Steely Dan / Citizen Tour Rehearsals 1994 / 1CDR

Steely Dan / Citizen Tour Rehearsals 1994 / 1CDR / Project Zip

Tour Rehearsals 1994. Soundboard


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Steely Dunn, who had stopped live performances since the 1970s, made a full-scale world tour led by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, but in 1994 “Citizen Steely Dunn” ・Tour’s studio rehearsal appeared for the first time with excavation sound source by high quality sound board!

From rough jam sessions to “Golden Earrings”, “Kid Chamel Maine” and the initial number “My Old School”, this is a noteworthy title that recorded valuable rehearsals of the time! !



01. Jam/02. Green Earrings 1/03. Kid Charlemagne 1/04. Night By Night/05. The Fez/06. Kid Charlemagne 2/07. Green Earrings 2/08. My Old School/09. FM Jam/10. Dirty Work

Tour Rehearsals 1994

Project Zip. PJZ-765

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