Sheryl Crow / Christmas Jam 2012 / 1DVDR

Sheryl Crow / Christmas Jam 2012 / 1DVDR / Non label
Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC, USA 15th December 2012 PRO-SHOT

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Sheryl Crow in 2012 who performed at the famous charity festival of the Christmas season. The superb video is the gift release decision.
The charity festival was held on “December 15, 2012 Asheville”. This is a multi-camera pro shot of “CHRISTMAS JAM” sponsored by Warren Haynes, also known as THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND. Speaking of Cheryl at that time, it was in the middle of “100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS” ​​and “FEELS LIKE HOME”, and he traveled all over the United States, if not actively. In order to imagine the situation, let’s first confirm the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

・ January 28-March 10: Promo (5 performances)
・ April 20-June 24: North America # 1 (18 performances)
・ July 20th-November 16th: North America # 2 (25 performances)
・ December 8: Bahamas performance
・ December 15 + 19: North America # 3 (2 performances) ← ★ Here ★

This is Sheryl Crow in 2012. All shows in the US / Canada except for the Bahamas 1 performance in Central America. Only “North America # 1-2” can be called a “tour” that repeats the stage and movement, and the appearance of CHRISTMAS JAM in this work was also a special performance that was realized after that.
This work recorded at such a show is superb. It is natural that it is a world-famous festival broadcast in 2012, but not to mention the image quality and sound quality, the sound mix and lighting are perfect. The spontaneous camera work has a documentary feel that is typical of live broadcasting, but the quality itself is a superb professional shot that can be officially released without any questions.
This work drawn with the beauty of the image is roughly divided into three parts. The main “CHRISTMAS JAM” occupies the first half of this work with a short of about 1 hour, and the second half is a compilation tailored with various TV appearance professional shots. Let’s organize the contents.

[Part 1: Christmas Jam (9 songs) on December 15, 2012] ・ Tuesday Night Music Club: All I Wanna Do / Can’t Cry Anymore
Sheryl Crow: A Change Would Do You Good / If It Makes You Happy (★) / Everyday Is a Winding Road
・ Globe Sessions: My Favorite Mistake
・ Camon Camon: Steve McQueen
・ Other covers: Ca n’t Find My Way Home (★: BLIND FAITH) / Run Run Rudolph (★: Chuck Berry)
* Note: “★” mark is a co-starring song with Warren Haynes.
[Part 2: TV appearance compilation (9 songs)] ・ Tuesday Night Music Club: Run Baby Run / Can’t Cry Anymore
・ Detours: Love Is Free / Out Of Our Heads
Home for Christmas: There Is A Star That Shines Tonight
・ 100 Miles from Memphis: Summer Day / Peaceful Feeling
・ Other covers: Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne) / All Down The Line (THE ROLLING STONES)
[Part 3: Appeared in “LIVE ON LETTERMAN” on July 20, 2010 (9 songs)] Sheryl Crow: A Change Would Do You Good / Everyday Is a Winding Road
・ 100 Miles from Memphis: Our Love Is Fading / 100 Miles From Memphis / Summer Day / Sign Your Name / Long Road Home / Peaceful Feeling / I Want You Back

… And it looks like this. The first part, “CHRISTMAS JAM,” is a so-called concert pro shot, but the second and subsequent parts are diverse. TV programs that appeared from 2008 to 2010 are lined up in units of songs, and there are concert stages and studio live performances within the broadcasting station.
And the third part is the famous program “LIVE ON LETTERMAN” that appeared on the day of the release of “100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS”. Although this is a stage live with an audience, the scene is not a so-called concert hall but the “Ed Sullivan Theater” owned by CBS. It is much larger than a normal in-station studio, the stage is lower than a normal concert, and the audience seats are close. Moreover, the set is a large-scale behavior of the “100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS” ​​number, and if the atmosphere is unique, the performance is special. You can fully enjoy live performances that you can’t get anywhere else with completely official quality.

It is a video work that blows out professional shots for 2 hours and 14 minutes, which makes me think “Is this an official DVD?” A piece that luxuriously colors the long autumn nights that are deepening day by day with beautiful masterpieces and singing voices. Please take this opportunity to thoroughly enjoy it.

そのチャリティ・フェスが行われたのは「2012年12月15日アシュビル」。THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDでも知られるウォーレン・ヘインズが主催する“CHRISTMAS JAM”のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。当時のシェリルと言えば、『100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS』と『FEELS LIKE HOME』の狭間の時期にあり、活発とは言えないまでも全米を巡っていました。その状況をイメージするためにも、まずは当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが2012年のシェリル・クロウ。中米バハマ1公演を除き、すべて米国/カナダでのショウ。ステージと移動を繰り返す「ツアー」と呼べるのは「北米#1-2」くらいであり、本作のCHRISTMAS JAM出演は、その終了後に実現した特別公演でもありました。
その映像美で描かれる本作は、大きく分けて3部構成。メインの“CHRISTMAS JAM”は約1時間のショートで本作の前半を占め、後半はさまざまなTV出演プロショットを集成したコンピレーション仕立てなのです。その内容を整理してみましょう。

・チューズデイ・ナイト・ミュージック・クラブ: All I Wanna Do/Can’t Cry Anymore
・シェリル・クロウ:A Change Would Do You Good/If It Makes You Happy(★)/Everyday Is a Winding Road
・グローブ・セッションズ:My Favorite Mistake
・カモン・カモン:Steve McQueen
・その他カバー:Can’t Find My Way Home(★:BLIND FAITH)/Run Run Rudolph(★:チャック・ベリー)
・チューズデイ・ナイト・ミュージック・クラブ:Run Baby Run/Can’t Cry Anymore
・ディトアーズ:Love Is Free/Out Of Our Heads
・ホーム・フォー・クリスマス:There Is A Star That Shines Tonight
・100マイルズ・フロム・メンフィス:Summer Day/Peaceful Feeling
・その他カバー:Doctor My Eyes(ジャクソン・ブラウン)/All Down The Line(THE ROLLING STONES)
【第三部:2010年7月20日“LIVE ON LETTERMAN”出演(9曲)】
・シェリル・クロウ:A Change Would Do You Good/Everyday Is a Winding Road
・100マイルズ・フロム・メンフィス:Our Love Is Fading/100 Miles From Memphis/Summer Day/Sign Your Name/Long Road Home/Peaceful Feeling/I Want You Back

……と、このようになっています。第一部の“CHRISTMAS JAM”はいわゆるコンサート・プロショットですが、第二部以降は多種多様。2008年から2010年に出演したTV番組が1曲単位で並んでおり、コンサート・ステージもあれば、放送局内でのスタジオ・ライヴもあります。
そして、第三部は『100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS』発売日当日に出演した名物番組“LIVE ON LETTERMAN”。これは観客を入れたステージ・ライヴではあるものの、現場はいわゆるコンサート・ホールではなくCBS所有の“エド・サリヴァン・シアター”。普通の局内スタジオよりは遙かに大きく、通常コンサートよりステージが低く客席も間近。しかも、セットは『100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS』ナンバーの大盤振る舞いで、雰囲気も独特なら演奏も特別。他では味わえないライヴを完全オフィシャル級クオリティでたっぷり楽しめるのです。


01. Intro
02. Steve McQueen
03. All I Wanna Do
04. Can’t Cry Anymore
05. A Change (Will Do You Good)
06. My Favorite Mistake
07. Can’t Find My Way Home (with Warren Haynes, Terrence Higgins & Trombone Shorty)
08. If It Makes You Happy (with Warren Haynes)
09. Everyday Is A Winding Road
10. Run Run Rudolph (with Warren Haynes)

Bonus Tracks: TV Shows 2008-2010

11. Doctor My Eyes (Letterman 5th February 2008)
12. Love is Free (Today Show Feb 2008) 新規付け足し
13. Out of our head (Tonight Show with Jay Reno 2008)
14. There Is A Star That Shines Tonight (Leno 15th December 2008)
15. Run, Baby, Run (Conan 3rd June 2009)
16. Can’t Cry Anymore (Leno 13th November 2009)
17. All Down The Line (Fallon 12th May 2010)
18. Peaceful Feeling (Fallon 22nd July 2010)
19. Summer Day (Letterman 20th July 2010)

Live on Letterman (Ed Sullivan Theater, New York 20th July 2010)

20. Our Love Is Fading
21. A Change Would Do You Good
22. 100 Miles From Memphis
23. Summer Day
24. Sign Your Name
25. Long Road Home
26. Peaceful Feeling
27. Everyday Is A Winding Road
28. I Want You Back


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