Judas Priest / Young God Tokyo 1978 /1 CDR

Judas Priest / Young God Tokyo 1978 /1 CDR /Non Label

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Japan Tour 1978.

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In 1978 the beginning of the year is the appearance in the Tokyo performances sound board recording complete recording version with the highest quality from the past Japan tour. Since Rob is greeted as “Tokyo” in MC, is definitely in Tokyo, July 25 Nakano Sun Plaza, 29 days turf postal savings Hall, or 31 days in Shinjuku one of the employees’ pension Hall, noon parts performance , you will be called, but this time, does not attach judgment only thing not in the main live Tokyo last day (7/31 welfare pension Hall-night parts), is also the mystery of the sound source. There is a somewhat thin sound, but the freshness of the sound is good, has become a must for fans of the sound source definitely. It is the same master and appeared in line recorded a few years ago, but this board is, this time, I record the upper version obtained from the relevant parties. Omoto has become cassette tape is to master, this sound source originally, voice of the portion corresponding to the A side of the tape has somewhat deteriorated, Better By You, which corresponds to the B side, Better Than Me and later recorded with better sound image It has been. Is historically a very important source to value-also, there is no way in the line recording of perfect condition, the fan does not have must listen mistake we must-have -. This version is also a high pitch of the tape one side 30 minutes (from the opening until the Beyond The Realms Of Death) product quality is also there is a sparingly, that part is all corrected in the best of shape. The qualitative not perfect but, as the 1978 Tokyo Live line recording upper version, the future, is the title of no staple of mistake.

1978年初に日本ツアーから東京公演が過去最高のクオリティを持ったサウンドボード録音完全収録版で登場です。ロブがMCで「Tokyo」と挨拶しますので、間違いなく東京公演であり、7月25日中野サンプラザ、29日芝郵便貯金ホール、ないしは31日新宿厚生年金会館・昼の部公演のどれか、ということになりますが、現時点、本編ライブの東京最終日(7/31 厚生年金会館・夜の部)ではないことしか判断がつかない、謎の音源でもあります。やや細め音像ではありますが、音の鮮度は良く、間違いなくファン必携の音源になっています。数年前に登場したライン録音と同じマスターですが、本盤には、今回、関係者から入手したアッパーヴァージョンを収録しています。大元はカセットテープがマスターになっており、この音源は元々、テープのA面にあたる部分の音声がやや劣化しており、B面にあたるBetter By You, Better Than Me以降はより優れた音像で収録されています。歴史的にも価値的にも非常に重要な音源であり、決して完璧なコンディションのライン録音ではありませんが、ファンは必携・必聴間違いありません。今回のヴァージョンも、テープ片面30分のピッチが高く(オープニングからBeyond The Realms Of Deathまで)品音質もやや難がありますが、その部分は全て最良の形に補正済みです。質的にはパーフェクトではありませんが、1978年東京ライブのライン録音アッパー版として、今後、定番化間違いなしのタイトルです。

1. The Great Gate Of Kiev (Mussorgsky) 2. Exciter 3. White Heat, Red Hot 4. The Ripper
5. Sinner 6. Beyond The Realms Of Death 7. Better By You, Better Than Me 8. Victim Of Changes
9. Diamonds And Rust 10. Genocide 11. Starbreaker 12. Tyrant


Rob Halford – Vocals K.K. Downing – Guitars Glenn Tipton – Guitars
Ian Hill – Bass Les Binks – Drums

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