Steve Hackett / Osaka 2016 / 2CD

Steve Hackett / Osaka 2016 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 23rd May 2016


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Steve Hackett for his deliver the British progressive rock of the wind in the Japan of the 2016 early summer along with the CAMEL. The last day to become “May 23, Namba Hatch Performance 2016” is the emergence of best audience album that contains the. In this visit to Japan, the best title in conjunction with the CAMEL jostling. In order to avoid confusion, let’s start from every time the annual schedule confirmation.

– May 21, 2011: Kawasaki Club Citta “KAWASAKI 2016”
– May 22, 2011: Tokyo Hibiya Outdoor large music hall “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016”
– May 23, 2011: Osaka Namba Hatch [this work]

In this way, the schedule of Hackett is all three times. This week, the simultaneous release in conjunction with the “KAWASAKI 2016 (Virtuoso 290/291)”, “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016 (Virtuoso 294-297)”, at once published all three days. Visit to Japan this time is tangled with the CAMEL is now a hot topic, this work’s the one that becomes the last of the last be combined with CAMEL.
Is was recorded this work that contains the such final day, Mr. “West strongest taper”. The other day, but “OSAKA 2016 (Virtuoso 286/287)” of CAMEL was look forward to great popularity, it is a live album of the same venue / same recording artist / same equipment as that super masterpiece. When I say further, the same until a whopping recording position (and append, mastering / artwork was also finished with the same staff). More further, while CAMEL was the visit to Japan of 16 years, Osaka solo performances in the band form of Hackett is the first time in 20 years. I completely twins of the live album.

If the person who listen to “OSAKA 2016” of CAMEL, or would not have been thrilled to the other this just a masterpiece of foreboding. After all, CAMEL super masterpiece recordings tighten said to Mr. master craftsman “strongest” to “My ideal”. Because you its Hackett version. In fact, the sound of this work is also best in the best. Because is not the same to truly band and the sound staff, but will never be exactly the same sound, quality is half a step, let alone one step, not budge even 1/8 steps. Clear be at an end musical sound of beauty, nothing de most recently the first time that I can only imagine the sound board if you do not know, or of such exquisite applause was mixed from multi-track, natural air feeling that not be a multi-mix of the line while recording stomach it . In addition, while previously inhale plenty to Osaka venue Nori, close audience noise of the seat is also none, is like the mood of the overhead was like captured from the “God’s point of view” … all is perfect live album.
In this visit to Japan but was entrained is Nick Beggs of KAJAGOOGOO, Buttoi particularly rich in his bass sound. It is delicate and fantastic feeling beautiful “Hackett flow progressive”, but its dynamism also splashed also two-stage one stage, spree dramatically excitement. In this work, we have been fully taken in a Katsuaki also the bass sound, nuances of playing pick, of course, even seen that the bass is not wielded the venue of the floor and walls. While it leaves Todoroi up there, because you of not even beauty cloudiness of one point …. His base is you can experience a lot in the songs, but I would like you Katsumoku in particular “A Tower Struck Down”. Not only thick, continue to profound and even deeper bass is chaos darkness that is up to where a solemn ……. And delicate and converted to the dramatic “Shadow of the Hierophant”, “GENESIS likely than GENESIS” and said the name board “VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE” spectacular sound world is the completion of the. So much of the progressive rock was Todoroi in Japan of 2016. That fact is a great performance-name sound like trembling alone.
This tour is the first half of “Solo hen (disc 1)”, the second half of “GENESIS Hen (disc 2)” of I mean that is a two-part, of course, superb sound of this work is to “GENESIS Hen” waver even. Like the middle of the full sound, such as the official board, is singing is not Naddo-Sylvain that yes without recalls Peter Gabriel penetrate. 2013 of five songs that did not listen to the “full length GENESIS Japan” “Get ‘Em Out by Friday”, “Can-Utility and the Coastliners”, “The Cinema Show”, “Aisle of Plenty,” “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” is at once be Tatamikake. Or to change the previous, but it seems even a little bitter song selection, actually flow out when the melody is firm emerges from the mind. In particular, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” is, clapping was aligned with the Bishitsu from the roar of the intro, has been perfectly captured rust of chanting, it will deliver a greatly swollen Osaka of air. Presence-based great of this “GENESIS Hen” Even Nick Beggs. “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” In rolling up swell unique sound and Gugigugi, heavy low-vibe of “The Musical Box” is to sluggish the earth. Of course, large representative music rush through encore from “The Musical Box” of this volume set last is the best! Was not in the overseas performance “Dance On A Volcano” is also a highlight.

2016, is a superb machine that records the final night of prog heaven that colored the Japan of the early summer. Not only is a rarity as one of the live album, good even listening side by side with “OSAKA 2016” of CAMEL, good even if the collection of the whole schedule of Hackett in conjunction with the “KAWASAKI 2016”, “PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016”. Yet gorgeous sets, such as to sum up the career, great progressive rock album speck does not even feel like old age is in the music. Please enjoy another superb opportunity that may not be realized in Japan, please freely.


・5月21日:川崎・クラブチッタ 『KAWASAKI 2016』
・5月22日:東京・日比谷野外大音楽堂 『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016』

このように、ハケットの日程は全3回。今週、同時リリースの『KAWASAKI 2016(Virtuoso 290/291)』『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016(Virtuoso 294-297)』と併せ、3日間全部が一気に公開。今回の来日はCAMELとの絡みが話題となりましたが、本作はCAMELと合わせても最後の最後となる1本なのです。
そんな最終日を収めた本作を記録したのは、“西日本最強テーパー”氏。先日、CAMELの『OSAKA 2016(Virtuoso 286/287)』が大好評を賜りましたが、あの超傑作と同じ会場/同じ録音家/同じ機材のライヴアルバムです。さらに申しますと、なんと録音ポジションまで同じ(追記しますと、マスタリング/アートワークも同じスタッフで仕上げました)。さらにさらに言えば、CAMELが16年ぶりの来日だったのに対し、ハケットのバンド形態での大阪ソロ公演は20年ぶり。完全に双子のライヴアルバムなのです。

CAMELの『OSAKA 2016』をお聴きいただいた方なら、もうこれだけで傑作の予感にゾクゾクされているのではないでしょうか。なにしろ、CAMELは名匠“最強”氏をして「私の理想」とまで言わしめた超傑作録音。そのハケット版なのですから。実際、本作のサウンドも極上中の極上。さすがにバンドと音響スタッフまでは同じではありませんから、厳密に同じサウンドになることはありませんが、クオリティは一歩どころか半歩、1/8歩も譲らない。クリア極まる楽音の美しさ、何も知らなければサウンドボードとしか思えないド直近ぶり、マルチトラックからミックスしたかの如き絶妙の喝采、それでいながらライン録音のマルチミックスではあり得ない自然な空気感。さらに、大阪の会場ノリをたっぷりと吸い込んでおきながら、間近席のオーディエンス・ノイズも皆無で、まるで“神の視点”から捉えたような俯瞰のムード……すべてがパーフェクトなライヴアルバムなのです。
今回の来日ではKAJAGOOGOOのニック・ベッグスが帯同しましたが、特に彼のベース・サウンドが豊かでぶっとい。繊細さと幻想感が美しい“ハケット流プログレ”ですが、そのダイナミズムを一段も二段も跳ね上げ、劇的に盛り上げまくる。本作では、そのベースサウンドも克明に捉えきっており、ピック弾きのニュアンスはもちろん、重低音が会場の床や壁を振るわせているのさえ分かる。そこまで轟いておきながら、1点の曇りもない美しさなのですから……。彼のベースは全曲でたっぷり味わえますが、特に「A Tower Struck Down」には刮目いただきたい。単に太いだけでなく、重厚で荘厳でさえある重低音が混沌の闇をどこまでも深くしていく……。そして繊細かつドラマティックな「Shadow of the Hierophant」への転換し、“GENESISよりGENESISらしい”と言われた名盤『VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE』の壮大な音世界が完結。これほどのプログレッシヴ・ロックが2016年の日本に轟いた。その事実だけでも震えるような名演・名サウンドです。
今回のツアーは前半「ソロ篇(ディスク1)」、後半「GENESIS篇(ディスク2)」の二部構成になっているわけですが、もちろん、本作の極上サウンドは「GENESIS篇」になっても揺るがない。まるでオフィシャル盤のような完全サウンドのど真ん中を、ピーター・ガブリエルを思い起こさずにはいられないナッド・シルヴァンの歌声が突き抜ける。2013年の“全編GENESIS来日”では聴けなかった5曲「Get ‘Em Out by Friday」「Can-Utility and the Coastliners」「The Cinema Show」「Aisle of Plenty」「The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway」が一気に畳みかけられる。前回と変えるためか、ちょっと渋い選曲とも思えますが、実際に流れ出すとメロディがしっかり脳裏から浮かび上がる。特に「The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway」は、イントロのどよめきからビシッと揃った手拍子、サビの唱和もばっちり捉えられており、大いに盛り上がる大阪の空気を届けてくれます。この「GENESIS篇」でもニック・ベッグスのベースは凄い存在感。「The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway」ではグギグギと独特なサウンドうねりまくり、「The Musical Box」の重低ヴァイヴが大地を振るわせる。もちろん、本編セットラストの「The Musical Box」からアンコールにかけての大代表曲ラッシュは最高! 海外公演にはなかった「Dance On A Volcano」もハイライトです。

2016年、日本の初夏を彩ったプログレ天国の最終夜を記録した極上盤です。1本のライヴアルバムとして絶品であるばかりか、CAMELの『OSAKA 2016』と並べて聴いても良し、『KAWASAKI 2016』『PROGRESSIVE ROCK FES 2016』と併せてハケットの全日程をコレクションしても良し。キャリアを総括するような豪華セットでありながら、その音楽には老いなど微塵も感じさせない素晴らしいプログレ・アルバム。もう日本では実現しないかも知れない極上の機会、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (78:55)
1. Intro 2. Corycian Fire 3. Spectral Mornings 4. Out of the Body 5. Wolflight 6. Every Day
7. Love Song to a Vampire 8. The Wheel’s Turning 9. Loving Sea 10. Icarus Ascending
11. Star of Sirius 12. Ace of Wands 13. A Tower Struck Down 14. Shadow of the Hierophant

Disc 2 (69:02)
1. Intro 2. Get ‘Em Out by Friday 3. Can-Utility and the Coastliners 4. The Cinema Show
5. Aisle of Plenty 6. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 7. The Musical Box 8. Member Introduction
9. Dance on a Volcano 10. Firth of Fifth 11. Outro.

Virtuoso 292/293

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