Various Artists / Monsters Of Rock 1986 / 6CD Wx Booklet

Various Artists / Monsters Of Rock 1986 / 6CD Wx Booklet /Langley Deluxe

Translated Text:

Live at Donington Park, England 16th August 1986 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)

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★ Kitai name taper “CRAZY S.” is 1986, the United Kingdom, “Monsters of Rock” of recorded ultra-high sound quality audience master sound source was left behind. 6 band of who appeared on the day, its all, complete recording of fan must-have of the press CD6 Disc over the 354 minutes. Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Def Leppard has been recorded at the longest, highest sound quality that far exceed the already issued LangleyCDR board, motor head, Bad News, is take the Warlock world’s first appearance. Attention of the title of the metal collector coveted around the world, “Donington 1986” 30 anniversary to commemorate the, startle picture disc Press CD6 Disc. Replica with !! of all 32 pages that were miniature reprinted valuable concert pamphlet of the day

Taper · Crazy S. Mr. of the United Kingdom resident, such as “SEVENTH ZONE” and the like of the BLACK SABBATH that have been recently released, cut in the UK Hard Rock Heavy stunning finesse the scenes of the metal in the ’80s the middle, today it has us tell our to. This work, which this time will be released, the maximum one of the best this undoubtedly also for the Crazy S. Mr.! When in 1986 the heavy metal popular was the pinnacle, welcomed Ozzy Osbourne to head liner, 7th than “Monsters Of Rock”, all starring the band and the whole performance was held in the United Kingdom, Donington on August 16, was completely package the song in great record, it appeared the super title of earth-shattering!

This recording is consistently in all of the disk, boasts outstanding clearness and prospects that hiss such as noise class do not mind, we regard a well-balanced in as much as a good sense of distance performance from the stage. Live of WARLOCK in disc 1 the first half of what bass input I somewhat is stronger, and the sound each time the show progresses continue to Yoka, the time leading up to the performance of the disk 3 · DEF LEPPARD, the omission of a sound and profound feeling, combine the air sense of spread, it has become a great play-by-play recording. Picking up voices that speak the outdoor festival Rashiku surrounding taper audience you have any, but it also and within the appropriate range on to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the venue, the sound quality also said the ideal image of the audience recording will be surprised. Overwhelming volume and the spectacle over a total of 6-band about 6 hours, name taper is not an exaggeration to represent the milestone of rock history to leave the modern!

And WARLOCK of Germany, which graced the opening of the festival is to disk 1, you have recorded the performance of the British comedy-rock band BAD NEWS.
Appeared to WARLOCK in response to the announcement of the moderator stage, will be dropped off the curtain of the festival from the “Earthshaker Rock”. WARLOCK at that time are evaluated “HELLBOUND” and “TRUE AS STEEL”, it had been soaring at the scene. Melodious played by powerful seems German vigor finally increasingly attractive in the live, also singing of Dorothee Pesch I feel the energy that goes beyond sex. Reading the live report at the time, stage of this WARLOCK seems to be dry British fans was positive. If you listen to “Love In The Danger Zone” and “Burning The Witches” in it also convinced, this momentum will was to fruition in the next album of the band “TRIUMPH AND AGONY”. Barrage of graced the highlight of the live “True As Steel”, “Hellbound” is a masterpiece of the word!

Then to appear is a comedy band BAD NEWS of unique even in this member. They are originally British comedian in a unit that had been dressed in a TV program, is the presence close to the United States of SPINAL TAP.
They received a producer of Brian May, announced the “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the (was very parodied) cover of QUEEN, had become a hot topic in the UK. In this live is the “tongue-in-cheek spirit” has been a huge explosion, such as listening to MC and (hard to say that never good), such as stunned have played, will hand to listen to in many ways is surprised. It will be allowed to stunned to “Bitch Hell Mother” and “Motorbike”, but such is also fun at the time of the metal scene unique to their stage. It may shock the more towards the serious fan to the metal, which is also a festival of the document that contains the fashion of the time, I think that you enjoy with a laugh (to Crazy S., who this stage was also recorded applause!).

Was housed to the disk 2 is the performance of MOTORHEAD led by heroes Remy who gave birth United Kingdom. This pattern is to have been released in 2006 “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” Deluxe Edition, “Friday Rock Show” sound board sound source that has been broadcast on had been bonus included. However, the present work is with the privileges of high-quality audience recording unique, it portrays realistic texture to the portion that does not enjoy an official source!
The festival, Wazeru and critical stage, which also serves as the unveiling of the first of Fururensu album was produced facing a Phil Campbell “ORGASMATRON” for the band. “Iron Fist” and not only “Killed By Death”, “Ace Of Spades”, such as the new song “Nothing Up My Sleeve” of and “Built For Speed”, also increased sublime to the time played the band let out in the roar sound is.
But it will occur eventful unexpected in the middle of this live. They have been throwing things (perhaps fireworks) from the audience, Remy after playing “Steal Your Face” has outraged. This scene is broadcast from much of the threatening attitude of Remy as much as had been cut, and listen to this kind of happening in the high-quality recording, such as in the present sound source, its vividness will feel more pronounced. Also hand listen here will enjoy a sense of tension, such as “have witnessed the incident.” Also is the official has firmly housed until the encore two songs were unreleased “Bomber”, “Overkill”, has become a happy press CD that it can be said that the decision version of the same day to MOTORHEAD fan sound source.
(It should be noted, Wazeru that had served as a guitar at this stage, but unfortunately the other day passed away, had a big shock to the fans. Devoted past days playing this work was recorded of him, expressed condolences refrain masu.)

In the disk 3, the resurrection drama that remains in heavy metal history of DEF LEPPARD, you can experience in no more positions of great sound is as open-air audience recording of the time.
’84 There and the end of the year to the happened accident since 2 New Year’s Eve of live activities return, had attracted the most attention in a sense this festival was their stage. The band received the enthusiastic reaction of the audience from the opening intro, “Stagefright,” “Rock Rock” In a lot of the audience has raised the voice with Joe Elliott. Play of Rick Allen, who played the feedback along with the special of the drum a combination of machines, such as there was like that tragic events such and are listening only sound source, there is a powerful much impossible to believe. In support it, powerful and “Another Hit And Run”, is such a big hit song “Photograph”, “Rock Of Ages”, will entertain the great atmosphere that narrate the oneness of the band. Is basically a set that has been assembled in the center of the songs from “PYROMANIA”, already a “Love And Affection” from the “HYSTERIA” of the ’87 release “Run Riot” does not miss even listen to has been featured point. Refreshing gorgeous sound that also attracted the general listener of the United States, when compared to the full of rural beauty in the rugged of the previous MOTORHEAD’s shot play, but I draw a sharp contrast in a wonderful degree, to enjoy this kind of combination It would also be fun of the festival. You also found a slightly rough edges in the overall performance was a long time live, impression of the document that contains the their return stage whole is, delight between the 65 minutes that does not even care about such trivial issues masu!

The disk 4 ’84 years of “LOVE AT FIRST STING” release or later, we have enjoyed the live of SCORPIONS that as a global band continues came up the stardom.
Here on the set of the list is almost the same content as the official live work “WORLD WIDE LIVE”, the performance was backed by the stability of the rock-solid, such as more and more hot play staged in the big stage, any fan is in their presence ” truly will be impressed with the SCORPIONS! “. Sound quality even in quality most it can be said that the Perfect, the number of “Coming Home”, “Blackout,” “Bad Boys Running Wild” and intense rock number that is volley in quick succession, they will be knocked out not even SCORPIONS fan! To live middle also to carefully Kikikoma “Make It Real”, catchy “Big City Nights”, there is no best of the ballad “Still Loving You” and that famous piece of music ceased. Set condensed their appeal in the 80s is, will be immersive catapult even set accustomed to listen to.
SCORPIONS is in this after made the European version of the “Monsters of Rock”, he served as the head liner on behalf of the Ozzie. To prove their ability, energetic performance in the excitement of the highlights of the live “Another Piece Of Meat” and “Dynamite” is a high tension. “Can not Get Enough” more than 70 minutes to greet the closing of the finale in live, you vividly To showing off the underlying strength of the SCORPIONS as a global band!

Then, in the disk 5, and 6 of the final stage, you can enjoy the live of OZZY OSBOURNE decorated with large birds of festivals as a headliner of this day. Ozzy playing in this 1986 Monsters of Rock is, once entitled than Langley label as “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986”, the audience and the source of the Crazy S. Mr. recording had been released. Despite its outstanding was also as it is with the quality of enough to press on CD, in fact is show end portion is omitted in order to accommodate the recording to one disc, guitar solo part as well, such as the pitch was slightly early, today It was also seen some of the inadequacies and look back in perspective. Together this time to repair the noise or sound interruption subjected to a full re-master, as Definitivu version that was also overcome these deficiencies, we have achieved the long-awaited press on CD!
Recording is started from the moderator announcement of the opening, you can enjoy the very best show of the whole picture from “Carmina Burana” in the intro. The first half of the sound board unreleased also, metallic “Bark At The Moon”, such as overflowing “Suicide Solution” Heaviness is intense just, all the performance has been recorded in the direct sound that I do not think open-air festival. “Shot In The Dark” and the number of “Thank God For The Bomb,” such as “THE ULTIMATE SIN” is waged in the above sense of weight and sharpness album, featuring a drum solo of Randy Castillo “Secret Loser” is also in a strong force you can enjoy.
According to the Sharon Osbourne of the story, there and decorate the Nishiki to home country in the festival of the head liner, this time Ozzy is so felt a tremendous pressure. But Ozzy is fully open the inborn showmanship, and exhibits particularly excellent performance even during the live of ’86. Bold and timid and not guitar playing is also great for word of Jake · E · Lee. They have become one of the crystal “Killer Of Giants” is a must-listen, style and big stage worthy of the head liner is the best! At the time the illustrations representing the Ozzy in this 1986 Monsters of Rock “giants, such as the beast, connecting a large scorpion and a leopard in the chain, are in tow,” but there was a design that, Ozzy here SCORPIONS also DEF LEPPARD others say take a step back. Even just to listen to the pattern of this live in the sound, the design will remind the while afresh be had obtained the target.
Shaw incandescent closes the curtain on “Paranoid”, in which flows “Goodbye To Romance” of ending BGM, fireworks will be launched to celebrate the festival of the finale. In its outstanding reproduced in high existential sense, such as that seen in the previous though even this 7 minutes was unreleased eyes, everyone is in the sense of realism and vivid You should not be forbidden to surprise!

At the time, the European rock scene is not limited to the United Kingdom and almost all are oriented to “the United States market”, was the state, such as that to each of the home country to the absence. Momentum of the US band also fiercely, veteran of VAN HALEN, not to say, at the time the energy of emerging powers such as METALLICA and MEGADETH was young had while sweeping the scene. ’86 Years of the Monsters of Rock, which was done in such a situation is a kingmaker complete set each of the performers and bands to the home country of the United Kingdom and Germany (influential person of BAD NEWS also “comedy line”!), There was even an impression of just “Allied Command Europe”. Their whole body of performance to listen in this work, the Europeans is to lock the scene of America center, or does not seem to have a show of their obstinacy and pride!
This year as the apex, the ’80s-type heavy metal with the background of European hard rock of the’ 70s is going to gradually momentum is lowered, the scene is visited by changes in the epidemic and the generation change. But the fact that they were successful this festival there in heavy metal popularity of cum, is it confined here to remain alone eternal shine.
The best strongest of the document that was Cascia era heavy metal was Rashika’ most heavy metal, please check in please your ear! Japan domestic metal fan, as well as big-title that will provide a sensational topic in metal fan of Europe and the United States, is released in full limited Press CD6 Disc! In the future, the inevitable super title to be traded at a high price between mania to overseas! !

★稀代の名テーパー「CRAZY S.」が遺した1986年英国「モンスターズ・オブ・ロック」の超高音質オーディエンス・マスター音源を収録。当日出演した6バンド分、その全てを、354分に渡って完全収録したファン必携のプレスCD6枚組。オジー・オズボーン、スコーピオンズ、デフ・レパードは既発LangleyCDR盤を遥かに上回る最長・最高音質で録音されており、モーターヘッド、バッド・ニューズ、ウォーロックのテイクは世界初登場。世界中のメタル・コレクター垂涎の注目のタイトルが、「ドニントン 1986」30周年を記念して、驚愕のピクチャーディスク・プレスCD6枚組。当日の貴重なコンサートパンフをミニチュア復刻した全32ページのレプリカ付!!

イギリス在住のテーパー・Crazy S.氏は、先日リリースされたBLACK SABBATHの「SEVENTH ZONE」等のように、’80年代中盤における英国のハードロック・ヘヴィメタルの名場面を見事な手腕で切り取り、今日の私達に伝えてくれています。今回リリースされる本作は、そのCrazy S.氏にとっても間違いなく最大最高の一本! 時はヘヴィメタル人気が頂点を極めた1986年、オジー・オズボーンをヘッドライナーに迎え、8月16日にイギリス・ドニントンで行われた第7回”Monsters Of Rock”より、全出演バンドと全演奏曲を素晴らしい録音で完全パッケージした、驚天動地のスーパー・タイトルが登場です!

本録音は全てのディスクで一貫して、ヒスなどノイズ類が気にならない抜群のクリアネスと見通しを誇っており、ステージからの演奏もほど良い距離感でバランスよく捉えています。ディスク1前半におけるWARLOCKのライヴこそ低音の入力ややが強めですが、ショウが進行するごとに音は良化していき、ディスク3・DEF LEPPARDの演奏に至る頃には、音の抜けと重厚感・広がりのある空気感を併せ持った、素晴らしい実況録音になっています。野外フェスティバルらしくテーパー周囲の観客が話す声も拾ってはいますが、これも会場の生々しい雰囲気を楽しむ上で適切な範囲内と、オーディエンス録音の理想像とも言える音質には驚かされます。合計6バンド・約6時間にわたる圧倒的なボリュームとスペクタクルは、名テーパーが現代に残すロック・ヒストリーの金字塔と表現しても過言ではありません!

ディスク1にはフェスティバルのオープニングを飾ったドイツのWARLOCKと、イギリスのコメディ・ロックバンドBAD NEWSの演奏を収録しています。
司会者のアナウンスを受けてWARLOCKがステージに現われ、「Earthshaker Rock」からフェスティバルの幕が切って落とされます。当時のWARLOCKは「HELLBOUND」や「TRUE AS STEEL」が評価され、シーンでも急上昇していました。ジャーマン勢らしいパワフルでメロディアスな演奏はライヴでいよいよ魅力を増し、ドロ・ペッシュの歌唱も性別を超えたエナジーを感じさせます。当時のライヴレポートを読むと、このWARLOCKのステージは辛口なイギリスのファンも好意的だったようです。「Love In The Danger Zone」や「Burning The Witches」を聴けばそれも納得で、この勢いがバンドの次作「TRIUMPH AND AGONY」に結実したのでしょう。ライヴのハイライトを飾った「True As Steel」・「Hellbound」の連発は圧巻の一言です!

次いで登場するのは、このメンバー中でも異色のコメディ・バンドBAD NEWSです。彼らはもともとイギリスのコメディアンがTV番組で扮装していたユニットで、アメリカのSPINAL TAPに近い存在です。
彼らはブライアン・メイのプロデュースを受け、QUEENの「Bohemian Rhapsody」の(非常にパロディ化した)カバーを発表し、イギリスでは話題となっていました。このライヴではその「おふざけ精神」が大爆発しており、聞いていてあ然とするようなMCや(決して上手いとは言いがたい)演奏など、色々な意味で聴き手は驚かされるでしょう。「Bitch Hell Mother」や「Motorbike」には呆然とさせられますが、このような彼らのステージも当時のメタル・シーンならではの面白さ。メタルに真剣なファンの方ほどショックかも知れませんが、これも当時の流行を収めたフェスティバルのドキュメントとして、笑いながら楽しんで頂ければと思います(このステージも録音していたCrazy S.氏に拍手!)。

ディスク2へ収められたのは、イギリスが産んだ豪傑・レミー率いるMOTORHEADの演奏です。この模様は2006年にリリースされた「ROCK ‘N’ ROLL」デラックスエディションに、”Friday Rock Show”で放送されたサウンドボード音源がボーナス収録されていました。しかし本作は高音質オーディエンス録音ならではの特権で、公式音源では楽しめない部分までリアルな質感で描き出しています!
バンドにとってこのフェスティバルは、ワーゼルとフィル・キャンベルを迎えて製作した最初のフルレンス・アルバム「ORGASMATRON」のお披露目も兼ねた重要なステージ。「Iron Fist」や「Killed By Death」・「Ace Of Spades」だけでなく、新曲の「Nothing Up My Sleeve」や「Built For Speed」など、バンドが爆音サウンドで繰り出す演奏はいつにも増して壮絶です。
しかしこのライヴの途中では思わぬ波乱が起こります。彼らは観客から物(おそらく花火)を投げつけられており、「Steal Your Face」演奏後にはレミーが激怒しています。この場面はレミーのあまりの剣幕から放送ではカットされていたほどで、このようなハプニングを本音源のような高品位録音で聴くと、その生々しさがより際立って感じます。聴き手もここは「事件に立ち会っている」ような緊張感を味わえるでしょう。また公式では未収録だった「Bomber」・「Overkill」のアンコール2曲までしっかり収められており、MOTORHEADファンには同日音源の決定版と言える嬉しいプレスCDとなっています。

ディスク3では、DEF LEPPARDのヘヴィメタル史に残る復活劇を、当時の野外オーディエンス録音としてはこれ以上ない位の素晴らしいサウンドで体験できます。
’84年末に起きたアクシデント以来2年越しのライヴ活動復帰とあって、ある意味このフェスティバルで最も注目を集めていたのは彼らのステージでした。オープニングイントロからバンドはオーディエンスの熱烈なリアクションを受け、「Stagefright」・「Rock Rock」では多くの観客がジョー・エリオットとともに声を上げています。マシンを併用した特製のドラムとともに帰還を果たしたリック・アレンのプレイは、音源だけで聴いているとあのような痛ましい出来事があったなど、とても信じられないくらい迫力があります。それを裏付けるように、パワフルな「Another Hit And Run」や、大ヒット曲「Photograph」・「Rock Of Ages」などは、バンドの一体感を物語る素晴らしい雰囲気を楽しませます。 基本的には「PYROMANIA」からの曲を中心に組まれたセットですが、’87年リリースの「HYSTERIA」からすでに「Love And Affection」と「Run Riot」が取り上げられているのも聴き逃せないポイント。アメリカの一般的なリスナーをも魅了した清々しく華やかなサウンドは、直前のMOTORHEADが放った無骨で野趣溢れる演奏と比較した時、見事なまでに好対照を描いていますが、こういう組み合わせを楽しめるのもフェスティバルの面白さでしょう。久々のライヴとあって全体的なパフォーマンスにはやや荒削りな部分も認められますが、彼らの復帰ステージを丸ごと収めた感動のドキュメントは、些細な問題など気にもさせない65分間を楽しませてくれます!

ディスク4には’84年の「LOVE AT FIRST STING」リリース以降、世界的なバンドとしてスターダムを駆け上がり続けているSCORPIONSのライヴを収めています。
ここでのセットリストは公式ライヴ作品「WORLD WIDE LIVE」とほぼ同じ内容ですが、磐石の安定感に裏付けられた演奏、大舞台でいよいよ熱く弾けるステージングなど、彼らの存在感にはどんなファンも「さすがはSCORPIONS!」と唸らされるでしょう。音質もほとんどパーフェクトといえるクオリティで、「Coming Home」・「Blackout」・「Bad Boys Running Wild」と立て続けに連発される強烈なロックナンバーの数々は、SCORPIONSファンならずともノックアウトされてしまいます! ライヴ中盤もじっくり聴き込ませる「Make It Real」に、キャッチーな「Big City Nights」、極上のバラード「Still Loving You」と名曲が止む事はありません。’80年代における彼らの魅力を凝縮したセットは、聴き慣れたセットでもついつい惹き込まれてしまいます。
SCORPIONSはこの後行われたヨーロッパ版”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”では、オジーに代わってヘッドライナーを務めました。その実力を証明するように、ライヴのハイライトを盛り上げた「Another Piece Of Meat」や「Dynamite」での演奏はハイテンションでエネルギッシュ。「Can’t Get Enough」で大団円のクロージングを迎えるまで70分を越えるライヴは、世界的バンドとしてのSCORPIONSの底力をまざまざと見せ付けます!

そして大詰めのディスク5・6では、この日のヘッドライナーとしてフェスティバルの大トリを飾ったOZZY OSBOURNEのライヴを楽しめます。この’86年モンスターズ・オブ・ロックにおけるオジーの演奏は、かつてLangleyレーベルより「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986」と題して、Crazy S.氏録音のオーディエンス・ソースがリリースされていました。既発もそのままプレスCD化できるほどのクオリティを持っていたものの、実際にはディスク1枚へ録音を収めるためにショウエンド部分が割愛されており、ギターソロ部分もピッチがやや早かったなど、今日の視点で振り返ると幾らかの不備な点も見られました。今回は全面的なリマスターを施してノイズや音切れを修復すると共に、これら不備も克服したデフィニティヴ・バージョンとして、待望のプレスCD化を実現いたしました!
録音はオープニングでの司会者アナウンスから始まっており、イントロの「Carmina Burana」からショウの全貌を余す所なく楽しめます。サウンドボード未収録の前半部分も、メタリックな「Bark At The Moon」、溢れんばかりのヘヴィネスが強烈な「Suicide Solution」など、演奏は全て野外フェスティバルとは思えないダイレクトサウンドで収録されています。「Shot In The Dark」や「Thank God For The Bomb」といった「THE ULTIMATE SIN」のナンバーはアルバム以上の重量感と切れ味で繰り広げられ、ランディ・カスティロのドラムソロをフィーチャーした「Secret Loser」もド迫力で楽しめます。
シャロン・オズボーンの話によれば、フェスティバルのヘッドライナーで母国に錦を飾るとあって、この時オジーは大変なプレッシャーを感じていたそうです。しかしオジーは持ち前のショウマンシップを全開し、’86年のライヴ中でも特に優れたパフォーマンスを発揮しています。ジェイク・E・リーの大胆で物怖じしないギタープレイも素晴らしいの一言。それらがひとつの結晶となった「Killer Of Giants」は必聴で、ヘッドライナーにふさわしい風格とビッグなステージは最高です! 当時この’86年モンスターズ・オブ・ロックにおけるオジーを表現したイラストに「獣のような巨人が、大きなサソリと豹を鎖に繋ぎ、従えている」というデザインがありましたが、ここでのオジーはSCORPIONSもDEF LEPPARDも一歩譲ると言うもの。本ライヴの模様を音で聴いているだけでも、その図柄は的を得ていた事が今さらながらに思い出されます。
白熱のショウが「Paranoid」で幕を閉じ、エンディングBGMの「Goodbye To Romance」が流れる中、フェスティバルのフィナーレを祝って花火が打ち上げられます。既発では未収録だったこの7分間もまるで目の前で見ているような高い実存感で再現され、その臨場感と生々しさには誰もが驚きを禁じえないはずです!

当時、英国に限らずヨーロッパのロックシーンはほとんど全てが「アメリカ市場」を志向しており、各々の本国を留守にしているような状態でした。米国バンドの勢いも凄まじく、ベテランのVAN HALENは言うに及ばず、当時は若手だったMETALLICAやMEGADETHなど新興勢力のエネルギーはシーンを席巻しつつありました。そんな状況の中で行われた’86年のモンスターズ・オブ・ロックは、出演したバンドのそれぞれがイギリスやドイツを本国とする実力者ぞろい(BAD NEWSも”コメディ路線”の実力者!)で、まさに”ヨーロッパ連合軍”の印象すらありました。本作で聴ける彼ら渾身の演奏は、ヨーロッパ勢がアメリカ中心のロックシーンへ、自分達の意地とプライドを見せつけているようではありませんか!

★「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986」フェスティバル開催30周年目を記念して、30セット・オンリーで特別限定リリース。特製ナンバーステッカー付き。(No.1-30)


Disc 1(67:15)

1. Intro. 2. Earthshaker Rock 3. Shout It Out 4. Vorwarts, All Right 5. All Night
6. Love In The Danger Zone 7. Fight For Rock 8. Burning The Witches 9. True As Steel
10. Hellbound

Dorothee Pesch – Vocal Tommy Bolan – Guitar Niko Arvanitis – Guitar
Tommy Henricksen – Bass Michael Eurich – Drums

11. Intro. 12. Fuck Off And Burn 13. Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell 14. Bitch Hell Mother
15. Motorbike 16. Warriors Of Ghengis Khan 17. Bad News

Vim Fuego (aka Alan Metcalfe) – Vocal, Guitar Den Dennis – Guitar
Colin Grigson – Bass Spider Web – Drums

Disc 2

1. Intro. 2. Iron Fist 3. Stay Clean 4. Nothing Up My Sleeve 5. Metropolis 6. Dr. Rock
7. Killed By Death 8. Ace Of Spades 9. Steal Your Face 10. Bite The Bullet 11. Built For Speed
12. Orgasmatrom 13. No Class 14. Motorhead 15. Bomber 16. Overkill

Lemmy – Bass, Vocal Phil Campbell – Guitar Wurzel – Guitar Pete Gill – Drums

Disc 3

1. Stagefright 2. Rock Rock (Till You Drop) 3. Another Hit And Run 4. Too Late For Love
5. Love And Affection 6. Photograph 7. Phil Collen Guitar Solo 8. Let It Go
9. Run Riot 10. Rock Of Ages 11. Wasted 12. Travellin’ Band

Joe Elliott – Lead Vocal Phil Collen – Guitar Steve Clark – Guitar Rick Savage – Bass
Rick Allen – Drums

Disc 4

1. Intro. 2. Coming Home 3. Blackout 4. Bad Boys Running Wild 5. Loving You Sunday Morning
6. Make It Real 7. Big City Nights 8. Coast To Coast 9. Still Loving You
10. Rock You Like A Hurricane 11. Can’t Live Without You 12. Another Piece Of Meat
13. Dynamite 14. Zoo 15. Can’t Get Enough

Klaus Meine – Vocal Rudolf Schenker – Rhythm Guitars Matthias Jabs – Lead Guitars
Francis Buchholz – Bass Herman Rarebell – Drums


Disc 5 (53:36)
1. Intro. 2. Bark At The Moon 3. Suicide Solution 4. Never Know Why 5. Mr. Crowley
6. Shot In The Dark 7. I Don’t Know 8. Killer Of Giants 9. Guitar Solo
10. Thank God For The Bomb 11. Flying High Again

Disc 6 (35:22)
1. Member Introduction 2. Secret Loser 3. Drums Solo 4. Secret Loser(Reprise)
5. Iron Man 6. Crazy Train 7. Paranoid 8. Goodbye To Romance(Outro.) & Fireworks

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Jake E. Lee – Guitar Phil Soussan – Bass Randy Castillo – Drums
John Sinclair – Keyboards

Special Thanks: Crazy S.

Strictly 30 sets only limited release with 32 page colour programme replica.
Numbered stickered edition.(No.1-30)

Langley Deluxe 013

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