Bonnie Raitt / For House Lives / 2CDR

Bonnie Raitt / For House Lives / 2CDR /Project Zip

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Soundboard Live At The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA July 30th 1986. SBD

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Precious ’86 sound board live sound of Bonnie Raitt is first appearance! A new album at the time, “Nine Lives,” Coach House sales slump by the July 30 California Saint-Jean-Capistrano than 1986 US tour that became a turning point that will be moved a record label performances start new song from the album in those complete recorded sound board sound source at Buffalo, etc. cover “Four wHAT” of Springfield, it is a great content live regardless of the sales slump at the time. The following work in the album is a live sound source of fan must listen to a record of valuable time of Bonnie Raitt that comeback in the United States number one! !



At The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA July 30th 1986 DISC ONE 01. Ramblin’ Fool/02. Leave Home/03. Crime Of Passion/04. Cry Mercy/05. River Of Tears/06. Love Me Like A Man /07. Angel From Montgomery DISC TWO 01. For What It’s Worth/.2. Somebody Been Sleepin’ In My Bed./03. Face Up/04. All Day All Night/05. My Little Runaway /06. No Way To Treat A Lady/07. Oh Carol/08. Any Old Time

Project Zip. PJZ-331A/B

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