Various Artists / Synth Britannia At The BBC / 1 DVDR

Various Artists / Synth Britannia At The BBC / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Live Compilation PRO-SHOT

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Just the other day, synth world by storm in the 80s the first half from the broadcast has been 70s late in the United Kingdom, electronic pop band featuring Techno (techno pop, New Romantic) Live Compilation “SYNTH BRITANNIA AT THE BBC” of recorded one hour of TV programs. Not to pinch the interview between the songs, in the dark content of the density, which is composed only of live video, vivid performance the first time of each band is very fun, listen meet-impressive perfect score. Followed by 73 years of Roxy Music should be called originator of the bands of this hand, everyone is drawn into the exciting live representative tube way Army of New Wave synth rock band led by 1979 Gary Newman you’ll be put away (the music of this hand mini-Moog you can see interesting and strange that are playing in) Sparks is interesting is familiar contrasting appearance and facial expression of mail brother, even though I know, nobody will that would stare. Then, amazing hairstyles, The Human League unbearable performance of Phil Oakey narcissist eyes that do not look good on the face is too intense. Massive polyphonic Moog synth is also a great force. Arp, Emulator, making full use of vintage synths and early type sequencer such as the Prophet 5, along with the synth sounds, such as the plug direct, slapstick To to create a sound image of originality perfect score, and sound, such as the handmade of the band group of this time performance does not have to say and still the best. Which band is also full of impact, such as unforgettable once seen.
Fresh playing the best of OMD and New Order., Indeed of Tenare was attractive in playing Ultoravoccs, still playing idol era of the early Depeche Mode hugely popular in foreign countries (Vince Clarke enrolled at the time), the Vince and Alison Moietto combinations nostalgic Yazoo, innocent and the performance of the previous Tears for Fears that large bucket, which debuted in the Eurythmics featuring long-haired Annie Lennox, name board “Harting”, this time, everyone once the band heard the jostling if Western love was a fan. With plenty of one hour to enjoy ultra-high-quality compilation title is appeared. With the original menu.

つい先日、イギリスで放送された70年代末期から80年代前半期に一世を風靡したシンセ、テクノをフィーチャーしたエレクトロニック・ポップ・バンド(テクノポップ、ニューロマンティック)のライブ・コンピレーション「SYNTH BRITANNIA AT THE BBC」の一時間のテレビ番組を収録。曲間にインタビューを挟まない、ライブ映像のみで構成された密度の濃い内容で、各バンドの生々しい演奏ぶりは非常に楽しく、聴き応え・見応え満点です。この手のバンドの元祖ともいうべきロキシー・ミュージックの73年に続く、1979年ゲイリー・ニューマン率いるニューウェイブ・シンセロック・バンドの代表格チューブウェイ・アーミーの刺激的な生演奏に誰もが引き込まれしまうことでしょう(この手の音楽をミニ・ムーグで演奏しているのが異様で興味深く見れます)スパークスはメイル兄弟のお馴染みの対照的な風貌と表情が面白く、分かっていながらも、誰もが見入ってしまうことでしょう。続いて、凄い髪形の、顔に似合わないナルシスト目線が強烈すぎるフィル・オーキーのパフォーマンスが堪らないヒューマン・リーグ。重厚なポリフォニック・ムーグ・シンセも凄い迫力です。アープ、イミュレーター、プロフェット5といったヴィンテージ・シンセや初期型シーケンサーを駆使し、プラグダイレクトのようなシンセ音と共に、どたばたとオリジナリティ満点の音像をクリエイトする、この時期のバンド群のハンドメイドのようなサウンドとパフォーマンスはやはり最高と言わざるを得ません。どのバンドも一度見たら忘れられないようなインパクトに満ちています。

1. Introduction
2. Roxy Music – Do The Strand(1973)
3. Tubeway Army – Are “Friends” Electric?(1979)
4. Sparks – Beat The Clock(1979)
5. The Human League – The Path Of Least Resistance(1979)
6. O.M.D. – Messages(1980)
7. Ultravox – Vienna(1981)
8. Depeche Mode – New Life(1981)
9. New Order – Temtation(1982)
10. Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (1982)
11. Japan – Ghosts(1982)
12. Yazoo – Don’t Go(1982)
13. Tears For Fears – Mad World(1982)
14. Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger(1983)
15. Heaven 17 – Temptation(1983)
16. Howard Jones – What Is Love?(1984)
17. Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities(1986)

PRO-SHOT NTSC Approx. 60min.

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