Sex Pistols / Halmstad 1977 /1CD+Bonus DVDR

Sex Pistols / Halmstad 1977 /1CD+Bonus DVDR/Wardour

Live At Diskotek Ostra Stranden, Halmstad, Sweden 15Th July 1977 Plus 1 Bonus DVDR ‘Live 1977’

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impact of new Excavation !! The first cassette of legendary LP that has testified the pistols just after joining Sid Vicious. Urgent permanent preservation press CD decision!
The legendary master was “Performance at Halmstad on July 15, 1977”. It is a historical superb audience recording that has been handed down the only Nordic tour of the 70s. This show has been known for recording since the analog era, and LP bootlegs such as “TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (ZAP-7961)” and “SWEDEN SEX PISTOLS (UD-6557)” have been well-received. These titles are made by Kinney. Some of you may remember a blue print jacket. Of course, this work is not the LP cause. This time, the original cassette is newly excavated. It was possible to digitize directly.
The biggest point of this work is that such original sound, but first of all, the position of the show. First of all, let’s look back on the history of 1977, when the “Self-intentioned !!” revolutionized.

・ January 6 + 7: Netherlands (2 performances)
・ March 21: London performance
《Sid Vicious Joined》
・ April 3 + June 7: London (2 performances)
・ July 13-28: Scandinavian (12 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ August 19-September 1: UK # 1 (6 performances) )
“October 28″ Self-warming !! ”
December 5-11 : Netherlands (7 performances)
December 16-25: UK # 2 (8 performances)

This is 1977 Schedule. Pistols with Sid performed two accustomed performances in London. After that, the tour started from Northern Europe. The Halmstad performance of this work is a concert corresponding to the 3rd performance of the “Northern Europe” tour. Speaking of this “Northern Europe” tour, Trondheim performances (July 21) and Stockholm performances (July 28) are now official, but this work is even earlier. It was the fifth performance stage since joining Sid.
As mentioned above, this show is where Kinney LP has collected the envy of collectors all over the world, but this work is its original cassette. Although it has been recorded for about 3 seconds after the performance, it is only a proof of the original. The most important thing is the fresh sound of the ultimate generation. Kinney LP is also great to listen to only the historic masterpiece, but this work goes further. The sharpness of the edges and the vibrant sound are fine, and there is no distortion until the attack of a single drum hit. It is just as fresh as the on-site air flows out of the speakers.
And I am happy because it is the legendary Halmstad. Judging from the remaining photos, the site is a slightly larger studio (like a conference hall in a public hall) rather than a concert hall. A sense of closeness and closeness more than a club appear in the sound, and it is close and furious. That’s the feeling of being “in front of you” as if you were attending a studio rehearsal. Moreover, it is not rehabilitation. Although the recording position has not been communicated, the pistols can be felt at a distance that can be taken away by Johnny Rotten’s mic stand if the hand is reached while receiving the enthusiasm of the crowd packed in the back. Although it is such powerful recording, it will never be an explosion or roar. Although it is no longer close to the sound board or not, it is far more realistic than the sound board …. It’s one piece that brings the miracle recording feel to the ultimate level.
A 70s pistols show that bursts with that sound … This is already the ultimate rock experience. The debut single “Anarchy In The UK” is defeated with B-side song “I Wanna Be Me”, and then the repertory rush of “I want to do it all!” Although it is a typical set at that time, the super-primitive mood of 5 performances explodes rather than the first Scandinavian. A furious rock that can be beaten with awakening words such as “history” and “early impulse” is blown out with super-excellent and close-contact sound.

That being said, I must say “historic”. The 5th stage of the Pistols where Sid joined and exploded. It is a historical press CD that permanently preserves the original cassette of the prestigious Kinney who vacuum packed the site. Please thoroughly enjoy this site, where the rock has been reborn with swells.

伝説の巨匠は「1977年7月15日のハルムスタード公演」でした。 70年代の唯一の北欧ツアーで受け継がれてきた歴史的な素晴らしいオーディエンスレコーディングです。このショーはアナログ時代からレコーディングで知られており、「TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA(ZAP-7961)」や「SWEDEN SEX PISTOLS(UD-6557)」などのLPブートレッグは好評を博しています。これらのタイトルはキニーによって作られています。あなたの何人かはブループリントジャケットを覚えているかもしれません。もちろん、この作業はLPの原因ではありません。今回は、元のカセットが新たに発掘されます。直接デジタル化することができました。

・1月6日+ 7日:オランダ(2公演)
・4月3日+ 6月7日:ロンドン(2公演)
「10月28日」自己温暖化!! 」

これは1977年のスケジュールです。 Sidを持つピストルズは、ロンドンで2つの慣れたパフォーマンスを行いました。その後、ツアーは北ヨーロッパから始まりました。この作品のハルムスタッドパフォーマンスは、「北ヨーロッパ」ツアーの3回目のパフォーマンスに対応するコンサートです。この「北ヨーロッパ」ツアーといえば、トロンハイム公演(7月21日)とストックホルム公演(7月28日)が公式になりましたが、この作品はもっと早いです。 Sidに参加してから5番目のパフォーマンスステージでした。
70年代のピストルは、その音で爆発することを示しています…デビューシングル「Anarchy In The UK」は、Bサイドの曲「I Wanna Be Me」で敗北し、「すべてをやりたい!」というレパートリーラッシュがその時の典型的なセットですが、スーパー-最初のスカンジナビアではなく、5つの公演の原始的な雰囲気が爆発します。 「歴史」や「初期の衝動」などの目覚める言葉で打たれる猛烈な岩は、非常に優れた密着音で吹き飛ばされます。


1. Intro
2. Anarchy In The UK
3. I Wanna Be Me
4. Seventeen
5. New York
6. EMI
7. No Feelings
8. Pretty Vacant
9. Problems
10. God Save The Queen

Johnny Rotten- lead vocals
Steve Jones-guitar, backing vocals
Sid Vicious-bass, backing vocals
Paul Cook-drums



Sex Pistols / Live 1977 /1DVDR /Non Label

Queen Elizabeth River Boat, The River Thames, London, UK 7th June 1977 PRO-SHOT
The Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden 28th July 1977 PRO-SHOT
The Mafcentrum, Maasbree, Netherlands 11th December 1977 PRO-SHOT The


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main press CD is one of the supremely digitized pieces from the original cassette that produced Kinney’s great masterpiece. It is a miracle of the live album that you can enjoy the historical stage with the highest sound just after joining Sid Vicious. We have prepared a collection of videos that you can witness at that time with the highest quality for the weekend bonus.
There are three types of images included in this work: “June 7 London performance” “July 28 Stockholm performance” “December 11 Marsbray performance”. A multi-camera professional shot featuring each show. Let’s introduce each individually.

[London, June 7th, 1977] First appeared on board is a famous live show as an “arrested show”. On the day of the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, he performed a guerrilla live on a boat on the River Thames. It is the document film. As you can see from the schedule of the main story, the first show after Sid joined was “April 3”, and there was no live in the next two months. This onboard gig was the second performance. At that time, it wasn’t just the time when “Katsuya ni Yagare !!” wasn’t released, but it was about 10 days since the release of 2nd single “God Save The Queen”. You can enjoy the mood of that time with images that exceed a hundred words.
Because it is about a 13-minute film reporting the guerrilla live, there are plenty of spectators and members enjoying the cruise on board as well as the pure stage. In fact, this image is exquisite at the time when it comes out. Despite the narrow stage on board, Johnny Rotton rampages and the other members struggle with intense punk rock while moving. The second performance, Sid, is still new. And a police patrol ship approaches the heated moving venue, and it is driven from the ship berthing. The problem “God Save The Queen” does not come out, but you can witness the legendary guerrilla live with plenty of time.

[Stockholm performance on July 28, 1977] The
second video is a superb video where you can enjoy a normal stage concert. This is a multi-camera pro shot on the last day of the “Northern Europe” tour, about two weeks after the main press CD. This is a live version of the video that was recorded on the bonus disc of the remastered album “Kita ni yagarare !!”
Unlike the Halmstad performance on the main edition press CD, this is a normal concert hall, but that is why the realm of that time is transmitted to Vivid. Johnny, who looks like a menacing Nordic man who is amazed by the shocking sound, and Sid, who finally shows a charismatic appearance, are horribly cool. Unlike the official CD, it is 6 songs, about 20 minutes in length, but still enough to know how sharp the pistols were at that time. “No Fun”, which cannot be heard on the main press CD, is also delicious.

[December 11, 1977 Mars Bray performance] The
above two were film images, but the last was a TV broadcast pro shot. This is the last day of the “Netherlands” tour, which was held immediately after the release of “Karashi ni Yagarare !!”. This show has been broadcast on the local TV program “VARA’S WONDERLAND” and has become one of the classics, but its quality is exquisite. Compared to the above film image, the image quality is slightly sweet, but the freshness is excellent and no white line noise or tape twist is seen.
The video shows the 1977 show that has become tighter with more venues and does not lose its sharpness. The professional shot feel is thin because it is a single camera from the back of the stage, but that is why the field point of view is wonderful and the sound is the best on the sound board. Also includes an interview with the gimmick Malcolm McLaren.

Pistols were sensational in every single move and one performance was one case. It is a superb video collection where you can witness all of them in 1977. Along with the historical live album “HALMSTAD 1977”, please enjoy the moment of revolution.


[ロンドン、1977年6月7日] 最初に登場したのは、「逮捕されたショー」として有名なライブショーです。エリザベス女王の治世の25周年の日に、彼はテムズ川のボートでゲリラライブを行いました。それはドキュメントフィルムです。メインストーリーのスケジュールからわかるように、シドが参加した後の最初のショーは「4月3日」で、今後2か月間はライブがありませんでした。このオンボードギグは2番目のパフォーマンスでした。当時は「勝者にやがれ!!」がリリースされたのではなく、2ndシングル「God Save The Queen」がリリースされてから約10日でした。 100語を超える画像でその時の気分を楽しむことができます。
ゲリラのライブを紹介する約13分の映画であるため、船上でのクルーズや純粋なステージを楽しんでいる多くの観客やメンバーがいます。実際、このイメージは、それが出てきた時点で絶妙です。狭いステージにもかかわらず、ジョニー・ロットンは暴れ回り、他のメンバーは移動中に激しいパンクロックに苦しみます。 2番目のパフォーマンスであるSidはまだ新しいものです。そして、警察のパトロール船が加熱された移動場所に近づき、それは船の停泊から駆動されます。 「God Save The Queen」という問題は発生しませんが、伝説のゲリラが十分な時間をかけて生きているのを目撃できます。

[1977年7月28日のストックホルム公演] 2番目のビデオは、通常のステージコンサートを楽しめる素晴らしいビデオです。これは、メインプレスCDの約2週間後の「北ヨーロッパ」ツアーの最終日に行われたマルチカメラプロショットです。これは、リマスターアルバム「北にやがれ!!」のボーナスディスクに収録されたビデオのライブバージョンです。
メインエディションのプレスCDのHalmstadパフォーマンスとは異なり、これは通常のコンサートホールですが、そのため、その時間の領域がVividに送信されます。衝撃的な音に驚かされる恐ろしい北欧人のように見えるジョニーと、最終的にカリスマ的な外観を示すシドは、恐ろしくクールです。公式CDとは異なり、長さは約20分の6曲ですが、当時のピストルがどれだけ鋭いかを知るにはまだ十分です。メインプレスCDで聞くことのできない「No Fun」も美味しいです。

[1977年12月11日火星ブレイ公演] 上記の2つは映画の画像でしたが、最後はテレビ放送のプロショットでした。これは「からにやがれ!!」のリリース直後に開催された「オランダ」ツアーの最終日です。この番組は地元のテレビ番組「VARA’S WONDERLAND」で放送されており、クラシックの1つとなっていますが、その品質は絶妙です。上記のフィルム画像と比較すると、画質はやや甘いですが、鮮度は優れており、白線ノイズやテープのねじれは見られません。

ピストルはあらゆる動きでセンセーショナルであり、1つのパフォーマンスは1つのケースでした。 1977年にすべてを見ることができる素晴らしいビデオコレクションです。歴史的なライブアルバム「HALMSTAD 1977」とともに、革命の瞬間をお楽しみください。

Riverboat Party
Queen Elizabeth River Boat, The River Thames, London, UK 7th June 1977

1. Intro
2. Pretty Vacant
3. Anarchy In The UK
4. Problems

The Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden 28th July 1977
5. Intro
6. Anarchy In The UK
7. I Wanna Be Me
8. Seventeen
9. New York
10. Problems
11. No Fun

The Mafcentrum, Maasbree, Netherlands 11th December 1977

12. EMI
13. Pretty Vacant
14. Anarchy in the UK
15. Interview with Malcolm McLaren

PRO- SHOT COLOR NTSC Approx.46min.


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