Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Philadelphia Special / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Philadelphia Special / 3CD / PA

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LIve at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA 8th December 1980

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Album “The River” tour that took place from 1980 to 81 years Hissage the is that it has won a great popular than when the Darkness tour of 1978, enough to be fully carried out only at the venue of the Arena class It became of the tour. In addition, Bruce himself by showing off the show, which was constructed in a long set list more than before it, his marathon stage became familiar. This tour, especially the Nassau Coliseum three performances at the end of the year with respect to 1980, of further November of Arizona performances, the official “Live 1975-85” to use the take of the full-length version of stereo-line recording of this time in each the item had been released as a standard. However, a strong aspect of revelry including the New Year’s Eve with respect to Nassau, can be only that you try to play a lot of songs, That’s a stage, such as a marathon, excessive life began to change from the contents of the original “River” tour There was in the stage. The direction of the point, Arizona, there was a valuable source capture the truly “River” tour early appearance, is also true that there has been a disadvantage that does not come handed down powerful performance thanks to the rough mix.
On the other hand Speaking of the direction of the audience recorded in, or captured by the good sound quality by the length and venue of the size of the show, or that it is difficult to complete recording of the show, became a taper cry such tour. Also with respect to Philadelphia performances of this release, or in the early stages of the show Bruce is warning that “it because really be a long show,” Thanks, taper off the recorder switch between songs, only tried to tape savings can which it was touching how can ask. Fortunately, between some of the songs that the song is played in quick succession has not been cut (Will taper This also had to record carefully), say a blessing in disguise the point or it would not be.
But surprisingly, is what to say even if splendor of its sound quality. Also say unusual in a tour that has been press ahead with just a large venue, the recording performance is very on a strong force that has been captured by the state, everyone is surprised and “Is this about the recording was sleeping?” It is a guarantee be. In a very clear stereo sound quality in addition to it, it will tell that exhaustive realism of “River” tour beginning. But noteworthy more than that, even if nothing else would splendor of its performance. One step wrong and and momentum leave a surface is likely to stand out Nassau, the difference, such as the Arizona hear the performance sank awfully, while sustained height of tension even, pace freely performance is what was outstanding among the 1980 stage . Especially in intense playing the best would have been dropped this day from the regular seat of the last in the set list, “Jackson Cage”, the same song in Arizona has become like another dimension of performance. On the other hand, “The Price You Pay”, such as polite playing also, one of the great performance that represents the day. In the previous these great performance and sound quality, asserts that such cut between the song is a sound source that is rich enough to be worried about at all. And Darkness tour or different charm full title and is released in the press CD limited.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.135 (10 May 2011 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Among the “The River” tour of the blues, it is extremely low from the era of the analog-to-boot because the item was recorded sound source of the 1980 leg. Speaking of why, on that have been made by using a larger venue than the Darkness tour, Bruce became the 30-year-old to disaster is a long stage, which stretched aware that show the decline than the 20’s, audience recording in that it is great that became difficult to catch a good sound quality and full inclusion. That’s why, this tour is a CD-R label, such as the PIGGHAM when it comes to non-familiar outflow line sound source “WERCK ON THE HIGHWAY” and Doberman “AT THE OPERA HOUSE” it was only has released some of the items barely . In that respect, this item is that the item by the disk of 80 years leg audience recording’s first press, but a breakthrough title. Indeed There is only to be released in the press of the disc, the sound quality is great. Than either listed in the previous CD-R title even better sound quality, sound image that played in stereo was captured big’s about among the best three of this season. Nevertheless biggest reason which has not been released so far, that between tracks has been as much as possible cut. This is obviously recording’s probably because the recorder of the switch on the spot had been aiming to complete recording of the on / off to long show (this is CRYSTAL CAT is not amusing even released if no). CD-R is since the beginning of the trade of the era, poor transfer exists that the cut has been amplified by a copy of the process, for example, the ending of “Jackson Cage” was one of the best performances of the day is cut the worst was also circulated copies, but it’s a relief to version without such was recorded here ( “Out in the Streets” in entering such a cut is a tape change). And this day is the best of the show among the three performances that have been made in the Philadelphia Spectrum in December, received the sad news of the next day John Lennon shot dead, also the third day of the concert show has started with a bitter look but was a great performance, and also this China and Japan is excel in both quality and performance. In particular, such as the rich expressive power of “The Price You Pay,” said a world of difference compared to the Nassau New Year’s Eve. It is a sound source that splendor of the music and the sound quality is worth listening to even turned a blind eye to cut between songs, to what people who only do not know this time in the classic line sound source of the example, I want you to listen to us.

しかし驚くべきは、何といってもその音質の素晴らしさです。大会場ばかりで敢行されたツアーの中では異例ともいえる、演奏が非常にオンな状態で捉えられたド迫力の録音には、誰もが「これほどの録音が眠っていたのか?」と驚かされること請け合いです。それに加えて非常にクリアーなステレオ音質で、『リバー』ツアー当初の臨場感を余すこと伝えてくれます。しかしそれ以上に特筆すべきは、何といってもその演奏の素晴らしさでしょう。一歩間違えると勢い任せな面が目立ちそうなナッソーや、やけに沈んだ演奏に聴こえるアリゾナなどと違い、テンションの高さが持続されつつも、緩急自在な演奏は1980年のステージの中でもずば抜けたものです。特にこの日を最後にセットリストのレギュラーの座から落とされてしまう「Jackson Cage」の激しい演奏は最高で、アリゾナでの同曲とはまるで別次元の演奏となっています。その一方で「The Price You Pay」の丁寧な演奏などもまた、この日を代表する素晴らしい演奏の一つ。これらの素晴らしい演奏と音質の前では、曲間のカットなどがまったく気になるほど充実した音源であると断言します。そしてダークネス・ツアーとはまた違った魅力満載のタイトルが限定のプレスCDでリリースです。

★beatleg誌 vol.135(2011年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

ブルースの『ザ・リバー』ツアーの内、1980年レグの音源を収録したアイテムというのはアナログ・ブートの時代から極端に少ない。何故かといえば、ダークネス・ツアーよりも大きな会場を使って行われた上に、30歳になったブルースが20代よりも衰えを見せること意識して引き伸ばされた長いステージが災いして、オーディエンス録音で良い音質や完全収録で捉える事が難しくなったことが大きい。だからこそ、このツアーはおなじみの流出ライン音源以外となるとPIGGHAMの『WERCK ON THE HIGHWAY』やドーベルマンの『AT THE OPERA HOUSE』のようなCD-Rレーベルがかろうじていくつかのアイテムをリリースしていただけだった。その点、今回のアイテムは80年レグのオーディエンス録音初のプレスのディスクによるアイテムという、画期的なタイトルだ。さすがにプレスのディスクでリリースされるだけあって、その音質は素晴らしい。先に挙げたCD-Rタイトルのどちらよりも音質が良く、ステレオで演奏が大きく捉えられた音像はこの時期のベスト3に入るほどだ。それにもかかわらずこれまでリリースされなかった最大の理由は、曲間が極力カットされていたということ。これは明らかに録音者がその場でレコーダーのスイッチをon/offして長いショウの完全収録を目指していたからだろう(これがなければCRYSTAL CATがリリースしてもおかしくない)。CD-Rトレードの時代に入ってからは、そのカットがコピーの過程で増幅された粗悪トランスファーが存在し、例えばこの日の最高の演奏の一つであった「Jackson Cage」のエンディングがカットされた最悪のコピーも出回っていたが、ここに収録されたバージョンはそのようなことがなくて一安心(「Out In The Streets」で入るようなカットはテープ・チェンジである)だ。そしてこの日は12月のフィラデルフィア・スペクトラムで行われた三公演の中でもベストのショウであり、翌日のジョン・レノン射殺の悲報を受け、悲痛な面持ちでショウがスタートした三日目の公演も名演だったが、やはり音質と演奏の両方でこの中日が抜きんでている。特に「The Price You Pay」の豊かな表現力などは、大晦日のナッソーと比べて雲泥の差だ。その演奏や音質の素晴らしさが曲間のカットに目をつぶっても聴く価値のある音源であり、例の定番ライン音源でしかこの時期を知らない人にこそ、是非聴いてほしい。

Disc 1
1. Born To Run 2. ProveIt All Night 3. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 4. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
5. Factory 6. Independence Day 7. Jackson Cage 8. Two Hearts 9. The Promised Land
10. Out In The Street 11. The Price You Pay 12. The River 13. Badlands 14. Thunder Road

Disc 2
1. Cadillac Ranch 2. Sherry Darling 3. Hungry Heart 4. Fire 5. Because The Night
6. Here She Comes Walkin’/I Wanna Marry You 7. Growin’Up 8. For You 9. Stolen Car
10. Wreck On The Highway 11. Point Blank 12. The Ties That Bind

Disc 3
1. Ramrod 2. Crush On You 3. Backstreets 4. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
5. Santa Claus Is Comin’To Town 6. Jungleland 7. I’m A Rocker 8. Detroit Medley

Bruce Springsteen – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano
Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Piano, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals
Garry Tallent – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals Max Weinberg – Drums

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