sing 4. Loud ‘N’ Clear
5. From Wrong to Right 6. You Know What to Do 7. Surrender 8. Together Forever
9. First Love 10. Loving You 11. Soldiers Under Command 12. Co’mon Rock
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic
Disc 2 (51:46)
1. Intro. 2. Abyss 3. To Hell With the Devil 4. Calling on You 5. Free 6. Honestly
7. The Way 8. Sing-Along Song 9. Holding On 10. Rockin’ the World 11. All of Me
12. More Than a Man 13. God Damn Evil
Michael Sweet – Vocals & Guitar Oz Fox – Guitar & Vocal Perry Richardson – Bass & Vocal
Robert Sweet – Drums
Shades 1021 

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