Simon & Garfunkel / Korakuen Stadium 1982 / 6CD

Simon & Garfunkel / Korakuen Stadium 1982 / 6CD / Zion

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Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 10th, 11th & 12th May 1982

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Simon & Garfunkel which disbanded once in 1970 was still face to face with events and TV recordings, but full-fledged restart was not realized until 1981. As a result, the reunited live tour which took place from 1981 to 1983 has historically important meaning. In the three years, I think that it was Japan’s performance that was the happiest time. Though it raised the resurrection lost smoke at the raped central park concert, the last was the breakthrough of album production and fight fighting three years. That’s why the 1982 performance in Japan is reflected in the brighter days.
It is a symbol of the youthful popular 1960s youth (the expression of rock is not used much) when speaking of S & G to the Japanese at that time, although the feeling that a position has changed a little can not be denied right now, the British representation is the Beatles If so, S & G is the US representative. Real-time visit to Japan has not come true, and more than ten years have passed after dissolution, realization of restarting at the timing when the influence and popularity expanded more in revival and the arrival in Japan. It showed the excitement involved in the big fever in Japan (this is also an expression that I do not use right now, haha).
Hospitality for S & G’s visit to Japan is only VIP level. In fact Paul who had already experienced solo solo experience, in fact, it was supposed to be bad for that hospitality even for each art that I was visiting Japan in the late 70’s, private. Thanks to surprisingly it was said that the interview was permitted to the home when traveling on the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo, of course, when arriving at the airport. I could not imagine now if they are as big as they are, but at that time it was still a time when adults were not noisy, and they were also feeling well before the previous hospitality. Actually their facial expressions are unexpectedly peaceful.
Regarding the Japanese performance in 1982 that can be called the glorious days in this reunion, sound sources of all performances have been released as items to date, and all have been released on the ZION label except on the first day of May 7 . Regarding the Tokyo three days that had been reported as “being more relaxed” to the mass communication that was reported on the 8th day of Osaka second day item (touched later) with the state of the time chasing after that , The luxury set “AT KORAKUEN” which recorded all the three performances released 10 years ago at the superb audience has been Sold Out for a long time, and the request of recurrence has not persisted among maniacs.
Although it is a translation which it finally realizes, because of high sound quality, it did not add itself to the sound source this time as well. Still it is being rebuilt from the master, it will appear as a 2018 version which is not merely a recurrence.

Regarding the second day of the Osaka performance mentioned earlier, two fulfilling items from ZION are still enjoying popularity even now. This is also the best audience “AT OSAKA STADIUM” and sound board recording that appeared nearly ten years ago “EASTBOUND”. Thinking that the second day in Osaka and the visit to Japan in 1982 will be settled by the appearance of the latter, the sound board recording by the cassette of PA out became the basis. Although it is a familiar recording form in ZEP, the sound source of this hand has the disadvantage that the realism is absolutely sparse. It is fact that most of the enthusiasts who were present at the Osaka stadium in May of the year of the year 82, received a voice saying “It is different from the sound and enthusiasm heard on that day.” It received the benefit of the era when the recording equipment developed, and it was a certain result that the value of “AT OSAKA STADIUM” of the audience recording is not faded at all. As for the Tokyo performance where the soundboard is not excavated, the demand for “AT KORAKUEN” has increased unnecessarily, resulting in Sold Out as a result.
S & G’s revival live performed for three consecutive days at old-fashioned Korakuen stadium. It is still audience recording that makes us time slip on the days that Fever (laugh) at that stadium. So this press release of limited press CD was realized.

It is an audience recording of extremely wonderful sound quality for three days, but the day that boasts the most power is the first day. A really sound image is wonderful throughout the show and it is the highest level as an audience recording in the outdoor stadium at the time. In addition, as for the appearance of two people also asking a one-word Japanese MC immediately after the show, I also touched a big topic at the release ten years ago, but that impressed the mass communication “I am relaxing from Osaka” It reflects also on one cause I gave. Also the point that Paul was supposed to blow out during “Mrs. Robinson” would be similar.
Regarding the second day, the clap of the clapping is great at the beginning of the show, and the sound image which the performance is somewhat expelled is somewhat. However, it becomes easier to hear from “Scarbough Fair” popular in Japan and still quiet performance. On this day, Paul’s tension is the highest among the three days and after singing “Sakura Sakura” with a bossi, it will sing “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” violently without hesitation. In addition, in front of “The Late Great Johnny Ace” I tried to speak to Japanese audiences that English was hard to understand.
And the third day is the last day, but the clapping is bigger throughout, but still the place with high sound quality is the amazing place of this sound source. Also, on this day, Paul’s “One Trick Pony” surprise, which seems to have been the only announcement during the reunion tour, occurred. At that time, the image of the title / song of the album that had not already won sales before was supposed to be strong, but it is strange that somehow it was only played on this day. However, most of the musicians who participated in the recording of the same song were on stage this day and it was a special number that was presumed to have suddenly played. This may be a service that considers the last day of tour as Paul.
After all it became Sold Out and it was a long time source, so maybe there are a lot of maniacs who are asked for the first time in this release. Because “AT KORAKUEN” did not appear easily in the second-hand market, the release of this time may be called a long-awaited more soon. The stadium · Days of that enthusiasm will appear for a long time after being born again. Do not miss this time!

★ The same taper recording for 3 days. Historical masterpiece sound collection which used the master tape of the legendary taper which recorded that Queen “AT LAST BUDOKAN” directly.

この再結成において栄光の日々と呼べる1982年の日本公演に関しては、現在までにすべての公演の音源がアイテムとしてリリースされており、初日の5月7日以外はすべてZIONレーベルにリリースの実績がある。現在でも入手可能なのは8日の大阪二日目アイテム(後で触れます)だけで、当時の様子を追っかけ状態で報じていたマスコミに「よりリラックスしていた」と報じられていた東京三日間に関しては、10年前にリリースされた三公演すべてを極上オーディエンスにて収録した贅沢なセット「AT KORAKUEN」がSold Outになって久しく、マニアの間で再発のリクエストが絶えませんでした。

先にも触れた大阪公演二日目に関しては現在もZIONからの充実した二つのアイテムが好評を博し続けています。こちらもまた極上オーディエンスの「AT OSAKA STADIUM」と、10年近く前に登場したサウンドボード録音の「EASTBOUND」。後者の登場によって大阪二日目や82年の来日公演は決着がつくかと思いきや、元になったのはPAアウトのカセットによるサウンドボード録音。ZEPではおなじみな録音形態ですが、この手の音源は臨場感がどうしても希薄になってしまうという欠点があります。ましてや82年の5月に大阪スタジアムに居合わせたマニアのほとんどから「あの日聴いた音や熱狂と違う」という声が寄せられたのは事実。それに録音機材が発達した時代の恩恵を受け、オーディエンス録音の「AT OSAKA STADIUM」の価値がまったく色褪せないというまさかの結果となりました。むしろサウンドボードが発掘されない東京公演に関しては「AT KORAKUEN」の需要が余計に高まってしまい、結果としてSold Outとなってしまったのです。

三日間ともに非常に素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音ですが、もっとも迫力を誇るのが初日。ショー全体を通して実にオンな音像が素晴らしく、当時の野外スタジアムにおけるオーディエンス録音としては最高級なレベル。さらに二人もショー開始直後に片言の日本語MCを聞かせた様子に関しては10年前のリリース時にも大きな話題を呼びましたが、それがマスコミに対して「大阪よりリラックスしている」という印象を与えた一因にも映るかと。またポールが「Mrs. Robinson」の最中で吹き出しそうになっていた点も同様でしょう。
二日目に関してはショー序盤で手拍子の盛り上がりが大きく、演奏がやや追いやられ気味な音像。しかし日本で人気があり、なおかつ静かな演奏であった「Scarbough Fair」から一気に聞きやすくなります。この日は三日間の中でポールのテンションが一番高く「さくらさくら」をボソッと歌ってみた後で「Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard」をいつになく激しく歌ってくれます。さらに「The Late Great Johnny Ace」の前では英語が通じずらい日本のオーディエンスに何とかして語り掛けようとしたほど。
そして三日目は最終日ということもあってか、全体を通して手拍子が大きめですが、それでも高音質なところがこの音源の凄いところ。おまけにこの日は再結成ツアー中で唯一の披露となったと思われるポールの「One Trick Pony」というサプライズが起きた日。当時は既にセールス的に振るわなかったアルバムのタイトル・ソングというイメージが強かったはずですが、何故かこの日に限って演奏されたというのが不思議。もっとも同曲のレコーディングに参加した大半のミュージシャンがこの日のステージに立っていた訳であり、突然の演奏も余裕だったのではと推測されるスペシャル・ナンバーでした。これはポールなりにツアー最終日を意識したサービスだったのかもしれません。
何しろSold Outになって久しい音源でしたので、今回のリリースで初めて聞かれるというマニアの方も多いのではないでしょうか。中古市場にも「AT KORAKUEN」がなかなか登場しなかったことから、なおさら今回のリリースは待望と呼べるものでしょう。あの熱狂のスタジアム・デイズが生まれ変わって久々に登場します。今回はお見逃しなく!

★3日間とも同じテーパーの録音。あのクイーン「AT LAST BUDOKAN」を録った伝説のテーパーのマスターテープをダイレクトに使用した歴史的傑作音源集。


Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 10th May 1982

Disc 1(51:58)
1. Intro. 2. Mrs. Robinson 3. Homeward Bound 4. America 5. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
6. Scarbough Fair 7. My Little Town 8. Wake Up Little Susie 9. Still Crazy After All These Years
10. Bright Eyes 11. Late In The Evening 12. Slip Slidin’ Away 13. El Condor Pasa
14. Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover

Disc 2(47:30)
1. The Late Great Johnny Ace 2. American Tune 3. Kodachrome/Mabellene
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water 5. The Boxer 6. Old Friends/Bookends
7. 59th Street Bridge Song 8. The Sound Of Silence 9. Late In The Evening

Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 1982

Disc 3(56:02)
1. Intro. 2. Mrs. Robinson 3. Homeward Bound 4. America 5. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
6. Scarbough Fair 7. My Little Town 8. Wake Up Little Susie 9. Still Crazy After All These Years
10. Bright Eyes 11. Late In The Evening 12. Slip Slidin’ Away 13. El Condor Pasa
14. Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover 15. American Tune

Disc 4(40:05)
1. MC 2. The Late Great Johnny Ace 3. Kodachrome/Mabellene 4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
5. The Boxer 6. Old Friends/Bookends 7. 59th Street Bridge Song
8. The Sound Of Silence 9. Late In The Evening

Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 12th May 1982

Disc 5(46:13)
1. Mrs. Robinson 2. Homeward Bound 3. America 4. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
5. Scarbough Fair 6. My Little Town 7. Wake Up Little Susie 8. Still Crazy After All These Years
9. Bright Eyes 10. Late In The Evening 11. Slip Slidin’ Away 12. El Condor Pasa

Disc 6(51:52)
1. Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover 2. American Tune 3. One Trick Pony 4. Kodachrome/Mabellene
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water 6. The Boxer 7. Old Friends/Bookends
8. 59th Street Bridge Song 9. The Sound Of Silence 10. Late In The Evening

ZION-133 \5,800

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