Sting / Salute To Napoleon / 1DVDR

Sting / Salute To Napoleon / 1DVDR / VJam

Translated Text:
Live At Villa Manin, Passariano, ITALY July 25th 1993. Pro-Shot.


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DVD titles appeared was complete recorded live TV broadcast of the ’93 Tour of Italy Sting!

It is a live memorable historical heritage Napoleon that stayed once with what was recorded outdoor concert in the package Sari Arno Villa Manin in Italy Udine-Kodoroipo July 25, 93.

Representative song solo number from the classic era of the Police to show off 20 songs in the album “Ten Samanazu tail” announcement time.

It is recommended that the title can be said to be valuable video recording has become now and in the recording of the TV broadcast of the time.





Live At Villa Manin, Passariano, ITALY July 25th 1993

01. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
02. Heavy Cloud, No Rain
03. Love Is Stronger Than Justice
04. Seven Days
05. Fields Of Gold
06. Synchronicity II
07. Every Little Things She Does Is Magic
08. Roxanne
09. It’s Probably Me / Sister Moon
10. Shape Of My Heart
11. St.Augustine In Hell
12. Straight To My Heart
13. An Englishman In New York
14. King Of Pain
15. Bring On The Night
16. When The World Is Running Down… 
17. She’s Too Good For Me
18. Nothing ‘Bout Me
19. Every Breath You Take
20. Fragile 



VJam. VJR337

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