Steve Hackett / Night Of The Prog Festival X / 2CDR

Steve Hackett / Night Of The Prog Festival X / 2CDR / Amity

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Loreley Amphitheater, Loreley, Germany 19th July 2015


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Steve Hackett latest best live album is the arrival. Of 2012 “GENESIS REVISITED II” since the release, “progressive GENESIS of evangelist” as Although it is Hackett spit alone care, this year – to continue the “GENESIS EXTENDED WORLD TOUR”. This work, the audience recording that contains the “July 19, 2015 Lorelei performances” among them. It is those who appeared as a large bird of large-scale progressive rock festival “NIGHT OF THE PROG FESTIVAL X”. This Fes, gathered CAMEL and FISH, THE ENID, PENDRAGON, PAIN OF SALVATION, such as Neil Morse, etc., involuntarily drool to bring together would likely old and new 錚 people serving band we 20 pairs close and out, progressive over a period of 3 days those engaged in heaven. This year it will hit its 10th anniversary. This only large-scale festival can be held, it lasts 10 years. Is not suggesting the fixing and progressive growing popularity of overseas, but because I decorate a large bird of the 10th anniversary festival, it is that it is found or now of Hackett is how deeply loved.
This work was recorded such a monument stage, listened with surprise super sound. And “Lorelei Amphitheatre” had become the scene, but I tradition of open-air amphitheater, which continued from the 1930s, it is very a is not, outdoors Do you called …… you do not think, I do not think the audience recording and direct • The sound of I. I do not know the specific recording position, but it probably was recorded even in the waiting front of the speaker. Even while spreading soft cheers, musical tone Saturday fastball. Hard bass sound in the audience recording also a rich, it is the roar also in glossy while powerful chatter verge.
Moreover, the sense of scale is firm, even while spreading to distant cheers audible to only between songs. Speaking of audience recording likeness of this work, …… something about slapping sound of applause Yea, also natural of the musical tone Suffice it to say whether you should say that seems audience recording. Musical sound itself is poured into the ear with soil fastball, the contour very vivid for you, but after the “core of the sound” has arrived, I slightly reverberation there is a spectacle that spread to behind the back of the head.
Show of Hackett to listen in such an ideal sound, “GENESIS EXTENDED – WORLD TOUR” in the familiar ones. It consists of the only full-length songs is “progressive GENESIS”. Called “NURSERY CRYME” from evenly balance + “The Knife” from “A TRICK OF THE TAIL”, “THE BEST OF PROG GENESIS” itself. In particular, “The Return Of The Giant Hogweed,” “The Fountain Of Salmacis” is to did not hear in Japan performances, and are led to “The Knife”, “Lilywhite Lilith,” “Squonk,” official work “GENESIS REVISITED: LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH / THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL “is to listen not delicious selection of music even.

Neo progressive rock along with the rise of, now long to progressive popular 70s Ganso the fixing. 2015 of the current, Robert Fripp has revived the repertoire of ’70s, the song of EL & P Carl Palmer takes over, I began to also walk again YES who lost Chris Squire. PINK FLOYD is let alone. Meanwhile, the took over the music of “progressive GENESIS” It was Steve Hackett. This work, of such Hackett, is a live album to reflect the “now” of GENESIS music.
Progressive Rock that we have continued to be loved more than 40 years. It need not be the evolution of the word street, spread in the hearts of rock fans around the world, the next generation, do not have to doubt has created the next generation. They are alive, you are playing at that masterpieces us “now”. The “now” it’s the middle that we also have to experience in real time. Opposite this music to where, how far do spread to go to. Since go Mitodoke it, one for running alongside the real-time “now” is not again. To that end, it has decided affordable Shiro-ban CDR. You who continue to love here until “That GENESIS” also, let’s come a “to assure oneself of music journey” come with us.

スティーヴ・ハケット最新の極上ライヴアルバムが到着です。2012年の「GENESIS REVISITED II」リリース以来、“プログレGENESISの伝道者”としてひとり気を吐くハケットですが、今年も“GENESIS EXTENDED – WORLD TOUR”を続行。本作は、その中でも「2015年7月19日ローレライ公演」を収めた客席録音。大規模なプログレフェス“NIGHT OF THE PROG FESTIVAL X”の大トリとして出演したものです。このフェスは、CAMELやFISH、THE ENID、PENDRAGON、PAIN OF SALVATION、ニール・モーズ等々など、思わずヨダレが出てしまいそうな新旧の錚々たるバンドたちが20組近く一堂に会し、3日間にわたってプログレ天国を繰り広げるもの。今年はその10周年にあたります。これだけの大規模フェスが開催でき、それが10年も続く。海外でのプログレ人気の高まりと定着がうかがえるわけですが、その10周年フェスの大トリを飾るのですから、今のハケットがいかに深く愛されているかが分かるというものです。
そんな理想サウンドで聴けるハケットのショウは、“GENESIS EXTENDED – WORLD TOUR”でお馴染みのもの。全曲全編が“プログレGENESIS”だけで構成。「NURSERY CRYME」から「A TRICK OF THE TAIL」までの均等バランス+「The Knife」という、“THE BEST OF PROG GENESIS”そのもの。特に「The Return Of The Giant Hogweed」「The Fountain Of Salmacis」は日本公演でも聴けませんでしたし、「The Knife」「Lilywhite Lilith」「Squonk」に至っては、オフィシャル作品「GENESIS REVISITED:LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH / THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL」でも聴けない美味しい選曲です。

ネオプログレの勃興と共に、元祖70年代プログレ人気も定着して久しくなりました。2015年の現在、ロバート・フリップが70年代のレパートリーを蘇らせ、EL&Pの曲はカール・パーマーが引継ぎ、クリス・スクワイアを失ったYESも再び歩み出した。PINK FLOYDは言わずもがなです。そんな中、“プログレGENESIS”の音楽を継いだのはスティーヴ・ハケットでした。本作は、そんなハケットの、GENESISミュージックの“今”を映し出すライヴアルバムです。

Disc 1(66:38)
1. Introduction 2. Dance On A Volcano 3. Squonk 4. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
5. Fly On A Windshield / Broadway Melody Of 1974 6. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
7. The Fountain Of Salmacis 8. The Musical Box 9. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Disc 2(71:27)
1. Firth Of Fifth 2. Lilywhite Lilith 3. The Knife 4. Supper’s Ready
5. Watcher Of The Skies 6. Los Endos

Steve Hackett – Guitars, Vocals Roger King – Keyboards Gary O’Toole – Drums, Vocals
Nick Beggs – Bass Rob Townsend – Brass, Woodwind Nad Sylvan – Vocals

Amity 331

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