Steve Hackett / Cruise To The Edge 2018 / 2CDR

Steve Hackett / Cruise To The Edge 2018 / 2CDR / Amity

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Live at Pacifica Theater, Royal Caribbean Brilliance of The Seas 3rd February 2018


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Steve · Hacket is also looking forward to the performance in Japan in April 2018. That latest and best album is on its way. Activated “GENESIS REVISITED” is also a long-awaited Hackett, but this year is the total best to pick up GTR as well as solo & GENESIS. It is one that you can experience the latest show early.
Such book was recorded “February 3, 2018”. It was on the shipboard event “CRUISE TO THE EDGE”. Speaking of “CRUISE TO THE EDGE”, a masterpiece of YES “CRUISE TO THE EDGE 2018 (Amity 429)” has been very popular recently, but this work is a version of that Hacket. It is a genuinely sister work not only that it is simply the same event, but also the recording house and the equipment are the same.
If you have heard YES story, you will have decided your mind anymore. Yes, this work is also a masterpiece of that super beautiful / super supreme sound. Repeat for those who have not heard yet, the sound of this work is “the ideal of the audience”. “CRUISE TO THE EDGE” produces Miyoshi · name recording every year, but this work which becomes the latest version of 2018 is the ultimate. Maybe because of the narrow venue “Onsoundboard” goes on the ground with an on-sounding sound roaring, the core is super clearer up to details while being stiff anywhere. Whether the venue acoustics are good or not, the air feeling which is extremely refreshing makes a glittering sounding and never hides the sensitivity of playing.
Not to mention the shining middle and high treble, of course, the deep bass that is hard to capture in the customer record is amazing. The sound of one note of the bass is clear but the ringing is also beautiful, so that the waveform of the vibe that shakes the floor appears in the eyes. From the rising of each pick of the base to the moment of disappearing, it draws plenty of response. The beautiful sound may be said to be “more than a sound board”, perhaps the shipboard event may be the world’s best environment for recording audiences. Although this kind of amazing sound was able to be enjoyed plentily with YES, this work is also two more. Of course, there are differences in fine position and the sound of the band itself, but it is super beautiful recorded sister who does not feel strange even when playing continuously.
And, in the sound, it is the latest form of “GENESIS REVISITED”, the first stage in 2018. The first half is a masterpiece of the solo of the 1970s, the composition of GENESIS rush in the second half is as usual, but it is still GTR that attracts the ears so much. The other day, we will show off “When The Heart Rules The Mind” just released the re-recording version. As expected it was not a replay with Steve Howe, but Hackett himself sings, a catchy guitar melody skies. Whether it’s a solo premiere or not is a delicate but almost premiered. The audience are overjoyed with this already, which is the main feature of the first half solo section.
And the second half is a familiar GENESIS rush. Although there is a feeling that it has played out no longer, this selection is the middle of the royal road. It is the fastest time to sort track titles. “Firth Of Fifth” “Supper’s Ready” “The Musical Box” “Dance On A Volcano”. From the four albums, the audience is the most joyful and one song at a time, centering on the large episode. I do not know what will happen to the selection of the coming tour in Japan, but it is the first time in a straight ball that expectation is further increased.

Anyway, the latest hacket which can be tasted with the superb sound which makes it want to arrange a lot of ‘super’ slippers. GENESIS, he is a culmination of his addition to GTR to solo. Even as a preparatory board for the performance in Japan in April, as an anthology of Hackett music, and also feeling the breath of the British progressive living in contemporary with the YES edition. The best inscription no matter how you listen. Please enjoy it to your heart ‘s content.

2018年4月の来日公演も楽しみなスティーヴ・ハケット。その最新・極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。“GENESIS REVISITED”を掲げた活動も長くなったハケットですが、今年はソロ&GENESISに加え、GTRも取り上げるトータル・ベスト。その最新ショウをいち早く体験できる1本です。
そんな本作が収録されたのは「2018年2月3日」。船上イベント“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”でのことでした。“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”と言えば、先日もYESの大傑作『CRUISE TO THE EDGE 2018(Amity 429)』が大好評を賜っておりますが、本作はそのハケット編。単に同じイベントと言うだけでなく、録音家も機材も同じという正真正銘の姉妹作なのです。
YES編をお聴きになった方なら、もう心を決めていらっしゃることでしょう。そう、本作もまたあの超美麗/超極上サウンドの大傑作なのです。まだ聴かれていない方のために繰り返しますと、本作のサウンドは“オーディエンスの理想”。“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”は例年、美音・名録音を生み出していますが、その2018年最新版となる本作は究極的。狭い会場なせいか「まるでサウンドボード」を地で行くオンなサウンドが轟き、芯はどこまでも骨太でありながらディテールまで超クリア。よほど会場音響が良いのか、極々うっすらとした空気感が鳴りを艶やかに彩りこそすれ、決して演奏の機微を隠さない。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれるのは“GENESIS REVISITED”の最新形にして、2018年最初のステージ。前半に70年代ソロの名曲、後半にGENESISラッシュという構成はこれまで通りですが、そこで一際耳を惹くのはやはりGTR。先日、再レコーディング版を公開したばかりの「When The Heart Rules The Mind」を披露してくれるのです。さすがにスティーヴ・ハウとの再演とはなりませんでしたが、ハケット自身が歌い、キャッチーなギターメロディが天翔る。ソロ初演かどうかは微妙なところですが、ほぼ初演には違いない。これにはもう、観客たちも大喜びで、前半ソロ・セクションの目玉になっています。
そして、後半はお馴染みのGENESISラッシュ。もはや演り尽くした感もありますが、今回のセレクトは王道ド真ん中。もう、曲名を並べてしまうのが一番早い。「Firth Of Fifth」「Supper’s Ready」「The Musical Box」「Dance On A Volcano」。4枚のアルバムから大作を中心に観客が一番喜び曲を1曲ずつ。来る来日公演のセレクトがどうなるかは分かりませんが、期待が一層高まる直球ぶりです。


Disc 1(43:03)

1. Land Of A Thousand Autumns / Please Don’t Touch 2. Every Day 3. Shadow Of The Heirophant
4. When The Heart Rules The Mind 5. Icarus Ascending 6. Firth Of Fifth

Disc 2(47:43)
1. Supper’s Ready 2. The Musical Box 3. Dance On A Volcano

Steve Hackett – guitar, backing vocals Roger King – keyboards Gary O’Toole – drums, vocals
Rob Townsend – saxophone, flute Jonas Reingoldt – bass Nad Sylvan – vocals

Amity 430

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