Queen / Multitracks Mixes / 2CD

Queen / Multitracks Mixes / 2CD /Wardour

Queen, Multi Tracks Mixes.

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Definitive edition of the multi-track sound source of the Queen is the appearance. In the last year, “Killer Queen” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the like, but had stunned the fan to flow out a similar take, this board is, in recent years, to obtain a multi-track sound source newly outflow in its own route, and mix we record the original sound source collection. Some, there are those that have been floating around for every part in the underground, but the mix has been recorded here, you do not hear if it is not this board. This time, newly leaked Another One Bites The Dust, Play The Game, Somebody To Love, Under Pressure, We Are The Champions, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I Want To Break Free, Keep Yourself Alive, Hammer To Fall, Now I ‘m Here, Tie Your Mother Down, have one by each two to four tracks from all 12 songs of we will Rock you has been recorded. Sound quality in the official and not inferior perfect level, guitar that make up the that classic, bass, drums, and you can enjoy the vocal for each of the separate parts. In each of the final official take, painful part is to listen and got buried in the flood of sound, until each of the delicate part, can take hear clearly and “This is what was playing doing this!”, if the fan, a number of music that has been familiar for decades, now, you can touch with again fresh feel. Initial of Keep Yourself Alive, Now I’m Here from the mid 80’s Hammer To Fall, until I Want To Break Free, in also features of this sound source collection of age is a wide variety, of them a row and naked by listening in the state, you can feel something in the charm of again Queen of eternal universal sound. Constitutes a classic, very wide range of parts and mix, such as the kaleidoscope of sound is truly a rarity. Vocal solo take of Freddie that are included in each song, that none is truly impressive, as “was good to listen to it before you die”, I think some people would listened at the thought of tears of gratitude you. Is (really it’s just a take!) Masterpiece in Under Pressure, I truly Freddie and vocal section of the David Bowie to listen in a naked state entanglement is truly impressive, do not cry fan is not “listen to this seems to wax “, you can enjoy the best of take also said most just this year. Attention in was recorded in the second half of the disc 2 “Now I’m Here”, of the thus 5.1ch audio also contains songs that have not been released, the song has been particularly From the 14 track eyes 2:10 everyone will be stunned to hear the loud (to start from glissando) of the piano riff from!

Honestly, how much to Queen of music deeply familiar, with or have been loved, or would not become to that very different impression – impressions with respect to the present sound source. Is too great content, is honest impression is that you refrain from here to write harping a description for each one song is. This board is not a list of just a simple demonstration, because it is tightly-mixed original take is Zurari recording, the documentary of course, you can also enjoy enough musically. Fan must listen, must-have of the ultra-high-quality multi-track sound source collection is the release determined by the limited press CD. Come the best of Queen title this year, Enjoy!

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.135 (10 May issue 2012). In case you’re wondering.

Once again amazing queen of multi-track sound source was spilled. So far it was also enjoy things like in, such as “Killer Queen” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, this is not new are gathered by each two to four tracks of 12 songs worth, yet “Now I’m Here” 5.1ch sound is included also songs that have not been released, such as, and has a content unbearable to Queen researcher. All have been recorded in outstanding sound quality that does not change in any way with the official, since each can listen to the independent part of the credit Street, which is also ideal for a copy of each instrument. Especially Brian’s guitar, in the regular version will be taken to listen clearly to the phrase, such as difficult to hear buried in a flood of sound. On the other hand, even for people who do not do a musical instrument, for example, listen to the vocal tracks only Freddie vocals are recorded, to would be overwhelmed by the more vivid and powerful, piano track by only piano playing of Freddie instrumental it will be honorably surprised that you are made up as a song as vERSION. “Somebody To Love (Backing Vocal)” is also hear the sound of partially piano, basic is the gospel, would say a great take that which was also independent. To “Under Pressure (Vocal)” is firmly feature also vocal of David Bowie. But also enhances the documentary value that clearly can be sure there is a piano in this song, “Now I’m Here (Vocal, Piano)”. Press platen.

クィーンのマルチトラック音源の決定版が登場です。昨年「Killer Queen」や「Bohemian Rhapsody」等で、同様のテイクが流出しファンを驚愕させてましたが、本盤は、近年、新たに流出したマルチトラック音源を独自のルートで入手、ミックスしたオリジナル音源集を収録しています。一部、アングラでパーツ毎に出回ったものありますが、ここで収録されているミックスは、本盤でなければ聴けません。今回、新たに流出したAnother One Bites The Dust、Play The Game、Somebody To Love、Under Pressure、We Are The Champions、Crazy Little Thing Called Love、I Want To Break Free、Keep Yourself Alive、Hammer To Fall、Now I’m Here、Tie Your Mother Down、We Will Rock Youの全12曲から各2~4トラックずつが収録されています。音質はオフィシャルと遜色ない完璧なレベルで、あの名曲を構成するギター、ベース、ドラム、そしてボーカルをそれぞれの独立したパーツ毎に楽しむことができます。それぞれがファイナルの公式テイクでは、音の洪水に埋もれてしまって聴きとり辛い部分も、それぞれの細やかな部分まで、「ここはこうやって弾いていたのか!」とはっきりと聴き取ることができ、ファンならば、数十年に渡って親しんできた楽曲の数々に、今、改めて新鮮な感触で触れることができます。初期のKeep Yourself Alive, Now I’m Hereから80年代中期のHammer To Fall、I Want To Break Freeまで、年代が多岐に渡っているのも今回の音源集の特徴で、それらをロウ&ネイキッドな状態で聴くことで、改めてクィーンの永遠の普遍的な音の魅力に感じ入ることが出来ます。名曲を構成する、まさに音の万華鏡のような多彩なパーツ&ミックスはまさに絶品です。各曲に収録されているフレディのボーカルソロテイクは、そのどれもが真に感動的であり、「死ぬ前にこれを聴けて良かった」と、感涙の思いで聴き入ってしまう方もいらっしゃるかと思います。(本当にそれだけのテイクです!)圧巻はUnder Pressureで、真にネイキッドな状態で聴けるフレディとデヴィッド・ボウイのボーカル・セクションの絡みは真に感動的で、「これを聴いて泣かないファンはいないだろう」と思われる、まさに今年一番とも言える最高のテイクを楽しむことができます。注目はディスク2後半に収録された「Now I’m Here」で、このように5.1ch音声がリリースされていない曲も含まれており、特に14トラック目に収録された同曲の2:10からラウドに聴こえる(グリッサンドからスタートする)ピアノのリフには誰もが唖然とすることでしょう!


★beatleg誌 vol.135(2012年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

またまた驚くべきクイーンのマルチトラック音源が流出した。これまでも「Killer Queen」や「Bohemian Rhapsody」などで同様のものが味わえたが、今回は新たに12曲分の各2~4トラックずつが集められていて、しかも「Now I’m Here」のような5.1ch音声がリリースされていない曲も含まれており、クイーン研究家には堪らない内容となっている。全てがオフィシャルと何ら変わらない抜群の音質で収録されており、それぞれクレジット通りの独立したパートを聴くことが出来るので、各楽器のコピーにも最適である。特にブライアンのギターは、正規ヴァージョンでは音の洪水で埋もれて聴き取り難いようなフレーズまではっきりと聴き取れることだろう。一方、楽器をやらない人にとっても、例えばフレディのヴォーカルだけが収録されているヴォーカル・トラックを聴くと、より生々しい迫力に圧倒されるだろうし、フレディの弾くピアノだけによるピアノ・トラックはインストルメンタル・ヴァージョンとして立派に曲として成り立っていることに驚かされるだろう。「Somebody To Love (Backing Vocal)」は部分的にピアノの音も聴こえるが、基本はゴスペルであり、これも独立した素晴らしいテイクと言えるだろう。「Under Pressure (Vocal)」にはデヴィッド・ボウイのヴォーカルもしっかりとフィーチャーされている。「Now I’m Here (Vocal, Piano)」でこの曲にピアノが入っていることをはっきりと確認出来ることも資料的な価値を高めている。プレス盤。

Disc 1
1. Another One Bites The Dust (Drums, Extra) 2. Another One Bites The Dust (Guitar, Bass)
3. Another One Bites The Dust (Vocal) 4. Play The Game (Bass, Guitar, Drums)
5. Play The Game (Piano) 6. Play The Game (Vocal, Extra) 7. Somebody To Love (Backing Vocal)
8. Somebody To Love (Drums) 9. Somebody To Love (Piano) 10. Somebody To Love (Vocal)
11. Under Pressure (Guitar, Bass) 12. Under Pressure (Piano, Drums) 13. Under Pressure (Vocal)
14. We Are The Champions (Guitar, Bass) 15. We Are The Champions (Piano)
16. We Are The Champions (Vocal)

Disc 2
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Drums) 2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Guitar, Bass)
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Vocal) 4. I Want To Break Free (Drums)
5. I Want To Break Free (Guitar, Bass) 6. I Want To Break Free (Vocal, Synthesizer)
7. Keep Yourself Alive (Drums, Vocal) 8. Keep Yourself Alive (Guitar, Bass)
9. Hammer To Fall (Drums) 10. Hammer To Fall (Guitar, Bass)
11. Hammer To Fall (Vocal, Keyboards) 12. Now I’m Here (Drums) 13. Now I’m Here (Guitar, Bass)
14. Now I’m Here (Vocal, Piano) 15. Tie Your Mother Down (Drums) 16. Tie Your Mother Down (Vocal)
17. We Will Rock You (Drums) 18. We Will Rock You (Vocal, Guitar)

Wardour 089

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