Sheryl Crow And Friends / Live From Central Park 1999 Complete / 2CD

Sheryl Crow And Friends / Live From Central Park 1999 Complete / 2CD / Zion

Central Park, New York City, USA 14th September 1999 STEREO SBD


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Super luxurious guests such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, etc. The masterpiece of the official live album “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK”, which is also delicious to co-star with. The complete sound board is here. Of course, it is decided to make it a permanent storage press!
Of course, what is recorded in this work is the performance of “September 14, 1999: New York City”. It’s not “same time” or “similar content”, it’s the same show as the genuine official board. It’s a complete stereo soundboard recording. Speaking of Cheryl in 1999, the performance in Japan was realized, and the best sound board album “TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT (Zion-169)” is also new to my memory. First, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and confirm the position of the show.

・ February 2-18: Europe # 1 (12 performances)
・ March 13-May 9: North America # 1 (42 performances)
・ June 4-12: Europe # 2 (6 performances)
・ June 27-September 14: North America # 2 (47 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 7-9: North America # 3a (2 performances)
・ October 12-20 : Japan (7) Performances) ← * TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT
・ October 23-31: North America # 3b (3 performances)
“December 7,” LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK “released”

This is Sheryl Crow in 1999. Two laps around the United States, sandwiching Europe and Japan. The New York City performance of this work was the final day of its main “North America # 2” concert. Above all, this show is famous for its official live album, and pro-shot broadcasts with different song selections are also known. However, this work is a complete version of new excavation that covers songs / parts that can not be heard in both works. As I mentioned in the commentary on “TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT” that I introduced the other day, the collectors are currently talking about the excavation rush of Cheryl’s finest soundboard. This work is one of them, and it is one that is particularly noteworthy in terms of both the rarity of the complete version of the official work and the tremendous quality.
The most important point is the long length of the gorgeous competition songs. Let’s organize the set immediately while comparing it with the official board.

● Sheryl Crow Only
・ Tuesday Night Music Club: Can’t Cry Anymore (★) / Leaving Las Vegas / All I Wanna Do
・ Sheryl Crow: A Change Would Do You Good / Everyday Is a Winding Road (▲ )
・ Globe Sessions: Anything but Down (★) / It Don’t Hurt / Am I Getting Through (★) / My Favorite Mistake / There Goes The Neighborhood
・ Others: Sweet Child O’Mine (★)
● Guest participation song
・ Sarah McLachlan: Angel (★) / The Difficult Kind
・ DIXIE CHICKS: Strong Enough / Mississippi (★)
・ Stevie Knicks: Gold Dust Woman
・ Chrissie Hynde: If It Makes You Happy
・ Keith Richards: Happy / Sweet Little Rock n’Roller (★)
・ Eric Clapton: White Room / Little Wing (★)
・ All-star co-star: Tombstone Blues
* Note: “★” marks are songs not included in the official version “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK”. “▲” makes up for the lack of master (about 6 seconds) with the official board.

… And it looks like this. The amount of 8 songs has been greatly increased, including both Cheryl alone and co-starring. Even if you listen to the official version, you may be surprised that there were so many in reality. Chuck Berry’s cover “Sweet Little Rock n’Roller” has a particularly high point. Keith Richards was one of the highlights of the time, but for some reason it was cut on both the official and TV broadcasts. You can enjoy the whole song in the order of the songs on the day, including the first appearance song and the introduction scene of each guest.
And the quality that goes through such a full show is also a special mention. It’s a superb stereo sound board without any questions, but it’s a little different from the official final board. The mix is ​​different, and it’s an even more vivid rough mix. The sounds and impressions of each instrument are different, but the biggest difference is the cheers. The official board mixes cheers in a large way to produce the mood of the concert site, but the performance sound and vocals come out in front and the cheers are far away, probably because this work is still recorded. There is almost no simulated experience at the venue, but the immersive and synchronized feeling of having Cheryl in the brain is enormous. Of course, even though the mix is ​​different, the audio-like sound quality is completely official. As a matter of fact, the original sound that appeared on the net lacked a few seconds in the middle of “Everyday Is a Winding Road”, but in this work, that part is supplemented with the official board. Even there, the sound is so official that you can hardly feel the difference in quality.

It is a shocking work of 1999’s superb stereo sound board that appeared following “TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT” the other day. An expanded and complete version of the official masterpiece that not only has excellent quality, but also greatly increases the number of co-stars with super-luxury guests. Literally, one that has achieved “beyond the official” in every sense. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press 2CD !!

★ Full length version of the official “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK”. Super high-quality stereo sound board directly connected to the table and rough mix! debut! !!

もちろん、この作品に収録されているのは「1999年9月14日ニューヨーク市」の公演です。 「同時」や「類似コンテンツ」ではなく、本物のオフィシャルボードと同じショーです。それは完全なステレオサウンドボード録音です。 1999年のシェリルといえば、日本での演奏が実現し、最高のサウンドボードアルバム「TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT(Zion-169)」も記憶に新しい。まず、その時のスケジュールを振り返り、ショーの位置を確認しましょう。

・10月12日〜20日:日本(7)公演)←* TOKYO 1999 FINAL NIGHT

これは1999年のシェリル・クロウです。ヨーロッパと日本を挟んで、アメリカを2周します。この作品のニューヨーク市公演は、メインの「北米#2」コンサートの最終日でした。とりわけ、このショーは公式ライブアルバムで有名であり、さまざまな曲のセレクションによるプロショット放送も知られています。しかし、この作品は、両方の作品で聞くことができない歌/部分をカバーする新しい発掘の完全版です。先日紹介した「TOKYO1999FINAL NIGHT」の解説でお伝えしたように、コレクターたちは現在、シェリルの最高級響板の発掘ラッシュについて語っています。この作品はそのうちの一つであり、公式作品の完全版の希少性と驚異的な品質の両方の点で特に注目に値する作品です。

・DIXIE CHICKS:ストロングイナフ/ミシシッピ(★)
※注意:「★」マークは、公式バージョン「LIVE FROMCENTRALPARK」に含まれていない曲です。 「▲」は公式ボードでマスター不足(約6秒)を補う。

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。シェリル単独と共演の両方を含め、8曲の量が大幅に増加しました。公式版を聴いても、実はこんなにたくさんあることに驚かれるかもしれません。チャック・ベリーのカバー「Sweet Little Rockn’Roller」は特に高いポイントを持っています。キース・リチャーズは当時のハイライトの1つでしたが、何らかの理由で公式放送とテレビ放送の両方でカットされました。初登場曲から各ゲストの紹介シーンまで、当日の曲順で全曲をお楽しみいただけます。

先日「TOKYO1999FINAL NIGHT」に続いて登場した、1999年の素晴らしいステレオサウンドボードの衝撃的な作品です。優れた品質だけでなく、sとの共演者数を大幅に増やす公式傑作の拡張された完全版

Disc 1 (51:34)
1. Sandra Bernhard Intro
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. Anything But Down ★
4. Can’t Cry Anymore ★
5. Leaving Las Vegas
6. It Don’t Hurt
7. Sarah McLachlan Intro
8. Angel (with Sarah McLachlan) ★
9. Sweet Child O’Mine ★
10. Am I Getting Through (Parts 1 and 2) ★

Disc 2 (73:15)
1. Bill Murray Intro
2. Every Day Is A Winding Road
3. Band Introductions
4. Strong Enough (with Dixie) Chicks)
5. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
6. My Favorite Mistake
7. Mississippi (with Dixie Chicks) ★
8. If It Makes You Happy (with Chrissie Hynde)
9. Happy (with Keith Richards)
10. Sweet Little Rock
n’Roller (with Keith Richards) ★ 11. The Difficult Kind (with Sara McL)
12. White Room (with Clapton)
13. Little Wing (with Clapton) ★
14. There Goes The Neighborhood
15. Tombstone Blues (with all guests)
16. All I Wanna Do

★ Not included in the official edition “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK”


Sheryl Crow –vocals , guitar, bass, keyboards
Peter Stroudt –guitar, vocals
Tim Smith –guitar , bass, vocals
Jim Bogious –drums, vocals
Mike Rowe –keyboards
Matt Brubeck –cello
Mary Rowell –violin

Keith Richards –guitar , vocals
Eric Clapton –guitar, vocals
Stevie Nicks –vocals
The Dixie Chicks –vocals, various instruments
Sarah McLachlan –vocals
Chrissie Hynde –vocals


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