Megadeth / Deths Coming / 2CDR

Megadeth / Deths Coming / 2CDR /Power Gate

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Live At Shibuya – Koaido, Tokyo, Japan 2nd 7 3rd April 1987.

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First visit to Japan live album of the legend is the recurrence become more affordable! Even now, it is the most popular MEGADETH as No.2 next to METALLICA, 1987 they were first visited Japan. Historical name record was that of “PEACE SELLS … WHO’S BUYING?” Era. This work, the monument serving was the first day, second day, “1987 April 2 – 3 days Shibuya Public Hall” that I audience album that contains the performance. First, let’s look at the first visit to Japan of schedule.

1987 April 2: Shibuya Public Hall [this work disk 1] 1987 April 3, 2011: Shibuya Public Hall [this work disk 2] 1987 April 4, 2011: Aichi Welfare Pension Hall
1987 April 6, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall

In this way, the first visit to Japan four performances of Osaka Tomei. This work is not only say that its beginning two shows, you two Disc was complete in the same recording house all performances Tokyo. The the original master, which ceded from recording artist himself Both performances are used to direct, “April 2” on the disk 1, it was placed in a disk 2 as “April 3” by one performance.
Its quality is, at any moment likely speakers began to burn ultra-realistic sound. Of the type of so-called “like the sound board” and was a true reverse, play-by-play board hit the head-to furious frenzy. Site is the Shibuya Public Hall of 2,000 scale, but the hot air that has been compressed to behind closed doors is as if the narrow underground club. The mood is very Japan not think, hot enough to misunderstand that it is the LA recording of 1984 If you listen to without knowing. There MEGADETH …… great for blowing the wild Intellectual thrash metal, such as a flamethrower. I wrote the “intellectual”, although the complex songs to expand and its flop is certainly in the intellectual, can not see pieces of intelligence from the performance the first time. Of course, fool whiff even’s the none, but cool Chira and also not feel like after, spree slammed by a storm of nothing but raging anger to riff. Still not lose sight of the song, Gall Samuelson going to convert a song in the super-speed, Yet certainly MEGADETH are here Suddenly Chris Poland …… to float a jazz feel in the storm, and in later years as if a completely different band. Marty Friedman and Nick Menza, but age is also great, “KILLING IS MY BUSINESS … AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!” “PEACE SELLS … BUT WHO’S BUYING?” Chris was raised to create the, also four in Galle also it was special in the special. It is a live album to feel it intensely.
Set list of pounding in the brutal performance is also intended to sum up the “KILLING”, “PEACE SELLS”. And from the first day is showing off the songs other than “I Is not Superstitious” from “PEACE SELLS”, there half of the “KILLING” is interwoven in. Furthermore, on the second day also added, “Killing is My Business … And Business is Good!” And “Chosen Ones”, all eight songs in the six songs of “KILLING”. Striking the most at the time of the repertoire. After all, Japan in this four people did this one-time-only, where I was fascinated to condense all.

Anyway, it can be real-life experience of the first visit to Japan as harsh in ultra-realistic. You run out to it. “MASTER OF PUPPETS” is that has been released in Japan in May 1986, of METALLICA, and “PEACE SELLS” of MEGADETH in October after four months. In the next November there is a first visit to Japan of the impact of METALLICA, after that about five months, … that MEGADETH came to Japan for the first time. This era feeling, feeling of air. Hit the “also amazing’ll for me MEGADETH” expected that swelled in the rumor as “what kind of guy do it? I Dave Mustaine of the original METALLICA” ……… Tatamikake be historical large masterpiece, direct, it respond in the Roaring slash ,House. Twist one’s arm MEGADETH. METALLICA’s first visit to Japan is also It was amazing, MEGADETH also still amazing. Enthusiasm of the audience more than anything else is testament to it. Extreme Edition blown out from the speaker without leaking largest hot air of such era. hot? burn? Not finished just no way. Please, please be burned until the ash!


伝説の初来日ライヴアルバムがお求めやすくなって再発です! 今もなお、METALLICAに次ぐNo.2として大人気のMEGADETHですが、彼らが初めて日本を訪れたのは1987年。歴史的名盤『PEACE SELLS… WHO’S BUYING?』時代のことでした。本作は、その記念碑たる初日・2日目となった「1987年4月2日・3日渋谷公会堂」公演を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。まずは、初来日の日程から見てみましょう。

・1987年4月2日:渋谷公会堂 【本作ディスク1】
・1987年4月3日:渋谷公会堂 【本作ディスク2】

そのクオリティは、今にもスピーカーが燃え出しそうな超リアル・サウンド。いわゆる「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれるタイプとは真逆でして、猛烈な熱狂に真正面にぶつかる実況盤。現場は2,000人規模の渋谷公会堂なのですが、密室に圧縮された熱気は狭い地下クラブかのよう。そのムードはとても日本とは思えず、知らずに聴けば1984年のLA録音ではないかと勘違いするほどに熱い。そこに火炎放射器のような荒々しいインテレクチュアル・スラッシュメタルを吹き付けるMEGADETH……凄い。「インテレクチュア」と書きましたが、そのコロコロと展開する複雑な曲は確かに知的ではあるものの、演奏ぶりからは知性の欠片も見えない。もちろん、バカっぽさも皆無なのですが、後のクールさなどチラとも感じさせず、ただただ荒れ狂う怒りの嵐をリフにして叩きつけまくる。それでも曲を見失わず、激速で曲を転換させていくガル・サミュエルソン、その嵐の中でふっとジャズ・フィールを浮かばせるクリス・ポーランド……ここにいるのは確かにMEGADETHなのに、後年とはまるで違うバンドかのよう。マーティ・フリードマン&ニック・メンザ時代も素晴らしいですが、『KILLING IS MY BUSINESS…AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!』『PEACE SELLS…BUT WHO’S BUYING?』を創り上げたクリス、ガルの4人もまた特別中の特別だった。それを強烈に実感するライヴアルバムです。
その苛烈な演奏で叩きつけるセットリストも『KILLING』『PEACE SELLS』を総括するもの。初日からして『PEACE SELLS』から「I Ain’t Superstitious」以外の全曲が披露され、そこに『KILLING』の半分が織り交ぜられる。さらに2日目には「Killing is My Business…And Business is Good!」と「Chosen Ones」も追加され、『KILLING』の全8曲中6曲。当時のレパートリーのほとんどを叩きつける。結局、この4人での来日はこの一度きりでしたが、そこですべてを凝縮して魅せたのです。

とにもかくにも、苛烈な初来日を超リアルに実体験できる事。それに尽きます。METALLICAの『MASTER OF PUPPETS』が日本発売されたのが1986年5月、そしてMEGADETHの『PEACE SELLS』は4ヶ月後の10月。その翌11月にはMETALLICAの衝撃の初来日があり、その約5ヶ月後に、MEGADETHが初めて日本にやってきた……。この時代感、空気感。“MEGADETHってのも凄いぞ”・“元METALLICAのデイヴ・ムステインってどんなヤツなんだ?”………畳みかけられる歴史的大傑作と噂で膨らんだ期待を直接ぶつけ、それに爆走スラッシュで応える、いえ。ねじ伏せるMEGADETH。METALLICA初来日も凄かったですが、MEGADETHもやっぱり凄い。なによりも観客の熱狂がそれを物語っている。そんな時代の熱風が最大漏らさずスピーカーから吹き出す過激盤。熱い? 燃える? それどころじゃ済ませません。どうぞ、灰になるまで焼き尽くされてください!

Disc 1
Live at Shibuya-Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 2nd April 1987

1. Opening 2. Wake Up Dead 3. The Conjuring 4. Bad Omen 5. Rattlehead 6. My Last Words
7. Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? 8. These Boots 9. Devil’s Island 10. Mechanix
11. Last Rites/Loved To Deth 12. Good Mourning/Black Friday

Disc 2
Live at Shibuya-Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 3rd April 1987

1. Opening 2. Wake Up Dead 3. The Conjuring 4. Bad Omen 5. Rattlehead
6. Killing is My Business…And Business is Good! 7. Chosen Ones 8. My Last Words
9. Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? 10. These Boots 11. Devil’s Island 12. Mechanix
13. Last Rites/Loved To Deth 14. Good Mourning/Black Friday

Dave Mustaine – Guitars & Vocals David Ellefson – Bass & Vocals Chris Poland – Guitars
Gar Samuelson – Drums

Power Gate – 044

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