Sting / Tokyo Dome 1988 2nd Night: FM Broadcast / 2CD

Sting / Tokyo Dome 1988 2nd Night: FM Broadcast / 2CD / Non Labwnwl

Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 25th October 1988 STEREO SBD,Taken from the original off-air DAT master tape

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NOTHING LIKE THE SUN TOUR”, which pursued the culmination of Japan’s popularity on a second solo visit to Japan following “SUPER ROCK ’85”.
の What is recorded in this work is “October 25, 1988: Tokyo Dome Performance”. This show is also famous for being broadcast on television, and has been a constant seller among the staples that have produced countless groups. Probably many people have seen it. This work isn’t such a TV pro shot dropout. Actually, this show is broadcast not only on TV but also on FM radio. This broadcast has more songs and sound than the TV version. What’s more, this work is a record high.
詳細 Before the details of the highest quality, first, the show position. Again, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and recall from its extreme popularity.

・ October 20: Nagoya Rainbow Hall
・ October 22: Makomanai Outdoor Stadium
・ October 24-27: Tokyo Dome (4 performances) ← ★ coco ★
・ October 29 + 30: Koshien Stadium (2 performances)
・ November 3: Uminonakamichi Park

More than 9 performances. If the number of performances is also the most solo, the scale of walking across huge venues nationwide is enormous. After all, it was a tremendous popularity of 4 performances in a row at Tokyo Dome which is a proof of a super big game. This is a live album on the second day of the four days that were the highlights of the Japanese career.
Well, the main subject. The biggest point of this work is the sound quality that updates the highest peak. FM broadcasts have also produced many predecessors, but the origin of this work was a DAT master air-checked by domestic record enthusiasts. This person is a genuine enthusiast who has always recorded on the latest high-end equipment, but in 1988 it was a DAT recording. In the first place, the standard of DAT was unified in 1985, and commercial machines were released in 1987. They had introduced the latest equipment quickly to spread. Of course, great care is also taken in the reception state and the recording environment, and since it is a DAT, the storage state is also perfect.
In fact, the sound is exquisite. Anyway, it is smooth, glossy and beautiful. The famous TV pro shot wasn’t bad either, but compared to this one, it sounds squashy and thin. The response to feel the mass is wonderful, and it is as detailed as velvety. The sound of the saxophone shines so visibly that the metallic luster is visible, and the guitar and the bass are vivid until the fingerprints rub the strings with the position change. And the singing voice of Sting. Speaking of its elongation and density … Of course, the difference is obvious even compared to the radio broadcasting already started, there should be no dubbing marks. This is definitely the official highest sound ever.
美 The beautiful sting is a sting-climbing show that celebrates the spring of our world. Let’s organize the contents here.

● THE POLICE (7 songs)
・ REGGATTA DE BLANC: Bring On The Night
・ ZENYATTA MONDATTA: When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around / Don’t Stand So Close To Me
・ GHOST IN THE MACHINE: Too Much Information / One World (Not Three)
・ SYNCHRONICITY: King Of Pain / Every Breath You Take
● Solo and others (9 songs)
・ THE DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES: If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
・ … NOTHING LIKE THE SUN: The Lazarus Heart / We’ll Be Together / Englishman In New York / Sister Moon / Rock Steady / Be Still My Beating Heart / Little Wing
・ Cover: Tempted (SQUEEZE)

… and it looks like this. The gorgeousness of the album, which has been playing a big role since the blockbuster “… NOTHING LIKE THE SUN”, is also scattered from each album in the THE POLICE era. Most could be heard on TV pro shots, but the point was “Tempted”. It is a cover of SQUEEZE, but it is not only in TV broadcasting but also very valuable. Sting played this song on a limited number of performances in 1988. You can enjoy such a rare song with a completely official sound board. And such a set flows naturally. As a matter of fact, the order of the songs on the TV broadcast was dramatically changed, and it was quite uncomfortable to start with “We’ll Be Together”, but the radio broadcast was almost on the spot. Although it was not exactly reproduced because it was not broadcast about 5 songs, it shows the show more faithfully than TV broadcast.
In addition, there is more to live than TV version. In fact, an interview with Sting was inserted in the middle of the radio broadcast version. This is unique to the show, and t



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