Steve Hackett & Friends / Japan Tour 1996 Revisited / 6CDR

Steve Hackett & Friends / Japan Tour 1996 Revisited / 6CDR / Amity

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Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 16th , 17th & 19th   December 1996.

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The end of 1996, its own special live Japan, which was planned to serve as the promotion of the album “REVISITED”. This live that has been billed as “STEVE HACKETT & FRIENDS” is, in addition to Hackett will be the first visit to Japan, John Wetton, the former Crimson sets such as Ian McDonald, and even Genesis of Chester Thompson, in Jesus of support familiar and Julian Korubekku, gathered in a luxurious face is bringing together enough to be called a “progressive All Stars”, Genesis, intended to say that Crimson, and to play each person solo number, Japan only four performances held unheard of planning live that has been at the time, was called a big topic. Tokyo second day concert is the official release as a video and audio, 4 performances (Tokyo two shows, Osaka and Nagoya), but all had been Bootleg release, this board is, the same day the live of the first day of performances 16 days the acclaimed as the best sound quality album “fIRST NIGHT” upper version that is carefully remastered from the original source master (Windmill), Tokyo second day of the 17 days and the only live 19 days of Osaka performances, between traders original DAT master than But not been around for all (recording who is the same), and complete recording of the sound of all the highest level, is the decision board of the same tour. The first day when the original release, “is a audience recording was recorded in the DAT tape, balance satisfactory, such as realism,” is a critically acclaimed same day the highest quality board, because it you listen in a further improvement in sound quality version of unbearable you will not. In neat sound in a more sophisticated clear, you can enjoy a valuable first day performance. (By the way, this day only, I Talk To The Wind and I Know What I Like has been a continuous performance, acoustic solo encore of Hackett is also slightly shorter only in the Black Light.) 2 day, 3 day first day compared to the performance, but more is mild and warm sound image, are recorded in high-quality scale perfect score punchy surprisingly, you do not perfect on the proximity-spread both of sound. As Apart from the official recording has been Tokyo second day, Osaka performances, is the first time to listen with excellent sound so far, fans have emerged through a time of 15 years, to this new sound source, listened with surprise of feeling There is no doubt that would. (This is the sound of almost line recording level.), But in the quiet part there is also a part of some of the hiss is heard, the goodness of this sound is all have been phenomenal. From lack of rehearsal, but here and there there is a Misuton ensemble of disturbance or the keyboard to the main, can be very interesting, and plenty of enjoy the valuable performance. Tokyo second day of the concert, but has been an official of the television broadcast after, as a correction before realistic document, said to valuable take that I would like to get all means to mania (the full-length version of the audience of this second day Record title is the first appearance.). 3 performances both, as described above sound quality is to say that the official class has been recorded at the highest grade is not an exaggeration, can recommend with confidence to the progressive rock fans around the world, is a rarity title.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.111 (10 May 2009 issue). In case you’re wondering.

STEVE HACKETT 1996, announced the “GENESIS REVISITED”. 70s is said to GENESIS golden age, the Steve Hackett that sound had been responsible for the subsequent withdrawal, only a part of himself was involved in the composer, it did not come to reproduce the GENESIS sound. Three songs of “I Know What I Like”, “Horizons”, “In That Quiet Earth (first half only)” is live. “GENESIS REVISITED” is “, including songs of GENESIS, I realized that it is my music,” With the coming-out that, in addition to luxurious musicians, new work of Japan pre-release was named “New Testament Book of Genesis.” From that time, promotion of live is spread the news that apparently carried out in Japan. Members, Steve Hackett – Guitar, in addition to Vocals, John Wetton (ex.King Crimson, Asia) – Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Chester Thompson (ex.Genesis) – Drums, Percussions, Ian McDonald (ex.King Crimson) – Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal, Julian Colbeck (ex.Steve Hackett, ABW & H-Support) – Keyboards, members of Vocals was announced. Live by this face is due to the only in Japan, was attracting attention from abroad. How to attract customers of Steve Hackett could not be expected in Japan, it announced a participation of John Wetton and Ian McDonald as billed. The initial package of progressive Gurentai visit to Japan later would be nice to say that has been completed at this time. Well, it is a sound source of this REVISITED performance that appeared several times in the past, but this sound source is a first appearance. Whether the quiet is the people around us, how far away, cheers What performances are also recorded without any moderately break it, play itself is also recorded in the realistic, the place also fully-class as an official board, if a long time ago it is a quality. Nagoya than in Tokyo two days of the last day, and complete recording of the performance in Osaka. As you know, Tokyo second day as an official board, was released the album and DVD. First of all, someone may say that it has to look forward, intro that was expected was started from as promised this song. Cheers close to screaming as promised and Mellotron sound resounds in the intro. This moment is a moment of spine-tingling, even this source only. However, such a sense of tension is also fleeting, or the darkness that was evil, as to the amazing performance reminiscent of the Keyboard is to remove the big sound “I would if it ~!”. Change of air to the disappointment from this emotion is well remembered. That position, was dangerous. In terms of song selection, there Again name value, the reaction of the tune of the Crimson was good. Sense of realism around that by all means, we would like you to taste here. Or to see the reaction of the first day, the second day song order changes. Thereafter, although not recorded this time becomes SETLIST the second day after to Nagoya performances. Day 2 as a video recording has become many lighting. But was a lucky person who was touched from the official board to not watch a live, apparently rehearsal shortage will not be denied, it can be seen that this member has been collected in a form close to instant. DVD to, the “uh-oh” a rehearsal landscape has been recorded only a little. Fine mistouch, although now that adult Many can not be helped, this sound source is fun to compare listening to the evidence. In particular, John Wetton seems did not remember the song. Music selection is studded well-balanced representative number of each of the musicians, I wonder was the performance, such as the dream becomes now. It overwhelming VOLUME of 6 Disc, but nostalgia preeminent. After this performance, led to Ian McDonald and reprinted the “Los Endos”, change the songs and Kyokujun in all the world “GENESIS REVISITED” was released.

1996年末、アルバム「REVISITED」のプロモーションを兼ねて企画された日本独自のスペシャル・ライブ。「STEVE HACKETT & FRIENDS」と銘打たれたこのライブは、初来日となるハケットに加え、ジョン・ウェットン、イアン・マクドナルドといった旧クリムゾン組、更にはジェネシスのチェスター・トンプソン、イエスのサポートでお馴染みのジュリアン・コルベックと、「プログレ・オール・スターズ」と呼べるほどの豪華なメンツが一堂に会し、ジェネシス、クリムゾン、そして各人のソロ・ナンバーを演奏すると言うもので、日本のみで4公演が開催された前代未聞の企画ライブは当時、大きな話題を呼びました。東京2日目公演は映像・音声としてオフィシャル・リリースされ、4公演(東京2公演・大阪・名古屋)全てがブートレッグ・リリースされていましたが、本盤は、初日公演 16日のライブを同日最高音質盤として評価の高い「FIRST NIGHT」(Windmill)の大元マスターより丁寧にリマスターしたアッパー版を、東京2日目の17日及び、唯一の大阪公演の19日のライブを、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナルDATマスターより(録音者は同一)、全て最高レベルのサウンドで完全収録した、同ツアーの決定盤です。初日はオリジナル・リリース時、「DATテープで収録したオーディエンス録音であるが、バランス・臨場感など申し分ない」と絶賛された同日最高音質盤であり、それを更なる音質向上版で聴けるのですから堪らないでしょう。より洗練されたクリアーで端正なサウンドで、貴重な初日公演を楽しむことができます。(ちなみに、この日のみ、I Talk To The WindとI Know What I Likeが連続演奏されており、アンコールのハケットのアコースティックソロもBlack Lightのみでやや短めです。)2日目・3日目は初日公演に比べ、よりマイルドで温かみのある音像ですが、驚く程にパンチの効いたスケール満点の高音質で収録されており、音の近さ・広がりともに申し分ありません。オフィシャル収録された東京2日目はともかくとして、大阪公演が、ここまで優れたサウンドで聴けるのは初めてであり、ファンは15年の時を経て出現した、この新音源に、驚きの気持ちで聴き入ってしまうこと間違いありません。(殆どライン録音レベルのサウンドです。)静かな部分では若干のヒスノイズが聞こえる部分もありますが、この音の良さは全くもって驚異的です。リハーサル不足から、ところどころにアンサンブルの乱れやキーボードをメインにミストーンがあるものの、非常に興味深く、そして貴重なパフォーマンスをたっぷりと堪能することができます。東京2日目のコンサートは後にテレビ放送されオフィシャル化されましたが、修正前のリアルなドキュメントとして、マニアには是非入手して頂きたい貴重なテイクと言えます(この2日目の全長版オーディエンス録音タイトルは初登場。)。3公演ともに、前述の通り音質はオフィシャル級と言っても過言ではない最高グレードで収録されており、世界中のプログレ・ファンに自信をもってお薦めできる、絶品タイトルです。

★beatleg誌 vol.111(2009年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

STEVE HACKETTは1996年、『GENESIS REVISITED』を発表した。GENESIS黄金期と言われる70年代、そのサウンドを担っていたSteve Hackettは脱退以降、自身が作曲に関わった部分のみしか、GENESISサウンドを再現してこなかった。ライヴでは「I Know What I Like」「Horizons」「In That Quiet Earth(前半のみ)」の3曲。『GENESIS REVISITED』は「GENESISの曲も含め、自分の音楽だと気づいた」というカミング・アウトに伴い、豪華な参加ミュージシャンを加え、日本先行発売の新作は「新約創世記」と名付けられた。その頃より、プロモーションのライヴは日本で行うらしいとのニュースが広まる。メンバーは、Steve Hackett – Guitar, Vocals に加え、John Wetton(ex.King Crimson、Asia) – Bass, Guitar, Vocals、Chester Thompson(ex.Genesis) – Drums, Percussions、Ian McDonald(ex.King Crimson) – Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal、Julian Colbeck(ex.Steve Hackett,ABW&H-Support) – Keyboards, Vocalsというメンバーが発表された。このメンツによるライヴは日本だけによるもので、海外からも注目を集めた。日本でもSteve Hackettの集客が予想できなかったのか、John WettonやIan McDonaldの参加を謳い文句のように打ちだした。後のプログレ愚連隊来日の初期パッケージはこの時に完成されたといってもいいだろう。さて、今までに何度か登場したこのREVISITED公演の音源だが、この音源は初登場である。周囲の人たちが静かなのか、遠く離れているのか、歓声はどの公演もほどよく割れることもなく収録され、演奏自体もリアルに収録され、昔であればオフィシャル盤としても十分通用する位のクオリティである。最終日の名古屋以外の東京2日、大阪公演を完全収録している。ご存知の通り、東京2日目はオフィシャル盤として、アルバムとDVDが発売された。まず、誰もが心待ちにしたというか、期待したイントロは約束通りこの曲からはじまった。イントロのメロトロンサウンドが鳴り響くと約束通りの絶叫に近い歓声。この瞬間は、この音源だけでも背筋がぞくぞくする瞬間である。ところが、そんな緊張感もつかの間、暗闇が災いしたのか、Keyboardが大きく音を外し「どうなっちゃうんだ~!」と思わせるほどの凄い演奏へ。この感激から落胆への空気の変化はよく憶えている。その位、強烈だった。選曲でいえば、やはりネームバリューもあり、クリムゾンの曲の反応は良かった。そのあたりの臨場感はぜひ、ここで味わっていただきたい。初日の反応を見てか、2日目は曲順が変わる。その後、今回収録されていないが、名古屋公演まで2日目以降のSETLISTになる。映像収録となる2日目は、照明も多くなった。ライヴを観れずにオフィシャル盤から触れた方はラッキーだったが、どうやらリハ不足は否めず、このメンバーが即席に近い形で集められたことがわかる。DVDには、その「あらら」なリハ風景が少しだけ収録されている。細かいミスタッチは、仕方ないという大人は多くなったものの、この音源にはその証拠を聴き比べる楽しさがある。特にJohn Wettonは曲が憶えられなかったようだ。選曲はそれぞれのミュージシャンの代表ナンバーをバランスよく散りばめ、今となっては夢のような公演だったのだろう。6枚組という圧倒的なヴォリュームだが、ノスタルジー抜群。この公演後、Ian McDonaldを招いて「Los Endos」を再録し、全世界で収録曲と曲順を変え「GENESIS REVISITED」が発売された。

Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 16th December 1996

Disc 1(57:25)
1. Intro. 2. Watcher Of The Skies 3. Riding The Colossus 4. Firth Of Fifth 5. Battle Lines
6. Camino Royale 7. In The Court Of The Crimson King 8. Horizons 9. Walking Away From Rainbows
10. Heat Of The Moment

Disc 2(47:36)
1. In That Quiet Earth 2. A Vampire With A Healthy Appetite 3. I Talk To The Wind
4. I Know What I Like 5. Shadow Of The Hierophant 6. Drum Solo 7. Los Endos 8. Black Light
9. The Steppes

Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 17th December 1996

Disc 3(57:10)

1. Watcher Of The Skies 2. Riding The Colossus 3. Firth Of Fifth 4. Battle Lines
5. Camino Royale 6. In The Court Of The Crimson King 7. Horizons 8. Walking Away From Rainbows
9. Heat Of The Moment

Disc 4(50:44)
1. In That Quiet Earth 2. A Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite 3. I Talk To The Wind
4. Shadow Of The Hierophant 5. Drum Solo 6. Los Endos
7. Blood On The Rooftops / Cuckoo Cocoon / Slippermen / Black Light 8. The Steppes
9. I Know What I Like

Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 19th December 1996

Disc 5(58:22)
1. Watcher Of The Skies 2. Riding The Colossus 3. Firth Of Fifth 4. Battle Lines 5. Camino Royale
6. In The Court Of The Crimson King 7. Horizons 8. Walking Away From Rainbows 9. Heat Of The Moment

Disc 6(53:58)
1. In That Quiet Earth 2. A Vampire With A Healthy Appetite 3. I Talk To The Wind
4. Shadow Of The Hierophant 5. Drum Solo 6. Los Endos
7. Blood On The Rooftops / Cuckoo Cocoon / Slippermen / Black Light 8. The Steppes
9. I Know What I Like

Steve Hackett – Guitar, Vocals John Wetton – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Chester Thompson – Drums, Percussions Ian McDonald – Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal
Julian Colbeck – Keyboards, Vocals


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