Rainbow / Nowhere To Hide /1CD

Rainbow / Nowhere To Hide /1CD  /Power Gate

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 26th August 1981

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RAINBOW is “DIFFICULT TO CURE” Japan tour, which went to the August 1981 after it is released, has appeared many unique items from previous. Nippon Budokan performances that among them Tokyo 3 performances eyes to is August 28 became the tour last day in, such as “SURRENDER DOCUMENTS” using a sound board sound source of officials outflow is present, there are quite a fulfilling situation.
But had the “ideal recording” is, Richie guitar sound in the sound board sound source. This ’81 year Tokyo performance is sound output in the Sound that Richie guitar was very good, but of CD4 Disc Press “BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE” (Carl & Storm), it has been clearly feel the goodness of the sound It was.
Budokan first day of the “BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE” August 26 it was unreleased in also, it is that the performance and sound has been enhanced has a reputation. This work “NOWHERE TO HIDE” in its live, mania also admit in the superlative guitar sound, I enjoy slowly and carefully!

And direct use of the recording’s provision of the original cassette master in this work, press CD of the Tokyo premiere conventional sound source was small. In recording from “Over The Rainbow” of opening up, “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the set main last, unfortunately encore part to master but was not included, the main part of the concert in about 78 minutes you can enjoy over firmly.
Although this sound source to learn some sense of distance from the stage, playing such course audience of excitement and venue of the air feeling, recording, such as a comprehensive all the hall is very great. Audience clapping are also (depending on the scene) on the captured, but the tone also band emitted from the stage, it is Katsuaki recorded in certain direct feeling and superlative of lightness.
The Richie guitar sound is there above all to listen meet in this recording. Also it has been given high praise to be the recordings listen to the sound emitted by the Richie in raw close sensation in professional magazine. “Spotlight Kid” DRIVE feeling full of the moment I heard the solo can understand his strong the first time, “Love’s No Friend” thick tone in the second half of thrilling play is no Shoga of a rarity and only representation. If you are the first time the Budokan become the jaws of the performance lively, rhythm section of keyboard and Roger and Rondineri of Don Airey also to listen to from beginning to end stable play.
Anyway, this day will keep an eye from Ritchie. Even in “Love’s No Friend” trouble that occurred after the performance, in which Joe is connect with MC, and let Doyomeka the hall and playing the riff of suddenly “Woman From Tokyo”. Guitar, such as further flowing in the “I Surrender”, unusual solo of “Man On The Silver Mountain”, such as play in the controversial wonderful atmosphere “Catch The Rainbow”, a scene to impress the strong performance of the day You barrage (also, this also showing off stunning singing Joe in the ending of “Catch The Rainbow”, the venue will have to record firmly also a scene, such as those in breath away). Live highlight “Lost In Hollywood” ad-lib solo of Ritchie that fly out in the second half is a compelling partly splendor of sound (but in phrases texture part of using the “A Light In The Black” is entered and the rhythm was lost sight of, it does not miss has become the dubious play).

From dynamic drum solo of Rondineri followed from “Difficult To Cure”, live Exit main in the “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The above-mentioned as encore in receivables, and “Smoke On The Water”, I do not hear, such as this day vocals “Blues” is a feature, you to enjoy the wonderful live of RAINBOW unique Over the 78 minutes!
Is an audience recording highest peak 27 and 28th in conjunction with “BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE”, the document you want to listen to the absolute if RAINBOW fan. If those of non-hearing, please by all means get this work on this occasion!

RAINBOWが「DIFFICULT TO CURE」リリース後の1981年8月に行ったジャパンツアーは、以前から個性的なアイテムが多く登場してきました。中でも東京3公演目にしてツアー最終日となった8月28日の日本武道館公演は、関係者流出のサウンドボード音源を用いた「SURRENDER DOCUMENTS」が存在するなど、かなり充実した状況にあります。
しかしそのサウンドボード音源において”理想的な録音”とはならなかったのが、リッチーのギター・サウンド。この’81年東京公演はリッチーのギターが非常に優れたサウンドで出音されており、プレスCD4枚組の「BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE」(Carl & Storm)でも、そのサウンドの良さをはっきりと感じられました。
その「BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE」では未収録だった8月26日の武道館初日も、演奏やサウンドが充実していた事では定評があります。本作「NOWHERE TO HIDE」ではそのライヴを、マニアも認める最上級のギター・サウンドで、じっくりと楽しめます!

本作では録音者提供のオリジナル・カセット・マスターをダイレクト使用し、従来音源が少なかった東京初演をプレスCD化。オープニングの「Over The Rainbow」からセット本編ラストの「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」までの収録で、マスターには残念ながらアンコール部分は含まれていませんでしたが、コンサートの本編を約78分に渡りしっかりと楽しめます。
本録音で何より聴き応えがあるのはリッチーのギター・サウンド。専門誌上においてもリッチーの発するサウンドを生に近い感覚で聴ける録音であると高い評価を与えられています。ドライヴ感いっぱいの「Spotlight Kid」は、ソロを聴いた瞬間彼の好調ぶりを理解でき、「Love’s No Friend」で太い音色、後半のスリリングなプレイも絶品としか表現のしようがありません。初めての武道館となるジョーのパフォーマンスも溌剌としていて、ドン・エイリーのキーボードやロジャーとロンディネリのリズムセクションも終始安定したプレイを聴かせます。
とにかくこの日はリッチーから目が離せない。「Love’s No Friend」演奏後に発生したトラブルでも、ジョーがMCで繋いでいる中、突如「Woman From Tokyo」のリフを弾いて場内をどよめかせます。さらに「I Surrender」での流れるようなギター、「Man On The Silver Mountain」の一風変わったソロ、素晴らしい雰囲気を醸す「Catch The Rainbow」でのプレイなど、この日の好調さを印象付ける場面が連発します(また、この「Catch The Rainbow」のエンディングではジョーも見事な歌唱を披露し、会場が息を呑んでいるような場面もしっかりと記録しています)。ライヴのハイライト「Lost In Hollywood」後半で飛び出すリッチーのアドリブ・ソロは、音像の素晴らしさもあって迫力満点です(しかし「A Light In The Black」のフレーズを用いたキメの部分では、入りとリズムを見失い、あやふやなプレイになっているのも見逃せません)。

「Difficult To Cure」から続くロンディネリのダイナミックなドラムソロから、ライヴは「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」で本編を終了。前述のとおりアンコールは未収で、「Smoke On The Water」や、この日の特徴であるヴォーカル入り「Blues」などは聴けませんが、78分間に渡りRAINBOWならではの素晴らしいライヴを堪能させます!
27日と28日のオーディエンス録音最高峰である「BLACKMORE TURNER OVERDRIVE」と併せ、RAINBOWファンならば絶対に聴きたいドキュメント。もし未聴の方は、この機会にぜひ本作をゲットしてください!

1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Love’s No Friend 4. I Surrender
5. Lazy/Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Can’t Happen Here
8. Don Airey Solo 9. Lost In Hollywood 10. Blackmore Solo 11. A Light In The Black
12. Difficult To Cure 13. Blackmore Solo 2 14. Rondinelli Solo 15. Long Live Rock’n’Roll

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Power Gate-105

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