Sheryl Crow And Friends / New York Rehearsals 1999 / 3CD

Sheryl Crow And Friends / New York Rehearsals 1999 / 3CD / ZION

Rehearsals at SIR Studios, New York City, NY, USA September 1999 with Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks & Sarah McLachlan. STEREO SBD

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Impact Sound Board Sheryl Crow in 1999, where new excavations are occurring in rapid succession. Introducing a 3-disc set of superb rehearsal albums featuring Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks and Sarah McLachlan.
This work was recorded at “September 1999 SIR Studio”. It is a superb stereo sound board recording that vacuum packed the rehearsal performed there. As a matter of fact, the specific date of this rehearsal is unknown. However, from the content and location, it seems that it is a rehearsal for the New York City performance that is left as the official live album “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK”. Speaking of “Central Park 99 Rehearsal”, the dress rehearsal on the day before the performance (September 13th) has already leaked, but this work is completely different. It’s different from the existing one that fits on two CDs. This work is a super long master of 3 hours 6 minutes 19 seconds (I omitted the completely silent part for ease of hearing, but it is still over 3 hours).
It is certain that the recording time alone is the first appearance master, but the songs rehearsed and the number of takes are completely different. This work is recorded according to Omoto Master without any special editing, but by chance, the guests are different for each of the three discs. Let’s easily organize the composition of this work here.

● DISC 1 [Sarah McLachlan] ・ Sarah McLachlan: The Difficult Kind (4 takes) / Angel (4 takes)
・ Sheryl Crow: White Room (3 takes) / Happy (3 takes)

● DISC 2 [Keith Richards] / Eric Clapton] Keith Richards / Sheryl Crow: Sweet Little Rock n’Roller (2 takes)
Keith Richards: Happy (2 takes) / Tombstone Blues (1 take)
Eric Clapton: The Difficult Kind ( 2 takes) / Little Wing (1 take)

● DISC 3 [Stevie Knicks] Stevie Knicks: Gold Dust Woman (9 takes) / Strong Enough (2 takes)
Stevie Knicks / Sarah McLachlan: The Difficult Kind ( 1 take)

… And it looks like this. If you have an existing dress rehearsal sound source, it is obvious just by comparing the songs. In the previous episode, Keith and Clapton co-starred in 2 takes each, but in this work, Keith has 3 songs and 5 takes, and Clapton has 2 songs and 3 takes. In particular, Clapton is also participating (!) In “The Difficult Kind,” which he did not co-star in the actual performance.
Even more intense is Stevie Nicks. In the existing rehearsal, there was only one take of “Gold Dust Woman”, but in this work there are plenty of 12 takes. It also appeared in “Strong Enough” and “The Difficult Kind” that did not participate in the production. In particular, the latter is a super-precious take of co-starring with Sarah McLachlan.
Since I wanted to emphasize that “it’s different from the existing one”, I ended up talking about the songs, but the sounds are very similar. Those who have experienced the existing dress rehearsal may have been shocked by the transcendent direct sound board, but this work can be said to be the sequel to it. It is a DAT master recorded directly from the mix table at the site, but its quality is completely official. Of course, the mix is ​​rough, and (although most of it is complete) you can hear practicing takes and conversational voices (!) Between guests and Cheryl. The official release is undesired, but the audio-like sound quality is no different from the official work.

Sheryl Crow is currently a hot topic in the continuous excavation of super masterpiece sound boards. Among the astonishing collections, it is a super masterpiece of the rehearsal album that is attracting attention due to its preciousness, guest luxury, and huge volume.
If it is complete as a musical work, the full version of the production stage “LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK 1999 COMPLETE (Zion-174)”, which will be released at the same time this week, will be the winner, but the greatness of this work is not there. The fun of looking into the scene where luxury mens and Cheryl are present and the many performances that you hear for the first time. You can immerse yourself in the ultra-ultra-high-quality sound board for 3 hours as much as you can think of the impact. Quality, quantity, contents … All monster-class permanent storage press 3-disc set. Please take a look and enjoy yourself!

★ The contents are completely different from the existing 2CDs. SBD (Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks fans must listen) for the first time in the full story. The conversation with Keith is the best. This is really amazing.

この作品は「1999年9月SIRスタジオ」で収録されました。そこで行われたリハーサルを真空パックした素晴らしいステレオサウンドボード録音です。実際のところ、このリハーサルの具体的な日付は不明です。ただ、内容や場所からすると、公式ライブアルバム「LIVE FROMCENTRALPARK」として残されているのはニューヨーク市公演のリハーサルのようです。 「セントラルパーク99リハーサル」といえば、公演前日(9月13日)のドレスリハーサルはもう漏れていますが、この作品は全然違います。 2枚のCDに収まる既存のものとは異なります。この作品は3時間6分19秒の超ロングマスターです(聞き取りやすさのために完全無音部分は省略しましたが、まだ3時間以上です)。

●ディスク1 [サラマクラクラン] ・サラ・マクラクラン:ディフィカルト・カインド(4テイク)/エンジェル(4テイク)

●DISC2 [キースリチャーズ] /エリッククラプトン] キース・リチャーズ/シェリル・クロウ:Sweet Little Rock n’Roller(2テイク)

●DISC3 [Stevie Knicks] スティービー・ニックス:ゴールド・ダスト・ウーマン(9テイク)/ストロング・イナフ(2テイク)


音楽作品として完成すれば、今週同時期にリリースされる制作ステージ「LIVE FROM CENTRAL PARK 1999 COMPLETE(Zion-174)」のフルバージョンが勝者となるが、この作品はありません。ラグジュアリーなメンズとシェリルがいるシーンを覗き込む楽しさと、初めて耳にする数々のパフォーマンス。超超高品質のサウンドボードに、思いつく限り3時間没頭できます。品質、数量、内容…すべてのモンスタークラスの永久保管プレス3ディスクセット。ぜひご覧になって楽しんでください!

★内容は既存の2CDとは全然違います。 SBD(キース・リチャーズ、エリック・クラプトン、スティーヴィー・ニックスのファンは必聴)全話で初めて。キースとの会話は最高です。これは本当に素晴らしいです。

Disc 1 (71:39)
1. The Difficult Kind / Angel (with Sara McLachlan)
2. The Difficult Kind (with Sara McLachlan)
3. Studio Chatter (with Sara McLachlan)
4. Angel (with Sara McLachlan)
5. Studio Chatter (with Sara McLachlan)
6. Angel (with Sara McLachlan)
7. Angel (with Sara McLachlan)
8. The Difficult Kind (with Sara McLachlan)
9. The Difficult Kind (with Sara McLachlan)
10. White Room (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
11. Studio Chatter
12. White Room (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
13. White Room (vocals ) : Sheryl Crow)
14. Behind Closed Doors (tease only)
15. Happy (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
16. Happy (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
17. Studio Chatter
18. Happy (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
19. Assorted Jamming
20. Keyboard noodling

Disc 2 (51:03)
1. Studio Chatter (with Keith Richards)
2. Sweet Little Rock n’Roller (with Keith Richards) (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
3. Studio Chatter (with Keith Richards)
4. Sweet Little Rock n’Roller (with Keith Richards) (vocals: Sheryl Crow)
5. Studio Chatter (with Keith Richards)
6. Happy (with Keith Richards)
7. Studio Chatter (with Keith Richards)
8. Happy (with ) Keith Richards
9. Studio Chatter
10. Tombstone Blues (with Keith Richards)
11. The Difficult Kind (with Eric Clapton)
12. Studio Chatter (with Eric Clapton)
13. The Difficult Kind (with Eric Clapton)
14. Studio Chatter ( with Eric Clapton)
15. Little Wing (with Eric Clapton)
16. Studio Chatter (with Eric Clapton)

Disc 3 (63:37)
1. Studio Chatter / Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
2. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie) Nicks)
3. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
4. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
5. Strong Enough (with Stevie Nicks)
6. Strong Enough (with Stevie Nicks)
7. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
8. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
9. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
10. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
11. Gold Dust Woman (with Stevie Nicks)
12. The Difficult Kind (with Stevie Nicks & Sarah McLachlan) )
13. Studio Chatter (with Stevie Nicks & Sarah McLachlan)

Sheryl Crow
–vocals , guitar, bass, keyboards Peter Stroudt –guitar, vocals
Tim Smith
–guitar , bass, vocals Jim Bogious –drums, vocals
Mike Rowe –keyboards
Matt Brubeck –cello
Mary Rowell –violin

Keith Richards –guitar , vocals
Eric Clapton –guitar , vocals
Stevie Nicks –vocals
Sarah McLachlan



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