Kate Bush / Tour Of Life In London Palladium / 2CD

Kate Bush / Tour Of Life In London Palladium / 2CD / Heathcliff

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Live At The London Palladium London UK 16th April 1979 & Rare Live. Digitally Remastered.

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This work, to be released as part of a project to the library of a valuable source of Kate Bush as a press panel, will be the first installment of HEATHCLIFF label.
This work “Tour Of Life In London Palladium 1979” is her has recorded the London Palladium concert April 16, 1979 from one of the few tour sound source. Speaking of the sound source of the 1979 TOUR OF LIFE of Kate Bush, but incomplete without good sound was the most, it is a sound source of the first day of the London Palladium continuous performance is one of the few full inclusion among them. Sound quality is not a course the best and if you look from the modern level, and the era of 1979, compared with the other performances, except for the last day Hammersmith performances, as the complete recording board this London Palladium first day sound source is or would not become the one to represent the tour.
The bonus track, we have to add recorded rare live. From February 9, 1978 live TV show “SCENE 78” during the appearance of Germany “Kite,” “Wuthering Heights”, to show off, “Wuthering Heights” a cappella while March 19, 1978 “SET BOOKS” in short. Other, “Them Heavy People” 5 When 月 21 日 年 1978 “REVOLVER” appeared, live broadcast by Swedish television program 6 月 年 1979 “COUNTDOWN SPECIAL” (Hammersmith Odeon) 5 songs, and in 1979 12 We are recording each “December Will Be Magic Again” from the moon 22 “WINTER SHOWTIME”. Mass also is the TOUR OF LIFE tour that is not blessed with the sound source, but I think you’ll enjoy a high artistic stage of its maturity in this work in the full board.
Permanent Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disk.

本作『Tour Of Life In London Palladium 1979』は、彼女の数少ないツアー音源から1979年4月16日ロンドン・パラディアム公演を収録しています。ケイトブッシュの1979年TOUR OF LIFEの音源といえば、音が良くなく不完全なものがほとんどでしたが、その中でも数少ない完全収録であるロンドン・パラディアム連続公演の初日の音源です。音質は現代のレベルから見ればもちろん最高とは言えませんが、1979年という時代と、他の公演と比べて、最終日ハマースミス公演を除くと、完全収録盤としてはロンドン・パラディアム初日のこの音源がツアーを代表する1枚となるのではないでしょうか。
ボーナストラックでは、レアなライヴを追加収録しています。1978年2月9日ドイツのテレビ番組〝SCENE 78”出演時のライヴから「Kite」「Wuthering Heights」、1978年3月19日〝SET BOOKS”では短いながら「Wuthering Heights」をアカペラで披露。その他、1978年5月21日〝REVOLVER”出演時の「Them Heavy People」、1979年6月スウェーデンのテレビ番組〝COUNTDOWN SPECIAL”で放送されたライヴ (ハマースミス・オデオン) 5曲、そして1979年12月22日〝WINTER SHOWTIME”から「December Will Be Magic Again」をそれぞれ収録。質量とも音源に恵まれないTOUR OF LIFEツアーですが、本作でその完成度の高い芸術的なステージを完全盤で楽しんでいただければと思います。

02.The Saxophone Song
03.Room for the Life
04.Them Heavy People
05.The Man With the Child in His Eyes
07.L’Amour Looks Something Like You
09.The Kick Inside
10.In the Warm Room
12.Strange Phenomena
13.Hammer Horror
14.Kashka from Baghdad
15.Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
17.Coffee Homeground

01.In Search of Peter Pan
02.Gymnopedie No1 / Symphony in Blue
03.Feel It
05.James and the Cold Gun
06.Oh England My Lionheart
07.Wuthering Heigths

Scene 78 Feb. 9, 1978
08. Kite
09. Wuthering Heights

Set Books March 19, 1978
10. Wuthering Heights (acapella excerpt)

Revolver May 21, 1978
11. Them Heavy People

Countdown Special June 1979
12. Them Heavy People
13. Strange Phenomena
14. Hammer Horror
15. James and the Cold Gun
16. Wuthering Heights

Winter Showtime December 22, 1979
17. December Will Be Magic Again


Heathcliff. HC-03/04

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