Bob Dylan / Not Dark East / 2CDR

Bob Dylan / Not Dark East / 2CDR / Non Label

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Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 21st March 2010

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One piece of fans indispensable, recorded completely by super high sound quality audience recording that can express the live on March 21st of Tokyo the first day of Tokyo from the tour to Japan “miraculous”!

From the wonderfulness of the performance content, from the 2010 Japan Tour which became a big reputation, the March 21 concert which will be the first day of the club tour realized in Tokyo was completely recorded from the original DAT master with super high sound quality audience recording . First of all, surprisingly, with this sound quality, it is recorded with miraculous sound that feels as the most excellent sound among all the Japanese performance live titles that we have dealt with so far, and the atmosphere of the hot and exciting venue Also reproduce with the best sound image. The musical tones are surprisingly close, vocals as well as each instrument sound is recorded with ultra-clear sound with preeminent sense of separation, and by adding moderate realistic sensation here too, it feels like no more as an audience recording You can enjoy a memorable Tokyo First Show with just the perfect sound image. On this day as well, Dylan and the band’s performances are the best, and it is a live performance that delighted the fans with Do not Think Twice, It’s All Right and Mr. Tambourine Man’s super major number being played. In addition, the performance of ‘Not Dark Yet’, which was the only performance in Tokyo, is also impressive, and the scene which became the highlight of this day is also captured with the highest sound quality. The ideal sound that makes you feel the natural texture perfectly irrespective of excessive equalization and remaster is really wonderful and the musical tones are recorded very closely, so the roaring and hot cheers that are sometimes issued by the audience, Even claps in the songs do not obstruct appreciation at all, they are rather rather complicated in every sense, to the extent that it feels exquisite spice to produce this wonderful live recording board, one of the best It is finished in a name recorded version. It is recorded in the unprecedented sound balance which must be expressed as phenomenal throughout the whole story, and it can definitely be declared that it is not only the Japanese performance, but also the best sound board in Dylan’s world tour sound source of recent years It is finished in the big decision version live board. Is not this quality a shock to fans of the world? Ultimate audience recording by the ultimate performers. This is recommended.

★ It was released in 2010 for only 20 pieces, and from the splendor of its sound quality, the name sound source title that gained popularity is re-released for the first time in nine years.


その演奏内容の素晴らしさから、大評判となった2010年日本ツアーより、東京でも実現したクラブ・ツアーの初日となる3月21日公演を、オリジナルDATマスターより、超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。まず、驚くべきはこの音質で、当店でこれまで扱った全ての日本公演ライブ・タイトルの中でも最も優秀なサウンドと感じるほどの奇跡的なサウンドで収録されており、熱気と興奮溢れる会場の雰囲気をも最良の音像で再現してくれます。楽音が驚くほど近く、ボーカルは勿論、それぞれの楽器音が分離感抜群のウルトラクリアーなサウンドで収録されており、ここに適度な臨場感も加わることで、オーディエンス録音としてはこれ以上ないと感じるほどの、まさにパーフェクトな音像で、記念すべき東京ファースト・ショウを楽しむことができます。この日もディランとバンドの演奏は最高で、しかもDon’t Think Twice, It’s All RightとMr. Tambourine Manという超メジャー・ナンバーが演奏されてファンを歓喜させたライブです。さらに東京では唯一の演奏となった「Not Dark Yet」の演奏がまた感動的で、この日のハイライトとなった場面も最高の音質で捉えています。過剰なイコライズやリマスターとは無縁の、自然な質感を多分に感じさせてくれる理想的なサウンドは本当に素晴らしく、楽音が非常に近く録音されているため、時折観客から発せられるどよめきや熱い歓声、更には曲中の手拍子ですら、それらが鑑賞を遮ることは全くなく、むしろ、この素晴らしいライブ録音盤を演出する絶妙なスパイスに感じられるほどの、あらゆる意味で文句のつけようがない、屈指の名録音版に仕上がっています。全編に渡って、驚異的と表現せざるを得ない空前絶後のサウンド・バランスで収録されており、日本公演のみならず、間違いなく近年のディランのワールド・ツアー音源においての最高音質盤と断言できる大決定版ライブ盤に仕上がっています。世界のファンにとってこのクオリティは衝撃ではないでしょうか。究極のパフォーマー達による究極のオーディエンス録音。これはお薦めです。


Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Watching The River Flow 3. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
4. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 5. Sugar Baby 6. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 7. Shelter From The Storm
8. Summer Days 9. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven 10. Cold Irons Bound 11. Mr. Tambourine Man

Disc 2
1. Highway 61 Revisited 2. Not Dark Yet 3. Thunder On The Mountain 4. Ballad Of A Thin Man
5. Like A Rolling Stone 6. Jolene 7. Band Introduction 8. All Along The Watchtower

Bob Dylan – Vocal, Keyboard, Guitar, Harp  Tony Garnier – Bass
Donnie Herron – Violin, Viola, Banjo, Electric Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel
Stuart Kimball – Rhythm Guitar George Recile – Drums Charlie Sexton – Guitar

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