Guns N’ Roses / Rock In Rio II / 1 DVDR

Guns N’ Roses / Rock In Rio II / 1 DVDR /Non Label

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Rock In Rio II, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 20th January 1991 PRO-SHOT

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“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” the first day of the South American rock festival was also in “RICK IN RIO 2”. The highest quality image is reprinted in the gift-title! I always was a huge event spanning 9 days, 2 times of GUNS N ‘ROSES is the third day had appeared “January 20,” the fifth day “January 23”. If it were contained in this work is a professional shot of the performance, “January 20, 1991”.
This video is broadcast at the time Brazil, large classic that has created a number of its outstanding. This work is among them, version that was also usually released from the former Langley label. If you are using the master brought from Brazil local broadcasting officials,’s the Highest Quality no one more than even to the present. In fact, the beautiful visual beauty is a rarity. Since the its outstanding group of the same as dark screen, I do not say to the “put out by the official,” but, image quality and sound quality is the highest level. If there is dubbing marks, Tepuyore, not even one of the line noise. The memorable “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” the first day I can be plenty of witnesses.
And, attractions that performance is what largest. This is a point in time in the production of new work “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II”, the first show off in front of this live six people organize, including Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed. Here, let’s try to organize a little time series.

– January 1990: “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II” production start
– February 1990: Dizzy Reed join
– June 1990: Steven withdrawal, Matt Sorum join
– 1991 January 20: ROCK IN RIO 2 ← ★ here ★
– May 1991: “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” full-scale start
– August 3, 1991: “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II” completed
And August 31, 1991: North America and Europe leg end, Izzy withdrawal
– 1991 September 17, 2011: “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II” is released

…… And, it looks like this. This work is the premiere of the new lineup, new song “Pretty Tied Up”, “Double Talkin ‘Jive”, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” “You Could Be Mine,” “Dead Horse”, “Estranged” also premiere that will showcase. Soredakeni fighting spirit and sense of tension is is not a odd. While showing off a few steps skillful mat is a sense of stability and scale of magnitude than Steven Adler, relaxing mood is not at all like the second half of the tour. “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” powerful show that afterglow also feel of taste plenty. Professional shot of this week is “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” last day (slash and Duff of the last performance) “BUENOS AIRES 1993 2ND NIGHT: THE FINAL SHOW OF USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” also will be gift-release, the same band, the same South America the is the mood in unbelievably different from the performances.

“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” is “violent young monster” If so, “USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR” is “a huge monster that got the world”. It is one piece to taste the first step of the best ever quality in a professional shot. Accelerator, slash, Izzy, put four of Duff is to hand a more robust foundation, was standing in front of 25 million people “second debut live”. Please, please enjoy freely.

“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”の初日でもあった南米のロックフェス“RICK IN RIO 2”。その最高クオリティ映像がギフト・タイトルで復刻です! 9日間に及ぶ巨大イベントだったわけですが、GUNS N’ ROSESが出演したのは3日目“1月20日”と5日目“1月23日”の2回。本作に収められているのは「1991年1月20日」公演のプロショットです。
この映像は当時ブラジルで放送され、数々の既発を生み出してきた大定番。その中でも本作は、かつてLangleyレーベルから通常リリースもされていたバージョン。ブラジル現地の放送関係者からもたらされたマスターを使用しており、現在に至るも超えるもののないハイエスト・クオリティなのです。実際、その美麗な映像美は絶品。既発群と同じように暗めの画面なため、「オフィシャルで出せる」とまでは言えないのですが、画質・音質は最高レベル。ダビング痕もなければ、テープヨレ、線ノイズの1つもない。記念すべき“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”初日をたっぷりと目撃できるのです。
そして、そのパフォーマンスこそが最大の見どころ。この時点では新作『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』の制作中で、このライヴがマット・ソーラム&ディジー・リードを含む6人編成の初お披露目。ここで、ちょっと時系列を整理してみましょう。

・1990年1月:『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』制作開始
・1991年1月20日:ROCK IN RIO 2 ←★ココ★
・1991年5月:“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”本格スタート
・1991年8月3日:『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』完成
・1991年9月17日:『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』発売

……と、このようになっています。本作は新ラインナップの初演であり、披露される新曲「Pretty Tied Up」「Double Talkin’ Jive」「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」「You Could Be Mine」「Dead Horse」「Estranged」も初演。それだけに気合いと緊張感がハンパではないのです。スティーヴン・アドラーよりも数段巧いマットが安定感とスケールの大きさを見せつけながらも、ツアー後半のようなリラックス・ムードは一切ない。“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”の残照も感じさせるパワフルなショウがたっぷりと味わえる。今週は“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”最終日(スラッシュとダフのラストパフォーマンス)のプロショット『BUENOS AIRES 1993 2ND NIGHT: THE FINAL SHOW OF USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR』もギフト・リリースされますが、同じバンド、同じ南米公演とは思えないほどにムードが違うのです。

“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”が「暴れる若き怪物」だとすれば、“USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR”は「世界を手に入れた巨大な怪物」。その最初の一歩を史上最高クオリティのプロショットで味わう1枚です。アクセル、スラッシュ、イジー、ダフの4人がより強固な土台を手に入れ、25万人の前に立った“第2のデビュー・ライヴ”。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

1. Pretty Tied Up 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Patience 4. The Godfather Theme 5. Double Talkin’ Jive
6. Welcome To The Jungle 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Matt Sorum Drums Solo
9. You Could Be Mine 10. It’s So Easy 11. Slash Guitar Solo 12. Civil War 13. Dead Horse
14. Sweet Child O’ Mine 15. Estranged 16. Paradise City

W. Axl Rose – Vocal Slash – Guitars Izzy Stradlin – Guitars Duff McKagan – Bass
Matt Sorum – Drums Dizzy Reed – Keyboards


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