Scorpions / Poland 2018 / 1DVDR

Scorpions / Poland 2018 / 1DVDR / Shades

Translated text:
Live at Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland 29th July 2018

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Scorpion which is making the world crazy with “2017-2018 CRAZY WORLD TOUR”. Their latest and superb picture is appearing.
This film was filmed “July 29, 2018 Lodz Performance (Poland)”. It is an audience shot containing that full show. That is a splendid special seats shot, but first of all it is a show position. Let ‘s review the outline of this year’ s activities, in order to know the current situation that will be formed in 53 years.

· March 22 – April 7: Europe # 1 (8 shows)
· April 29 – May 6: Mexico (4 shows)
· June 6 – August 3: Europe # 2 (22 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· August 31 – September 14: North America (7 performances)
· October 27: Lebanon performance
· November 2 – 12: Oceania (6 shows)

This is the tour schedule which has been published so far. SCORPIONS is a super veteran who was formed three years behind Stones, but for the first time the force does not feel that career. Especially popularity in European countries, which was also a symbol of calm ending, is still overwhelming and the stage of this work is also one such Poland. It was a concert that was the 20th performance of “Europe # 2”.
The biggest point of this work which contained such a show is close to being furious! Although it is not the front row to be conceived from the listed fists, it is no doubt that it is the 2nd to 3rd row. That’s the reason why there is plenty of do-up that does not differ much from the camera pit even without zooming. Moreover, the angle is also good. It is slightly to the left of the center of the stage (close to Matthias · Japus), just the fundamental part of the flower road. In other words, Rudolph Schenker, who confronts the big crowd at the tip of the hanamichi, wears the stage immediately after the stage, if the stage is facing to the front and the flower road is facing the back. The back screen is also just like the full view of the scenery, you can enjoy beautiful image production with powerful power. Anyhow the audience shot of the one-camera is likely to be monotonous, but this work boasts a feeling of experiencing a one-pass penetration, it is an image that does not get bored with the corocoro and visibility change.
Of course, it will not be strange if it becomes crowded with enthusiasm when it comes to the forefront, but this work is not so amazing. To the cameras listed at the most, we stared directly at the stage, the front row was only the fingertips of the hands raised. Besides, I was surprised because I kept it all the way throughout the show. It is not possible to use a tripod in the 2nd to 3rd row, but it keeps about 1 hour and 45 minutes on the pear with no hand shake higher than overhead. While one cut is a spectacle of professional shot, we can make a special seating experience that Pro Shot never can taste.
It is depicted with that quality in the world’s most popular entertainment in Eastern Europe. Although the set is a Greatest Hits that closely resembled LOUDPARK 16 two years ago, the details have changed. “Is There Anybody There?” And “Tease Me Please Me” as well as the “BORN TO TOUCH YOUR FEELINGS” ballad, “Follow Your Heart” is also recorded. Especially “Follow Your Heart” will be showcased in midsize acoustic set, the place is the tip of the flower road. The light of the smart head is a beautiful scene like a firefly across the backs of the five people. Of course, the famous songs to the ’70s medley and “CRAZY WORLD” have been raining, and its density is the first time in the world that surpasses the Japanese performance.
Furthermore, you can experience the cover “Overkill” of MOTORHEAD which is also a feature of recent years and the powerful drum solo of Mickey Dee firmly close. On the back of a huge REMY reflected on a deck screen, a large solo hoisted up at a height is also watched from the special seat. One more point is Matthias’ solo time “Delicate Dance”. In this case, quasi-member-like guitar tech: Ingo · poinzer also appeared. In professional shots, it is a ingoing tend to be erased by multiple cameras, but in this work you can witness the figure of him who is wearing everyday.

Miracle arrives back two years ago, plenty of rich gray test hits more than that. Moreover, the site gives great support to the Scorpion Premium seat in Poland … …. Their audience shots are countless, they are unparalleled exceptional marks with image quality and performance. Please, please get drunk with the SCORPIONS famous music group.

“2017-2018 CRAZY WORLD TOUR”で世界を狂わせている蠍団。彼らの最新・極上映像が登場です。


そんなショウを収めた本作最大のポイントは、猛烈に近い! 挙げられる拳から察するに最前列でこそないものの、2-3列目なのは間違いない。それこそ、ズームを一切しなくてもカメラピットと大差ないドアップがたっぷりなのです。しかも、角度も良い。ステージ中央やや左寄り(マティアス・ヤプス寄り)でして、ちょうど花道の根本部分。つまり、正面を向けばステージが、真横を向けば花道が、後ろを向けば花道の先端で大群衆と対峙するルドルフ・シェンカーが直近で拝める。バック・スクリーンもちょうどギリギリ全景が収まる距離で、美しい映像演出をド迫力で堪能できる。とかくワンカメのオーディエンス・ショットは光景が単調になりがちなのですが、本作は一気貫通の体験感を誇りつつ、コロコロと視界が変わって飽きない映像なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、世界でもっとも人気の高い東欧での熱演。セットは2年前のLOUDPARK 16に酷似したグレイテスト・ヒッツではあるものの、細部は変更。「Is There Anybody There?」や「Tease Me Please Me」、さらにバラード・ベスト『BORN TO TOUCH YOUR FEELINGS』でも再録された「Follow Your Heart」も演奏される。特に「Follow Your Heart」は中盤のアコースティック・セットで披露されるのですが、その場所は花道の先端。5人の背中越しにスマホの光がホタルのように美しい光景なのです。もちろん、70年代メドレーや『CRAZY WORLD』までの名曲群が雨あられでして、その密度は日本公演も凌駕する特濃ぶりなのです。
さらに近年の目玉にもなっているMOTORHEADのカバー「Overkill」やミッキー・ディーのド迫力ドラム・ソロもしっかりと間近体験できる。デカいスクリーンに映る巨大なレミーを背負い、高々とつり上げられていく大掛かりなソロも特等席から見つめられる。さらにワンポイントなのがマティアスのソロタイム「Delicate Dance」。ここでは準メンバー的なギターテク:インゴ・ポインツァーも登場。プロショットではマルチカメラで存在を消されがちなインゴですが、本作ではいかにも普段着な彼の姿もしっかりと目撃できます。


1. Intro 2. Going Out With a Bang 3. Make It Real 4. Is There Anybody There?
5. The Zoo 6. Coast to Coast 7. Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy’s Coming / Catch Your Train
8. We Built This House 9. Delicate Dance
10. 10. Follow Your Heart / Eye Of The Storm / Send Me An Angel
11. Wind of Change 12. Tease Me Please Me 13. Overkill 14. Drum Solo
15. Blackout 16. Big City Nights 17. Still Loving You 18. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Klaus Meine – lead vocals Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals Pawel Maciwoda – bass, backing vocals
Mikkey Dee – drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.104min.

Shades 950

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