Kate Bush / Tour Of Life Paris Affair / 1CD

Kate Bush / Tour Of Life Paris Affair / 1CD / Heathcliff

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Theatre Des Champs Elysees Paris, France May 6, 1979. Digitally Remastered

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HEATHCLIFF label of the series third installment to be released as part of a project to the library of a valuable source of Kate Bush as a press board. Than TOUR OF LIFE, May 6, 1979, the most beautiful street in the world, Paris has recorded live, which was held in the theater on the Champs Elysees.

Sound quality is to be construed as having been left in the audience recording of this tour you are most excellent, would be the height of the quality only by listening to the first song “Moving” can understand. Quite in the ’79 tour of Kate that it is not blessed with the sound quality, it is no exaggeration to say this Paris performances and sound quality of the highest peak. The contents in the recording of the first half only unfortunately, but there is a place is shame only to rashly good sound quality, is the title that you want to thank that you listen to live music group with a focus on first album in such a high-quality sound.

Bonus track are two types recording, first two songs of “Wuthering Heights”, “Kashka From Baghdad” from the studio live at the time of May 6, 1979 TV program “ASK ASPEL” appearance, and April 24, 1979 Stockholm performance from “Moving,” “Saxophone Song”, “Feel It”, “Kite”, “James And The Cold Gun” of five songs the sound board recording. Originally which was recorded for a television program, it is not a broadcast in the form that exerts complete in relation to the program, I think valuable as a sound board sound source other than the Hammersmith.

Is involved in quality up to the face of a board design from the jacket, high-quality sound recording the latest Paris performances of HEATHCLIFF label that series of a library of Kate Bush. Bonus track is also enhance Ketteiban of. Thick and clear coating Jacquet, permanent Athletic Press board of course beautiful picture disc specification.

ケイトブッシュの貴重音源をプレス盤としてライブラリー化するプロジェクトの一環としてリリースされるHEATHCLIFFレーベルのシリーズ3作目。TOUR OF LIFE より、1979年5月6日、世界で最も美しい通り、パリはシャンゼリゼ通りにある劇場で行なわれたライヴを収録しています。


ボーナストラックは2種類収録されており、まず1979年5月6日テレビ番組『ASK ASPEL』出演時のスタジオライヴから「Wuthering Heights」「Kashka From Baghdad」の2曲、そして1979年4月24日ストックホルム公演より「Moving」「Saxophone Song」「Feel It」「Kite」「James And The Cold Gun」の5曲をサウンドボード収録。元々はテレビ番組のために収録されたもので、番組の関係で完奏した形での放送ではありませんが、ハマースミス以外のサウンドボード音源として貴重なものだと思います。


01. Moving
02. Saxophone Song
03. Room For the Life
04. Them Heavy People
05. Man With the Child in His Eyes
06. Egypt
07. L’amour Looks Something Like You
08. Violin
09. The Kick Inside
10. In the Warm Room
11. Fullhouse

TV Program “ASK ASPEL” September 5, 1978
12. Wuthering Heights
13. Kashka From Baghdad

Konserthuset – Stockholm, Sweden APRIL 24, 1979
14. Moving
15. Saxophone Song
16. Feel It
17. Kite
18. James And The Cold Gun



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