Stray Dog / Live In Italy 1973 / 1CDR

Stray Dog / Live In Italy 1973 / 1CDR / Breakdown

Live At Vigorelli Velodrome, Milan, Italy May 4th 1973. Audience

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A valuable excavation live sound source of the Canterbury progressive rock phantom band “Egg” has appeared!

Recorded a performance at the University of Essex, Colchester, England on May 27, 1972 from a good quality audience recording master.

A keyboard trio of organ-centric jazz rock by Dave Stewart and Mont Campbell, who later joined Hatfield and the North-National Health, and later with Steve Hillage also participating. It is a valuable live record of the attention-grabbing “egg”.




01. Germ Patrol/02. Long Piece No. 3 (Part 2 & 4)/03. Wring Out The Ground/04. Blane/05. Long Piece No. 3 (Part 3)/06. I Do Like To Be Beside The Sea/07. Enneagram/08. A Visit To Newport Hospital

Live At Essex University, Colchester, U.K. May 27th 1972


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