Helloween / Keys & Tears / 2CDR+3DVDR

Helloween / Keys & Tears / 2CDR+3DVDR /Shades

Live At Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 3rd November 1988 & Live At Mehrzweckhalle, Tutlinger, Germany 18th March 1987.

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Blockbuster “The Guardian Legend HELLOWEEN” of Kai Hansen era is the recurrence is easy to purchase! This work, Kai I served have had a live from 1986 to 1988 of the withdrawal just before 5 performances worth plenty Buchikon vocal “CDR2 sheets + DVDR3 sheets” five sets of. Moreover, existing professional shot, sound board, once gather the audience of various high-quality master, it’s a huge work that was put together in about five and a half hours. “Kai era HELLOWEEN” a belly full, yea, even in the fullness, one spree approaching in large volumes that are not still pardon. Now let’s introduce each live ….

[Disk 1, 2] This 2-Disc was vacuum-packed in Fururaivu the “Crazy S. collection” of “Nottingham performances November 3, 1988”. “The Guardian Legend – Chapter 2 -” but listen to the era of Fururaivu is inspiring alone, had to record it, it is dying because I of Kano “Crazy S.”. The influence of the day PA, at first I even felt like a distance, but it also becomes more and more clear as the show progresses, we will become Bimoku beauteous “Crazy S. sound”.
Its performance is all is must listen mono, but the set list is also the best. “Happy happy halloween”, “Invitation” from the large chorus of → only flow of the “Eagle Fly Free” even but goose bumps is mono, further “The Guardian Legend – Chapter 1 -” other than “Initiation” is from the “You Always Walk Alone”, and ” – Chapter 2 – songs other than “Twilight of the Gods” is showing off from “, it is ordered by the natural flow of the live. To begin with, but is not “The Guardian Legend” of should be the 2-Disc has been released is divided, it led to one again in the stage, and I are fused. Of course, 10 minutes more than the “Halloween”, “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” also continuous across the “Follow the Sign (Guitar Solo)” performance! Korezo, Korezo, there should be “guardian Den” !!! However originally, lights are usually followed by shadows. There is a lack of tape change in the last of the “Keeper Of The Seven Keys”. While perfectly all set up here, it is the biggest drawback in this recording only …… it and miss the climax of the climax.

[Disc 3] It has become longer. Let’s hurry ahead. Video edited from here. First, disk 3 precious video of very early and Michael Kiske immediately join that Kai had taken the vocals. “Kai song” era “April 20, 1986 Ainhoben (Netherlands) performance,” the things that were taken over 54 minutes. It is also dazzling such valuable sore eyes only say “Kai song” era, but freaked out for, it is its quality. Although there are in the audience shot, in a stable image of the preeminent using a tripod, pat zoom. Tracking noise even image quality is almost like a pro shot, in fact, I would not in the material shooting by venue or band staff. In a slash bleeding power metal to burst, Richie freak bare of Michael Weikath is also pleasing masterpiece video.
The second half is a genuine multi-camera pro shot that contains the “October 20, 1987 Minneapolis concert!” It is located in the famous video, but here also on a great picture quality of ultra-beautiful master that does not compare to the video age, young Michael Kiske sings in sound board voice! Although sing Tsu !!! 36 minutes and short sing !!, “A Little Time,” “Follow the Sign” other than “The Guardian Legend – Chapter 1 -” songs are played, “Halloween” pat at full scale. “Live version of The Guardian Legend – Chapter 1 -” and it is the supreme image not an exaggeration to say.

[Disk 4] Let’s go fast! 4 th disk is full image extends to 80 minutes of the “March 18, 1987 Te~yuttoringen (West Germany) performance.” In photographing by the venue behind the fixed camera, beautifully more than the sense of stability and zoom preeminent, it sounds as if waiting in line recording, rich and spacious Vu~ivurato direct feeling which can be seen until the subtleties of Kiske. This is also the “audience shooting” is hard gem video call. This day is “The Guardian Legend – Chapter 1 -” in part of the tour, “Follow the Sign” other than the songs and “- Chapter 2 -” in the “You Always Walk Alone” is also showcased. And glad to any more, “Kiske song” in the power-up was “Kai song” that the song of the era can be seen in large quantities. In particular, there is no experience available in the official “Judas”, “Cry For Freedom” four songs of “Guardians,” “Ride The Sky” is happy, of joy too Tsu !! “Guardians” “That” Sabimero the loudly and singing Kiske …… Oh, and the other, Tsu anymore! Excuse me. The bonus, are also two recording at the time of the television interview.

[Disc 5] Last 5th is “August 20, 1988 Donington performances.” Yes, it is the pattern of when you appeared in “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988” of the tragedy that was killed two people. This work is genuinely audience-shot (foremost block), which was covered with a genuine sound board audio (radio sound source). It has become a part recording by the song, but the singing voice of Kiske that roar in the sound board is really amazing. To say that to rampage in live, no one is hoarse, have Vaud Cali tion …… completely calm and composed, is what it was outrageous singer purchase.
The tragedy has occurred, How can was GUNS N ‘ROSES after 2 hours of this work, incessantly jump towards the bottle stage from excited the audience at the time of this work, compression the first time and its strange tension You can ask the. And if you want to do it on to them, or because it would have been the first time so much of the big stage is the “This is Donington or!” I thought, singing as if enjoying a huge man of the sea, is engaged in impassioned performance. It is a masterpiece video that will tell the modern by making full use of the best record in existence a pattern of Fes in history.

Or more, at once surging blockbuster is “guardian Den HELLOWEEN” in strong force of 5 hours over. Even if the audience recording / shooting, those of average quality rather than as a single, it is this volume in the carefully-powerful master “only”. By the time you want to enjoy all the huge work that she can round trip between Tokyo and Osaka by bullet train. Now, what it was!

カイ・ハンセン時代の“守護神伝HELLOWEEN”の超大作がお求めやすくなって再発です! 本作は、カイがヴォーカルを務めていた1986年から脱退直前の1988年までのライヴを5公演分たっぷりとぶち込んだ「CDR2枚+DVDR3枚」の5枚組。しかも、現存するプロショット、サウンドボード、オーディエンスの各種ハイクオリティ・マスターを一挙に集め、約5時間半にまとめ上げた巨大作なのです。“カイ時代HELLOWEEN”をお腹いっぱい、いや、満腹になっても、まだまだ容赦しない大ボリュームで迫りまくる1本。それでは、各ライヴをご紹介していきましょう……。

これは「1988年11月3日ノッティンガム公演」のフルライヴを“Crazy S.コレクション”で真空パックした2枚組。「守護神伝-第2章-」時代のフルライヴが聴けるだけでも感激ですが、それを録音したのが、かの“Crazy S.”なのですからたまらない。当日PAの影響か、最初は距離のあるようにも感じられますが、それもショウが進むにつれてどんどんクリアになり、眉目麗しい“Crazy S.サウンド”になっていきます。
そのパフォーマンスは総てが必聴モノなのですが、セットリストがまた最高。「Happy happy halloween」の大合唱から「Invitation」→「Eagle Fly Free」の流れだけでも鳥肌モノですが、さらに「守護神伝-第1章-」からは「Initiation」「You Always Walk Alone」以外、「-第2章-」からは「Twilight of the Gods」以外の全曲が披露され、それがライヴの自然の流れで並べられている。そもそも、2枚組になるはずの「守護神伝」が分割されてリリースされたわけですが、それがステージで再び1つに結びつき、融合しているのです。もちろん、10分超の「Halloween」「Keeper Of The Seven Keys」も、「Follow the Sign(Guitar Solo)」を挟んで連続演奏! これぞ、これぞ、本来あるべき「守護神伝」!!! ただし、好事魔多し。「Keeper Of The Seven Keys」のラストでテープチェンジの欠けがある。ここまで完璧にすべてが揃いながら、絶頂のクライマックスを逃すとは……この録音唯一にして最大の欠点です。

後半は「1987年10月20日ミネアポリス公演」を収めた正真正銘のマルチカメラ・プロショット! 有名映像ではありますが、こちらもビデオ時代とは比較にならない超美麗マスターの画質が素晴らしい上、サウンドボード音声で若きマイケル・キスクが歌う! 歌う!! 歌うっ!!! 36分と短いものの、「A Little Time」「Follow the Sign」以外の「守護神伝-第1章-」全曲が演奏され、「Halloween」もフルスケールでバッチリ。「ライヴ版の守護神伝-第1章-」と言っても過言ではない至高映像です。

どんどん行きましょう! 4枚目のディスクは「1987年3月18日テュットリンゲン(西ドイツ)公演」の80分に及ぶ完全映像。会場後方の固定カメラによる撮影で、バツグン以上の安定感とズームも美しく、サウンドもまつでライン録音かのようで、キスクの豊かでゆったりとしたヴィヴラートも機微まで分かるダイレクト感。これまた「オーディエンス撮影」とは呼びがたい逸品映像です。この日は「守護神伝-第1章-」ツアーの一環で、「Follow the Sign」以外の全曲や「-第2章-」の「You Always Walk Alone」も披露。それ以上に嬉しいのは、“キスク歌”でパワーアップした“カイ歌”時代の曲が大量に見られること。特に、オフィシャルでは体験しようもない「Judas」「Cry For Freedom」「Guardians」「Ride The Sky」の4曲は嬉しい、嬉しすぎるっ!! 「Guardians」の“あの”サビメロを高らかに歌い上げるキスク……あぁ、もう、もうっ! 失礼しました。ボーナスには、当時のテレビ・インタビューも2種収録されています。

最後の5枚目は「1988年8月20日ドニントン公演」。そう、2名の死者を出した悲劇の“MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988”に出演した際の模様です。本作は正真正銘のオーディエンス・ショット(最前ブロック)に、正真正銘のサウンドボード音声(ラジオ音源)を被せたもの。曲によっては部分収録になっていますが、サウンドボードで轟くキスクの歌声は本当に凄い。ライヴで大暴れしているというのに、かすれひとつなく、余裕綽々のヴォーカリゼイション……まったくもって、とんでもないシンガーがいたものです。
悲劇が起きたのは、本作の2時間後のGUNS N’ ROSESだったのですが、本作の時点でエキサイトした観客からボトルがステージに向けてひっきりなしに飛び、その異様なテンションと圧縮ぶりがうかがえます。彼らにしてみれば、これほどの大舞台は初めてだったでしょうから「これがドニントンか!」と思ったのか、膨大な人の海を楽しむかのように歌い、熱演を繰り広げる。歴史に残るフェスの模様を現存する最高の記録を駆使して現代に伝えてくれる傑作映像です。


Live at Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 3rd November 1988

1. Intro/Invitation 2. Eagle Fly Free 3. A Little Time 4. Dr. Stein 5. March Of Time
6. Future World 7. We Got The Right 8. Rise Or Fall 9. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 10. Halloween

Disc 2
1. Guitar Solo 2. Keeper Of The Seven Keys 3. I’m Alive 4. Livin’ Ain’t No Crime
5. I Want Out
6. How Many Tears

Special Thanks: Crazy S.

Michael Kiske – Vocals Michael Weikath – Guitars Kai Hansen – Guitars
Markus Grosskopf – Bass Ingo Schwichtenberg – Drums

Disc 3 : DVD
Live in Aardschokdag, Eindhoven, Netherlands 20th April 1986

1. Intro 2. Starlight – Ride The Sky 3. Murderer 4. Gorgar 5. Victim of Fate
6. Reptile 7. Judas 8. Guardians 9. Heavy Metal (is the Law)/Bass Solo 10. Metal Invaders

Kai Hansen – Guitars & Vocal Michael Weikath – Guitars Markus Grosskopf – Bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg – Drums

Live in Mineapolis, USA 20th October 1987

1. Initiation 2. I’m Alive 3. Future World 4. Twilights Of The Gods 5. A Tale That Wasn’t Right
6. Halloween

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 90min.

Disc 4 : DVD
Live at Mehrzweckhalle, Tuttlingen, Germany 18th March 1987

1. Happy Helloween / Initiation 2. I’m Alive 3. Judas 4. A Little Time
5. Cry For Freedom 6. Victim Of Fate 7. Guardians 8. Future World 9. Twilight Of The Gods
10. You Always Walk Alone 11. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 12. Halloween
13. Ride The Sky 14. How Many Tears Bonus : Interviews

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 80min.

Disc 5 : DVD
Monsters Of Rock Festival
Live at Castle Donington, UK 20th August 1988

1. A Little Time 2. Halloween 3. Dr. Stein 4. Future World 5. I’m Alive

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 33min.

Michael Kiske – Vocals Kai Hansen – Guitar Michael Weikath – Guitar
Markus Grosskopf – Bass Ingo Schwichtenberg – Drums

Shades 433

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