Bruce Springsteen / Down In The Gothenburg / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen / Down In The Gothenburg / 3CD /Social Graces

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Live At Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 22nd June 2003.

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2003, album from “The Rising,” his second European tour that took place after the release, complete recording in clear stereo sound board incredible Swedish Gothenburg performances of June 22. Many who were surprised by the previously released “BORN AGAIN” bonus to its too-clear sound quality even in a sound source that had been recorded about two songs, to answer to now release the request of the past of the tour while also full version, finally the release of the long version of this sound source was realized! Stage of the day “Midsummer Second Night” from Crystal Cat at the time 2003 is released, it had obtained a reputation for high-quality audience recording. But after all the audience recording, this time of stereo sound board recording, boasts an Ultra-clear sound quality enough to be dismissed lightly its release. To be honest, it will boggling that of those who listen to the clearness of the top class among several released by’ve blues recent live up here.
Moreover, this day is set list rich in sharp is also attractive, “Jackson Cage” from the album, which was to be played again live from this tour, “The River” is listen in this ultra-clear sound quality I say I think in dying fan alone. Since also overall blues vocal sound, which also has been captured by the realism of until the vivid sincere vocal which is a rare performance of the day “Racing In The Street” in a quiet music and blues, powerful of these realistic sound also, perhaps the Nase that technique precisely because stereo sound board. And also in the hilarious performance of “Twist And Shout” great good blues attention to the excitement is the last you play as a surprise encore of this day, the height of the tension of the excitement and the band is handed down to realistic.
As it can be seen from this fact, and the excitement of the audience of this day, Bruce best item playing was really nice, captured in Katsuaki in the high performance of the tension over the also the whole volume while long show is amazing sound quality of that responded to it is. It was Ainari and emerging undergone a quality improvement of the incredible reputation for performances from the previous. If you say the truth, I Social Graces label there was a cut in between two songs to be played in ran into to the “She’s The One” from “Badlands” at the stage where you get the sound source. The bottom of the places we have to compensate the former Crystal Cat sound source, but that it was paying close attention at the incredibly natural connection is also of this release. Frankly, I think that it is at a level that was heard in the speaker do not know at all to, in fact becoming finally notice of level editing carefully listening with headphones. After all is a tremendous source of both sound quality and performance is a great day, it was put together and therefore also the aim of the best as an item. The perfect sound source is, from Social Graces label continues to release the astounding sound source, is released in limited 3 Disc Press CD.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.135 (10 May 2011 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Become now learn even nostalgic feel, have been recorded in “The Rising” Gothenburg performance the second day of the great sound quality of stereo-line recording from the tour in 2003. Since the sound source was listen to only a few songs in the bonus of “BORN AGAIN” that have been previously released, but I feel that finally the full version appeared. Once, but this performance is Crystal Cat had been released at that time, “MIDSUMMER SECOND NIGHT” No matter how good the sound quality of the audience recording, no match is still in such a line sound source. Thanks to the goodness of the sound, but the more blues riff of “Jackson Cage”, which is one of the highlights of this day would hear to the scene to remove the sound. However, the performance itself of this day is the playing of the iron-clad is Saewata’ There is only this tour the second year. Speaking Among them, with this tour, but I mean that Max wine sublime play of Berg has been heard, “My Love Will Not Let You Down” and “Badlands” ending with his drumming has been the explosion also with respect to this day. I want to try to re-check all means at this quality the fierce play. And although it about learn to “Rising” songs are still nostalgia, MC and of the blues to be quiet the audience before beginning the “Empty Sky” acoustic in the first half of the show, such as using a sequencer “Worlds Apart” is really nostalgic . The first place Unlike the 2002 leg there is Barcelona DVD in the official, this year only to a small such as a line sound source, will it can be said that the breakthrough release also in that regard. Since the performance of 2003, which also is high quality, should many people were waiting for these sound source. As a matter of course the release of a press of the disk.

2003年、アルバム「ザ・ライジング」リリース後に行われた二度目のヨーロッパ・ツアーから、6月22日のスウェーデン・ヨーテボリ公演を信じられないほどクリアーなステレオ・サウンドボードで完全収録。以前リリースされた「BORN AGAIN」のボーナスに二曲ほど収録されていた音源でもそのあまりにクリアーな音質に驚かれた方も多く、今や過去のツアーながらも完全版のリリースのリクエストにお答えして、遂にこの音源のロング・バージョンのリリースが実現しました!この日のステージは2003年当時にCrystal Catから「Midsummer Second Night」がリリースされ、高音質オーディエンス録音で定評を得ていました。しかし所詮はオーディエンス録音、今回のステレオ・サウンドボード録音は、そのリリースを軽く一蹴してしまうほどのウルトラ・クリアーな音質を誇ります。正直言って、ここまでいくつかリリースされてきたブルース近年のライブの中でもトップ・クラスのクリアネスが聴く者の度肝を抜くことでしょう。
しかもこの日はメリハリに富んだセットリストがまた魅力的で、このツアーからライブで再び演奏されるようになったアルバム『ザ・リバー』からの「Jackson Cage」がこのウルトラ・クリアーな音質で聴けるというだけでもファンにはたまらないのではないでしょうか。また全体的にブルースのボーカルが音なので、これまたこの日のレアな演奏である「Racing In The Street」では静かな演奏とブルースの真摯なボーカルが生々しいまでのリアルさで捉えられており、こういったリアルな音の迫力もまた、ステレオ・サウンドボードだからこそ成せる技といえるでしょう。そしてこの日の素晴らしい盛り上がりに気を良くしたブルースがサプライズ・アンコールとして演奏した最後の「Twist And Shout」の陽気な演奏でも、盛り上がりとバンドのテンションの高さがリアルに伝わってきます。
このことからも解るように、この日の観客の盛り上がりと、それに応えたブルースの演奏が実に素晴らしく、長いショウながらも全編に渡ってテンションの高い演奏が素晴らしい音質で克明に捉えられた最高のアイテムです。以前から定評のある公演が信じられないほどの音質向上を遂げて新たに登場と相成りました。実をいいますと、Social Gracesレーベルが音源を入手した段階で「Badlands」から「She’s The One」へとなだれ込んで演奏される二曲の間でカットがあったのです。そこの個所には先のCrystal Cat音源を補填しているのですが、その信じられないほど自然なつなぎもまた今回のリリースで細心の注意を払った点です。はっきり言って、スピーカーで聴いたレベルではまったく解らないと思いますし、それどころかヘッドフォンで注意深く聴いてようやく気付くレベルの編集となっております。何しろ音質と演奏の両方が素晴らしい一日の驚異的な音源です、それゆえにアイテムとしても最高を目指してまとめあげました。このパーフェクトな音源が、驚異的な音源をリリースし続けるSocial Gracesレーベルより、限定3枚組プレスCDでリリースです。

★beatleg誌 vol.135(2011年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

今となっては懐かしい感じすら覚える、2003年の『ザ・ライジング』ツアーからヨーテボリ公演二日目を素晴らしい音質のステレオ・ライン録音で収録している。この音源は以前リリースされた『BORN AGAIN』のボーナスで数曲だけが聴けたので、遂に完全版が登場したという感じだ。一応、この公演はCrystal Catが当時『MIDSUMMER SECOND NIGHT』をリリースしていたが、いくら良好な音質のオーディエンス録音でも、やはりこのようなライン音源にはかなわない。その音の良さのおかげで、この日の目玉の一つである「Jackson Cage」のリフでブルースが音を外す場面まで聴こえてしまうほどだ。しかし、この日の演奏自体は本ツアー二年目だけあって鉄壁の演奏が冴え渡っている。中でもこのツアーといえば、マックス・ワインバーグの壮絶なプレイが聴かれた訳だが、この日に関しても「My Love Will Not Let You Down」や「Badlands」のエンディングで彼のドラミングが爆発している。その凄まじいプレイをこの音質でぜひ再確認してみてほしい。そして『ライジング』収録曲はやはり懐かしさを覚えるほどだが、ショウの前半でアコースティックな「Empty Sky」を始める前に観客を静かにさせるブルースのMCや、シーケンサーを使った「Worlds Apart」などは本当に懐かしい。そもそもオフィシャルでバルセロナDVDが存在する2002年レグと違い、この年はライン音源などが少ないだけに、その点でも画期的なリリースといえるだろう。2003年の演奏はどれも質が高いので、こういった音源を待っていた人も多いはずだ。当然プレスのディスクでのリリースである。

Disc 1(52:18)
1. Promised Land 2. The Rising 3. Lonesome Day 4. Jackson Cage 5. My Love Will Not Let You Down
6. Atlantic City 7. Empty Sky 8. The River 9. Waiting On A Sunny Day

Disc 2(70:25)
1. Darlington County 2. Growing Up 3. Worlds Apart 4. Badlands 5. She’s The One 6. Mary’s Place
7. Racing In The Street 8. Into The Fire 9. No Surrender

Disc 3(68:42)
1. Thunder Road 2. Hungry Heart 3. Ramrod 4. Born To Run 5. Detroit Medley 6. City Of Ruins
7. Land Of Hope And Dreams 8. Dancing In The Dark 9. Twist And Shout

Bruce Springsteen – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Clarence Clemons – Tenor and Baritone saxophones, Pennywhistle, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Accordion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Nils Lofgren – Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Backing Vocals
Patti Scialfa – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Soozie Tyrell – Violin, Percussion, Backing Vocals Garry Tallent – Bass, Backing Vocals
Max Weinberg – Drums, Backing Vocals


Social Graces.012/013/014

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