Simon & Garfunkel / Think Too Much / 1CDR

Simon & Garfunkel – Think Too Much / 1CDR / Project Zip

Tranlated Text:
Unreleased Album “Think Too Much” 1983. Soundboard


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Album “THINK TOO MUCH” of the illusion that we are a fabrication to 81-82 with a view to S & G reunion.
Outtake compilation which reproduced the same album that was not released in the S & G name after all the while being released in ’83!
Was was released morphed and solo album of PAUL SIMON eventually but it has not been evaluated much, but the present board also will no doubt one of the collector must listen, must-have because it is Keikyoku set to listen again.

S & G version of the solo numbers and new song recording of the concert later in Central Park that contains a huge success, is a collectible item of large recommendation being the contents interesting song just was recorded both! !

S&G再結成を視野に81年から82年に製作を進めていた幻のアルバム”THINK TOO MUCH”。
結局PAUL SIMONのソロ・アルバムと姿を変えリリースされはしたものの余り評価されませんでしたが、改めて聴くと佳曲揃いなので本盤もコレクター必聴・必携の1枚は間違い無いでしょう。


Unreleased Album “THINK TOO MUCH” 1983

01. Think Too Much
02. A Heart In New York
03. Hearts And Bones
04. Train In The Distance
05. Slip Slidin’ Away
06. Bright Eyes
07. Song About The Moon
08. The Late Great Johnny Ace
09. Allergies
10. American Tune
11. Cars Are Cars
12. One Summer Night
13. Citizen Of The Planet

Project Zip. PJZ-491


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