Steven Tyler With The Loving Mary Band / Lewiston 2018 / 2CDR

Steven Tyler With The Loving Mary Band / Lewiston 2018 / 2CDR / Non label

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Live At Artpark Amphitheater, Lewiston, New York, USA 12th June 2018.


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Steven Tyler who interrupted the tour of AEROSMITH last year at a sudden doctor stop. Although he immediately returned to the stage and made me feel relieved, not only stopping it, he also performed a solo tour in spite of the suspension of the head home AEROSMITH. Instead of anxiety, I am actively working more and more. The latest and greatest live album that can meet such a step is appearing.
What is inscribed in such a work is “Lewiston performance on June 12, 2018”. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the 2018 schedule, together with the head home AEROSMITH.

· January 28: Los Angeles Performance
· March 3 – April 19: North America # 1 (6 performances)
“5 May: AEROSMITH New Orleans Performance”
· May 12: Nashville performance
· June 12 – July 11: North America # 2 (8 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 15 – August 7: Europe (7 performances)

This is the stage of Steven that has been published to date. In May I appeared as “A NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL” as AEROSMITH, but the schedule of the head home is that one time only. In this summer I am doing a solo tour and this concert of Lewiston is the first day concert.
This work which recorded such a restart stage, the quality is outrageous. Actually, it is a matrix album that synchronized two kinds of superb audience recording, but the listening response is “a round sound board”. The contact feeling of a class level is not as distant as the distance, even when listening with headphones, it is impossible to feel the response of the hall. Each musical instrument is not a story that one note one sound separates not only in a superfluous detail but also beautifully separately, and the base line can not be heard, but a delicate vibe seems to have a waveform on the eyes. Even when it comes to vocals it is the ear level. Although it is understood that “Artpark Amphitheater” which became the site is not only echoed in outdoors, it is a terrible sound at any rate.
As a matter of fact, it does not necessarily mean that you get high quality because it is matrixed. It is meaningless to combine sounds that are too similar, and spoiled by fighting personality even if they are different. Combine each other’s complementary recordings and adjust the balance precisely along the scene …. It’s not just to make good recordings but also a work that needs a tremendous sense. This work can be said to be its highest peak. While it is super-superb quality, there is no discomfort, yet the sound world where you do not know the recording position. It is a live album of such a different dimension experience.
The show drawn by that quality is also excellent. Stephen played solo to Japan in April last year, but this year’s back is THE LOVING MARY BAND. Similarly, AEROSMITH ‘s repertoire accounts for a majority, but arranging the banjo, mandolin and steel guitar even while respecting the original is wonderful. There is only a band led by Marty Frederiksen who is also a producer / songwriter of the head home AEROSMITH, and it has a deep understanding of the songs and is fresh but not unusual. Besides, each member’s spinning phrase has a really good sense. THE LOVING MARY BAND is also a composer group, and the number and depth of musical drawers are different from those around them. It is perfect for songs while fresh phrases flutter, yet it is amazingly harmonious with the whole ensemble. It is a band that does not have anything more than “AEROSMITH, but not AEROSMITH” ideally.
And the leading actor Stephen. Although he also took on the 70’s broad market, the singing voice does not make her feel age all round. A somewhat husky tone may be different from a younger age, but singing voice that was said once “voice resonates also from the fingertip” is alive. His unique scat and rhythm is top-notch, and I can not believe that he was a very drastic stop last year. Is it saying, usually healthy or young, there is a feeling of fumbling on tour first day. I will not even feel it, let me listen to the dignified staging that seemed to have been a tour for many months in a professional band. It is a terrible vocalist, I will regretly show the first star in birth.

Nine months have passed since the news that fell into the depths of fears last year. Worrying about Phoenix Stephen Tyler was useless. One book that you can experience at the age of 70, still the latest solo stage that will lock you with laziness with the superb ultimate sound. Please, please fully enjoy.



これが現在までに公表されているスティーヴンのステージ。5月にはAEROSMITHとして“NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL”に出演しましたが、本家の予定はその1回限り。この夏にはソロツアーを行っており、本作のルイストン公演は、その初日となるコンサートです。
そんな再始動ステージを記録した本作は、クオリティもとんでもない。実は2種類の極上オーディエンス録音をシンクロさせたマトリクス・アルバムなのですが、その聴き応えは「丸っきりサウンドボード」。ド級の密着感は距離などまるでなく、ヘッドフォンで聴いても会場反響が感じ取れない。各楽器は1音1音が超詳細なだけでなく綺麗にセパレートし、ベースのラインが聴き取れるどころの話ではなく、細やかなヴァイヴは波形が目に浮かぶほど。ヴォーカルに至ってはそれこそ耳元級です。現場となった“Artpark Amphitheater”は野外だけに反響がないのは分かるものの、それにしても凄いサウンドです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウがまた絶品。スティーヴンは昨年4月にソロ来日を果たしましたが、今年もバックを務めるのはTHE LOVING MARY BAND。セットも同様にAEROSMITHのレパートリーが過半数を占めるわけですが、オリジナルを尊重しながらもバンジョー、マンドリン、スチールギターも導入したアレンジが素晴らしい。本家AEROSMITHのプロデューサー/ソングライターでもあるマーティ・フレデリクセンが率いるバンドだけあって、楽曲への理解度が深く、新鮮ではあっても珍奇ではないのです。しかも、各メンバーが紡ぎ出すフレーズ1つひとつも実にセンスが良い。THE LOVING MARY BANDは全員が作曲家集団でもあり、その辺のプレイヤーとは音楽的な引き出しの数も深みも違う。新鮮なフレーズが飛び交いながら曲にピッタリであり、しかもアンサンブル全体でしっくりとハマッている。「AEROSMITHだけど、AEROSMITHじゃない」を理想的に描く、これ以上ないバンドなのです。


Disc 1(38:38)
1. Intro 2. Sweet Emotion 3. Cryin’ 4. I’m Down 5. Oh! Darling 6. Come Together
7. MC 8. I’m Sorry 9. Jaded 10. Love Is Your Name 11. Piece of My Heart

Disc 2 (52:20)
1. MC 2. What It Takes 3. We’re All Somebody From Somewhere 4. Only Heaven
5. Livin’ on the Edge 6. MC 7. My Own Worst Enemy 8. Dream On
9. Train Kept A Rollin’ 10. Walk This Way / Whole Lotta Love

Steven Tyler – vocal Marty Frederiksen – guitar Andrew Mactaggart – guitar
Elisha Hoffman – banjo Rebecca Lynn Howard – bass Suzie McNeil – guitar, piano, harmonica
Sarah Tomek – drums Jenee Fleenor – Violin

Shades 941

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