Steve Winwood / Hyde Park 2018 / 1CDR

Steve Winwood / Hyde Park 2018 / 1CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 8th July 2018

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“Hyde park” where the legend of BLIND FAITH was engraved in 1969. Steve Winwood’s finest live album that came back to the scene appears.
This work was recorded on “July 6, 2018 Hyde Park”. This is the ultimate audience recording when I appeared on the music festival “BRITISH SUMMER TIME”, which was released recently by Eric Clapton and Roger Waters live album. This festival is annual since 2013 and is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in two weeks. Lots of live albums from the festival have been released from last week to this week, so let’s first check the date of the performance in the schedule.

· Friday, July 6: Roger Waters
· July 7 (Saturday): THE CURE
· July 8 (Sun): Eric · Clapton ← ★ Coco ★
· July 13 (Friday): Michael Boulevret
· July 14 (Saturday): Bruno Mars
· July 15 (Sun): Paul Simon

Like this, Winwood comes in Sunday of the first week the same as Clapton. In addition, 12 pairs including SANTANA, Zucchero and Gary Clark Jr appeared. Although I stood on the same stage on the same day as Clapton, in fact the quality is the same as the clapton version. Clapton’s press album “DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 2018” will be released at the same time this week, but this work is also a collection of the same recordingists. It is super superb audience recording by Mr. Daspyknows of modern masterpiece. That quality is overwhelming. Since raw cheers are also sucked in, there is nothing wrong with the sound board, but the essential performance sound is on violently on. Although it is understood that there is no echo in only the outdoor festival, there is no lightness of sound that tends to be a drawback of outdoor recording, and detail is detailed. In other words, it is a sound that the audience seems to be apart from audiences where there is no audience like anything else on site.
This “Daspyknows” sound was also tasted by Roger Waters edited last week, but this work closely adheres. This week’s Clapton and Winwood are the same until the position and it is near the center that is not 15 meters from the stage. This work is also a perfect press-class sound, as you can understand also from the fact that Clapton was called “DEFINITIVE” pressed.
What is drawn with that quality is the special show which compressed the glory career about 1 hour. This show is also a part of the ongoing tour “2018 GREATEST HITS LIVE”, it is the luxury as its name suggests. THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, TRAFFIC Even Colle! Also arrange masterpieces of the songs as a slurp, and also present the representative song “Higher Love” and the cover “Them Changes” of BAND OF GYPSYS. It is as if it is like the best board of 100% of the main student, but the special feeling of this venue blurs on this day still is the BLIND FAITH number. I play two songs “Can not Find My Way Home” and “Had to Cry Today” in succession, but put MC in the meantime and told plenty of memories of Hyde Park 47 years ago. Words and performances that the sight is flashing back while watching Taikyo’s custom. The feeling put in there is the real thrill of only this work which can not be any other country or any venue.

Steve Winwood, who came back to legendary Hyde Park on the same day as Eric Clapton. It is one piece that you can taste the full show with the same recordingist collection as Clapton edition. Clapton ‘s “DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 2018” along with a triplet to be pressed was also examined as superb as a genuine sister work. Please listen to the weight of 47 years, please enjoy together with two works.

1969年にBLIND FAITHの伝説が刻まれた地、“ハイドパーク”。その現場に帰ってきたスティーヴ・ウィンウッドの極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。
本作が録音されたのは「2018年7月6日ハイドパーク」。先日リリースされたエリック・クラプトンやロジャー・ウォーターズのライヴアルバムが大好評となっている音楽フェス“BRITISH SUMMER TIME”に出演した際の超極上オーディエンス録音です。このフェスは2013年から毎年恒例となっており、2週間の金・土・日曜日に開催されています。先週から今週にかけて同フェスからのライヴアルバムが多数リリースされておりますので、まずは日程の中で出演日を確認してみましょう。

・7月7日(土):THE CURE

このように、ウィンウッドの出番はクラプトンと同じ第一週の日曜日。他にもSANTANAやズッケロ、ゲイリー・クラークJrなど、全12組が出演しました。クラプトンと同じ日に同じステージに立ったわけですが、実はクオリティもクラプトン編と同じ。今週はクラプトンのプレス・アルバム『DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 2018』が同時リリースとなりますが、本作も同じ録音家のコレクション。現代の名手「Daspyknows」氏による超極上オーディエンス録音なのです。そのクオリティは圧倒的。生々しい喝采も吸い込まれているのでサウンドボードと間違えることはありませんが、肝心要の演奏音が猛烈にオン。野外フェスだけに反響ゼロなのは分かりますが、野外録音の欠点になりがちな音の軽さがなく、ディテールまで超詳細。逆に言えば、現場の喝采以外にオーディエンスっぽさがまるで見当たらない客録離れしたサウンドなのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、栄光のキャリアを約1時間に圧縮した特濃のショウ。このショウは現在進行中のツアー“2018 GREATEST HITS LIVE”の一貫でもあり、その名の通りの豪華ぶり。THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP、TRAFFICでもコレぞ!の名曲をズラリと並べ、代表曲「Higher Love」やBAND OF GYPSYSのカバー「Them Changes」も披露する。まるで本生100%のベスト盤のようでもありますが、この日、この会場の特別感が滲むのはやはりBLIND FAITHナンバー。「Can’t Find My Way Home」「Had to Cry Today」の2曲を立て続けに演奏しますが、その合間にMCを入れ、47年前のハイドパークの想い出をたっぷりと語る。大化因習を眺めながら光景がフラッシュバックしているような言葉と演奏。そこに込められた想いは他のどの国、どの会場でもあり得ない、本作だけの醍醐味なのです。

エリック・クラプトンと同じ日に、伝説のハイドパークへと戻ってきたスティーヴ・ウィンウッド。そのフルショウをクラプトン編と同じ録音家コレクションで味わえる1枚です。クラプトンの『DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 2018』と共に3枚組でプレスすることも検討されたほど超極上にして、正真正銘の姉妹作。47年越しの重み、ぜひ2作併せてご堪能ください。

1. I’m a Man 2. Pearly Queen 3. Them Changes 4. Can’t Find My Way Home 5. MC 6. Had to Cry Today
7. The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 8. Empty Pages 9. Higher Love 10. Dear Mr. Fantasy
11. Gimme Some Lovin’

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