Sting / Last Exit Impulse Studio Demos / 1CDR

Sting / Last Exit Impulse Studio Demos / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated Text:
Sting’s First Band Studio Demos 1974 -1976 Last Exit. Soundboard


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Precious studio demo of Jazz Band “Last Exit” Sting 70s were working in police Prior to joining comes up!

Demonstration of an impulse studio was recorded in ’76 and ’74 broke up without having to major debut after all even inspire an interest in Virgin Records. It is a collectible sound source should be called historical archive of fan must listen rear Sting leads to police formation, but from the soloed and police of age then, we have also remake, or record a song for some time.



01. Every Day’s Just The Same
02. Carrion Prince (Ye Of Little Hope) (Alternate Short Version)
03. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
04. Whispering Voices (Alternate Version)
Impulse Studio Demos I 1974
05. Carrion Prince (Ye Of Little Hope) (Alternate Long Version)
06. Every Day’s Just The Same (Alternate Version)
07. I Burn For You
08. Untitled (Instrumental I)
09. Fool In Love
10. I’m On This Train (Alternate Version)
11. Don’t You Look At Me
12. Savage Beast (Alternate Version)
13. Untitled (Instrumental II)
14. Soul Music
15. Night In The Grand Hotel-Impulse Studio Demos II 1976

LAST EXIT:Sting – bass, vocals
John Hedley – guitar
Terry Ellis – guitar
Gerry Richardson – keyboards
Ronnie Pearson – drums

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-259

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