Rainbow / Difficult To Deal / 2CD

Rainbow / Difficult To Deal / 2CD /Power Gate

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Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 21st August 1981

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From 1981, “Difficult To Cure” accompanied Joe Lynn Turner first tour from Japan tour, Osaka Festival Hall performance 2nd day, August 21 concert, complete collection with excellent high quality sound! There are two sound sources, “Missing Link” and “Craze!” Which is superior to that of “Missing Link” on this day, but this board is using the master cassette of the recording person used directly in the latter. Compared to the already issued board, it has been recorded in a natural sound quality of the non-equalization that is more deep, and it’s a characteristic that is was quick pitch also accurately recording in its outstanding. Unlike the sound of explosion so far, balanced nature, calm and neat sound image will make many maniacs pleasing. Rainbow’s best document of 81 years reviving with clear and powerful sound quality. Every time in Osaka, it is Richie who performs wonderful performances, but this day as well, it will let you hear the splendid and stunning play with speedy deepness. The first half of the list is Catch The Rainbow, Rich’s melodic long solo listens and is a perfect score. Riff of A Light In The Black also pops out, the heavy guitar solo from Lost In Hollywood to Difficult To Cure You can listen to the best play of Richie. In Kill The King, a powerful guitar crash burst! The great cheers invite excitement. The concert’s perfection degree is also high, each member of the members, including Ritchie, can listen to the best play. The sound quality and the performance content are really wonderful, it is one of the highest quality I want to touch many Richie & Rainbow fans. After the performance, the ending S. E. “Maybe Next Time” that revived the venue is also included. Definitely a very good title representing the 1981 Japan Tour. It is released on limited press CD.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.66 (January 2006 issue). For your information.

In 1981, Joe Lynn Turner joined the vocal and the first Japanese performances on August 21, Osaka performance – Cleared the stage on the second day and was recorded from a master cassette recorded with a well-balanced good audience recording I have pressed it into a CD. The master cassette is the same as the sound source that had been used to “CRAZE!” Of the already issued, is a recording from is not a copy master this, on the Modify a slight was quick pitch, and turned into CD. In case
The stage starts with “Spotlight Kid” from DISC 1 “Land Of Hope An d Glory” “Over The Rainbow”. First day of the tour 18th – Although it is unknown whether the happening in Fukuoka was transmitted or not, the audience will support the play of the band with clapping hands. Ritchie’s guitar solo is also beautifully gathered up, and Joe’s vocals are also stable compared to Fukuoka performances. “I Surrender” brings up a large chorus of audiences as soon as possible. It was RAINBOW with many compact songs, but “Catch The Rainbow” is pleased with the nearly 13 minutes as well as the 70’s.
DISC 2 is playing “Lost In Holleywood” at a stretch from Don’s keyboard solo, but somewhat, it is regrettable that Ritchie’s guitar is off. Still, with the track 3 guitar solo, the phrase of “A Light In The Black” also pops out from the solo that used extensive arming and plays “Difficult To Cure”. And from Bob’s drum solo the last is a wonderful joke with the audience with Joe at “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”. In the encore, Ritchie is firstly “All Night Long” and here Ritchie’s jaw bounces off. In the second encore, Ritchie guitar crash from solo! Ricci himself adorned the second day in Osaka with the best performance. After the show, you can listen to the hot stage enough for the audience to start clapping their encore again.

★ Released in 2005, the masterpiece that used the master cassette of the already-released “CRAZE!” Directly, re-arrives from overseas miracle in 10 sets only!

1981年、「Difficult To Cure」に伴う、ジョー・リン・ターナー参加後の初の日本ツアーより、大阪フェスティバル・ホール公演2日目、8月21日公演を、素晴らしい高音質で完全収録!この日のテイクは「Missing Link」とそれより優秀な「Craze!」と2つの音源が存在していますが、本盤は後者で使用された録音者のマスターカセットをダイレクトに使用しています。既発盤に比べて、より深みのあるノン・イコライズの自然な音質で収録されており、しかも既発では早かったピッチも正確に収録されているのが特徴です。今までの爆裂気味のサウンドと違い、バランスの良い自然で落ち着いた端正な音像は多くのマニアを喜ばせることでしょう。クリアーで迫力のある音質で蘇る81年レインボーの最高のドキュメント。毎度、大阪では素晴らしい演奏をするリッチーですが、この日も随所で深みのあるスピーディでいて落ち着いた見事なプレイを聞かせてくれます。前半の聴き所はCatch The Rainbowで、リッチのーの変幻自在なロングソロは聴き応え満点です。A Light In The Blackのリフも飛び出す、Lost In HollywoodからDifficult To Cureへの重厚なギターソロではリッチーの最良のプレイが聴けます。Kill The Kingでは、大迫力のギタークラッシュも炸裂!大歓声が興奮を誘います。コンサートの完成度も高く、リッチーを始め、メンバ各人もそれぞれが最高のプレイを聴かせてくれます。音質も演奏内容も実に素晴らしく、多くのリッチー&レインボー・ファンに接して頂きたい質の高い1枚です。終演後、会場に響き渡ったエンディングS.E.「Maybe Next Time」も収録。間違いなく1981年日本ツアーを代表する大変優秀なタイトルです。限定のプレスCDにてリリースです。

★beatleg誌 vol.66(2006年1月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

ステージはDISC 1「Land Of Hope An d Glory」「Over The Rainbow」から「Spotlight Kid」でスタートする。ツアーの初日18日-福岡でのハプニングが伝わっていたかは不明であるが、観客がひとつになった手拍子でバンドのプレイをサポートする。リッチーのギター・ソロも綺麗にまとめられているし、ジョーのヴォーカルも福岡公演に比べて安定している。「I Surrender」では早くも観客の大合唱が湧き起こる。コンパクトな曲が多くなったRAINBOWであったが、「Catch The Rainbow」は70年代と同じく13分近い熱演で嬉しい。
DISC 2はドンのキーボード・ソロから一気に「Lost In Holleywood」がプレイされるが若干、リッチーのギターがオフ気味となっているのが惜しい。それでもトラック3ギター・ソロではでアーミングを多用したソロから「A Light In The Black」のフレーズも飛び出し、「Difficult To Cure」をプレイ。そしてボブのドラム・ソロからラストは「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」でのジョーと観客の熱い掛け合いが素晴らしい。アンコールではリッチーはまず「All Night Long」でここではリッチーのジョーの掛け合いが飛び出す。2度目のアンコールではリッチーがソロからギター・クラッシュ!リッチ自ら最高のパフォーマンスで大阪の2日目を飾ってくれた。終演後、観客が再びアンコールの手拍子を始めてしまう程の熱いステージが聴ける。


Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid
4. Love’s No Friend 5. I Surrender 6. Lazy/Man On The Silver Mountain
7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2
1. Don Airey Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Blackmore Solo 1
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Blackmore Solo 2 6. Rondinelli Solo
7. Long Live Rock’n’Roll 8. All Night Long
9. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 10. Long Live Rock’n’Roll(Reprise)
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Power Gate-070

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