Queen / One Vision Multitracks / 1CDR

Queen / One Vision Multitracks / 1 CDR /Non Label

One Vision Multi Tracks.

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A multi-track was made in 1985, “One Vision” 14 track (s). You can enjoy all of the parts that make up the music in a fresh multi-track. TRK1 is recorded synth effects that cover the base and it. And later, as it is recorded parts that had been recorded in each track. Basically by two tracks, followed by those of almost the same content, but the sound-texture effects and sound is slightly different. It was published in the mid 80’s, something like Fukkire, exhilarating, great fan to say that I love this Queen flow hard-power pop-rock number, but I think many, touching the essence of its charm it is possible, perhaps the take collection of mania must listen. Raged Brian hobby bare of hard-edged guitar riffs, is coming the moment, the moment that looming on the wall of fierce just the sound of, definitely fan must listen, 必 experience! Parts of sound that make up the classic that is, whether the violent of the pure so far? And, the fans have also be surprised to identity of again Omoto sound. By listening to this panel together to have been recorded in “The Magic Years”, “The Making Of ‘One Vision’ ‘, I think we can be more deeply understood. Just magical vocals of Freddie, which was recorded in the last is a great force. Not allowed be miss listening even for an instant, full of truly valuable track, it is a piece of fan absolute must listen.

1985年に製作された「One Vision」のマルチトラックを14トラック収録。楽曲を構成している全てのパーツを生々しいマルチトラックで楽しむことができます。TRK1はベースとそれに被さるシンセエフェクトを収録。以降は、各トラックに収録されていたパーツをそのまま収録。基本的に2トラックずつ、ほぼ同じ内容のものが続きますが、エフェクトや音の鳴り・質感は微妙に違います。80年代中期に発表された、何かが吹っ切れたような、爽快感溢れるこのクィーン流ハード・パワー・ポップ・ロック・ナンバーが大好きだと言うファンは多いと思いますが、その魅力の真髄に触れることが出来る、マニア必聴のテイク集と言えるでしょう。ブライアンの趣味丸出しのハードエッジなギター・リフが荒れ狂い、凄まじいばかりの音の壁で迫ってくる瞬間・瞬間は、間違いなくファン必聴・必体験!あの名曲を構成する音のパーツは、ここまでピュアでバイオレントなのか?と、ファンは改めて大元の音の正体に驚かれることともいます。本盤を「The Magic Years」に収録されていた「The Making Of ‘One Vision’」と合わせて聴くことで、より深く理解できるのではないでしょうか。ラストに収録されたフレディのまさにマジカルなボーカルパートは凄い迫力です。一瞬たりとも聴き逃すことの許されない、真に貴重なトラックの詰まった、ファン絶対必聴の一枚です。

1. Bass, Effects 2. Intro, Guitar, Drums(Rim) #1 3. Intro, Guitar, Drums(Rim) #2
4. Guitar #1 5. Guitar #2 6. Intro, Keyboard, Drums(Rim), Effects #1
7. Intro, Keyboard, Drums(Rim), Effects #2 8. Drums(Kick) 9. Drums(Room) #1
10. Drums(Room) #2 11. Drums(Snare) #1 12. Drums(Snare) #2 13. Vocal #1 14. Vocal #2

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