Steve Winwood / Wembley Arena 2019 / 1CDR

Steve Winwood / Wembley Arena 2019 / 1CDR / Uxbridge

Live At The SSE Arena, Wembley, London, Uk 25th February 2019

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Last year there were a North American tour in February and a European tour in July, but only the above five shows so far this year. The joint with Steely is the third time since 2011 in Oceania and 2016 in North America, and has also been realized in the UK. Under such circumstances, this work is a highlight at the “SSE Arena Wembley” show. It is a live album recorded over about one hour Steve Hen.
On this day, it is a bit lonely that you can only play Steve’s version on Steely’s stage with “Pretzel Logic”, but the quality is to blow it away. It says it’s a stunning audience recording … or a level that says, “Really customer records !?” It’s definitely an audience recording, as it will also sound natural when you listen to headphones, but its clearness, direct feeling, and vividness are FM broadcast levels. Especially great is direct feeling. The sound of the performance jumped into the ear with a sense of distance to the small picking of the acoustic guitar, and Steve’s singing voice was very close to one word of the lyrics.
However, if you bite well, the taste of the audience is also solid. It sounds lustrous. Glistening hole sound of the level that does not become a sense of distance gently colors the core, and produces the brightness that can be sweetened Toro. And it is important that the sound does not hide the details. As the core arrives in a straight ball, it rises like an aura from there … representing the world of the beautiful sound that the combination is unbelievable. It is a sound balance like an official work, but the place that is not an echo added in the production is a miso. There is a sense of reality just because it is a one-shot recording audience, and it sublimes to its elegance.
And the homely mood is great. This work has less audience noise than you think it is a customer record, and the gap between songs is also a distant recording. However, the voice and the cheer which are laughed at Steve’s MC are inhaled even if it is slight, and it is very warm. It’s a home, so it’s fine and relaxed. It is also a sound that can immerse the whole body in that space.
It is “Sui” that is drawn in such a beautiful sound. While holding only about an hour, he concentrates and shows only his favorite songs. Moreover, while the THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, TRAFFIC, BLIND FAITH, and solos are diverse, the most recent song is a pure classic called “Higher Love” in 1986. As a matter of fact, most of them are covered with the official live album “GREATEST HITS LIVE” two years ago, and it is also the mood of a concentrated version of the official work. The only exception among them is “Keep On Running”. The cover of Jackie Edwards included in “THE SECOND ALBUM” is the song that became the first ever British number 1 hit by THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP. You can enjoy singing voices that share that feeling with the fans of your native England.

The best live album that distills the official work ‘GREATEST HITS LIVE’ and comes with an elegant audience sound. While the spice of “Keep On Running” works, it sucks in the heartwarming atmosphere of the masterpieces and home ground warmth in the heart … It is a piece that lets you taste such a luxurious moment. Please enjoy yourself carefully.

この日はスティーリーのステージで「Pretzel Logic」を共演しているだけにスティーヴ編だけなのはちょっと寂しいですが、それを吹き飛ばすのがクオリティ。それはそれは見事なオーディエンス録音……と言いますか、「本当に客録!?」と驚くレベル。ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませばナチュラルなホール鳴りもするので確かにオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、そのクリアさ、ダイレクト感、鮮やかさはFM放送レベル。特に素晴らしいのがダイレクト感。演奏音はアコースティック・ギターのささやかなピッキングに至るまで距離感ゼロで耳元に飛びこみ、スティーヴの歌声は歌詞の1語1語まで超間近なのです。
そんな美音で描かれるのは「粋」。持ち時間が約1時間しかない中で、コレぞの名曲だけを濃縮して披露している。しかも、THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP、TRAFFIC、BLIND FAITH、ソロと多岐に渡りながら、最も新しい曲でも1986年の「Higher Love」という純クラシックスなのです。実のところ、そのほとんどが2年前の公式ライヴアルバム『GREATEST HITS LIVE』と被っており、公式作の濃縮版といったムードでもあります。そんな中で唯一の例外が「Keep On Running」。『THE SECOND ALBUM』にも収録されたジャッキー・エドワーズのカバーですが、これはTHE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP初の全英ナンバー1ヒットとなった曲。その思い入れを母国イギリスのファンと分かち合うような歌声が楽しめるのです。

オフィシャル作『GREATEST HITS LIVE』を蒸留し、気品のオーディエンス・サウンドでくるんだような極上ライヴアルバム。「Keep On Running」のスパイスも効かせつつ、極めつけの名曲群とホーム・グラウンドの暖かいムードを胸いっぱいに吸い込む……そんな贅沢なひとときを味わわせてくれる1枚です。ぜひ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

1. I’m A Man 2. Them Changes 3. Can’t Find My Way Home 4. MC 5. Had To Cry Today
6. The Low Spark Of High / Heeled Boys 7. Keep On Running 8. Higher Love
9. Band Introductions 10. Dear Mr Fantasy 11. Gimme Some Loving 12. Outro

Steve Winwood – Vocals, Organ, Guitar Jose Neto – Guitar
Paul Booth – Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals Richard Bailey – Drums Edwin Sanz – Percussion

Uxbridge 994

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