Grand Funk Railroad / Korakuen 1971 / 1CD

Grand Funk Railroad / Korakuen 1971 / 1CD /Non Label

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Live At Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo , Japan 17th July 1971.Live At Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo , Japan 17th July 1971.

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Was done in just 40 years ago, July 17, 1971 than it is now, “Korakuen of storm” of Grand Funk Railroad recorded performances in the first appearance, high-quality audience recording. Beginning is the performance of “Mashumakan” undercard two songs, about a 12-minute recording (here of course also, first appearance). Furthermore Itokyo Goro’s about 68 minutes recorded GFR story live from the announcement. Last, but Inside Looking Out the hot harp playing is endlessly unfolding of the mark will be cut out in about 13 minutes and 40 seconds, almost completely recording otherwise. The first time that the whole picture of the performance of this legend is Onban of, live the first half, but was able to listen in 2008 appeared in years (poor sound quality than this board) another master, the last from Mark Says Alright 34 minutes up to is a first-ever appearance part, mania will be to remember the great excitement and deep emotion for the first time listen 1971 Korakuen of the whole picture.

This take is a high point is a place that has been recorded two songs of “Mashumakan” undercard, the minute that the tone has been recorded in the beautiful, it is possible to listen to the idle talk also clear of spectators around, gradually weather worse to go situation is reminiscent from the conversation, that is where the passage of time is felt realistically has become a great record. Carried out in the “Mashumakan” undercard unfolds a moody playing in Gladwin, its just 5 audience that resounding … thats a lot in min after Zoletile injection, flying in logo sign is a strong wind was placed in front of the stage of the example “GFR” Why not in the place had. (There notation that way in the original cassette.) Listen during the song, “Do it a sight to see After raining!” “Everyone, you were not become another naked!?” “I, becomes a naked take off clothes ! “” Oh, the conversation, such as rain falling and have! “” yo Do not die with electric shock! “is probably the precious record for understanding the state of the day.

Itokyo Goro Following the briefing of Mr., appeared Terry Knight of the manager. “Ladies and gentlemen, Good evening” and greet in Japanese and, fun is also the audience was a fuss until it says “Konbanwa!”. Mood will climax greatly. “Grand Funk Railroad is here now!” Terry declaration of the (large cheers) “Because of rain, the stage is very wet!”, “We are sorry for the delay … Grand Funk Railroad will play for you tonight!” to the full explanation, “Did you mean, this is become to stop the rain?” and will occur winding cheers of angry waves from the audience, which was worried. After Itokyo Goro’s description, “Tsuaratusutora Zarathustra” in the opening theme flows through the dignity, members appeared on the stage. It echoed the sound of intense tuning. (Trk3 and 4 (about 4 minutes and 40 seconds before the live start) the compensation is take another noiseless and spicy version to listen to some of the many of the noise that exists between the different Another compensation from the master. Trader and main has been used as a sound source.) appeared in Itokyo Goro’s “Let’s very much wait if sama! very much! So we introduce! Ladies & Gentlemen, Here is Grand Funk Railroad!” again concert Following the announcement of the are you Ready? dramatically to start from.

For the vast crowd that filled the venue, probably burst seems to be uncharted territory, it is terrific just the roar from the PA. This moment, excitement, such as “outrageous it has unfolded in front of the eyes”, hot air, and the tension is wrapped at once the venue I think that you can see. Referred to as a “legend was real”, exactly what the emergency situation in Japan Western history, this tape will take care speaks eloquently. Sound to hear here is, far jump over the heyday of the cream, is aggressive sound pure enough reminiscent of the heyday motor head of 10 years. Exactly runaway train of such powerful and sound, such as lightning,. Loud and powerful that even beyond the imagination of the audience, you can overwhelm the listeners even 40 years later. There was a rumor that “had shed tape rather than the actual performance”, but the impressions of some of the audience that was eaten face to powerful adjective impossible and understanding impossible might have ended up Hitoriaruki. That it is not in the epithet is altogether exaggerated at the time called “Zeppelin also Buttonda”, through the time of a few tens of years, for us beautifully prove. Of terrible bare, playing up to the intense is to OVER also at record levels, will pop out also unique sound image that becomes only the harp that piercing is a 2-minute block of In Need. Not recommended for listeners are listening general of the official board only, but if you are accustomed to hear the live board, you should be able to easily understand the freshness, the charm of this sound from the beginning of one sound. I swear, this is a very good record. But is the direct sound of the crack on the verge, the whole Orazu are taken dumpling, in addition for tape of the generator is low, it meets to hear the whole there is a wonderful thing. Whole book is that all the listening stations, as well as entertainers tee placement as a record, with the value of the primary, is a very good live board. After a long time of ultra-important title that captures the historic concert to remain in Japan live history is in the limited press CD, it arrived from overseas! That’s awesome! !

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.135 (10 May 2011 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Sound source was complete recording of the “storm of Korakuen Stadium” in the legend is finally through the time of the 40-year “appeared”. Its existence was known Between mania, hitherto were only those joined sound source that flows out on the Internet, the sound source can be said to be full.
This is Japan’s first stadium concert, without being hit by equipment problems caused by heavy rain, probably recorded in the field audience recording of croton was Japan’s first (and high quality), it was extant until today in many humid Land, a natural disaster it is a truly miracle of sound source that. Record’s the day of the air feeling that is being recorded completely even conversation exchange with a friend, until the reaction of the surrounding audience is recorded vividly, fall into like yourself as if being there illusion. Surprise has been achieved from the performance of the mash map Khan undercard on things, emcee the banner of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, which has become a legend (billboard) is apologize the situation and performances of delay the audience blown by wind gusts are enthusiastic biting jeers to, even gradually rough weather and the audience excitement are beautifully recorded. About interruption due also of stormy weather one hour (biting taunted flurry in the meantime), but are indeed cut, it has been recorded from the appearance scene of the GFR to tuning landscape. Immediately after that, the energy of the audience that explode with the intro of Are You Ready is a tremendous of the word.
It is the set list is a big hit was “LIVE ALBUM” street (Mean Mistreater only cut), this is the first season set list of debut, came to Japan just before the US tour was already set list, including a new song from, would things probably at the request of Japan held side. But the old set list that has been reproduced with a margin by the member who had the fastest growth at the time, “LIVE ALBUM” is far beyond the great performance of the reason why the performance of the day has become a legend to posterity only production due to weather it not this sound source is telling. As an aside, would play too perfect this day, stumped critics of know-it-all face that could not understand the overwhelming performance force that has been unfolding in front of the eye, as a result, birth to childish Kuchipaku allegations . Image that has been popularized by Showa of media with influence “GFR = Kuchipaku” is foolishly, but I become that now also still speak of this Japan only in the 21 century, the sound source and the “appearance” was now it is, is they that old would be feelings that you want to run away barefoot. The performance of all of the part is, arrange what but “LIVE ALBUM” street, there is everywhere in fresh improvisation (of course mistakes there), (different than the one run) up-and-down of the tempo is the real thrill of GFR music also, mark · Fahrner sing Turn of strange also, the performance of this day is a truly historical masterpiece is unique. Watching this can not be enough to actually understand the difference between a person who has boasted “It was a record Street”, will in other words had not listened well the record. (Laughs) T.N.U.C. Strike of Mark Farner to listen in timbales is a new highlight is arranged to cut the drum solo that has been introduced from Japan just before the US tour, which has also been recorded in uncut. Tremendous bass sound by WEST amplifier that has been had made for this day is also distorted more than the record, the force is also must listen.
Large the great performance of this day also interview with Mark Farner after being listed in the best of his career, while experiencing as a crowd of 40,000 Chosen to Japan of rock history, in life narrowing I think Kuchipaku until today young people of the remains had suffered a loss, will be able to regain the value that was lost riding the last time machine, this is a kind of sound source.
After 40 years, also now change the history great performance. Fiercely so much, great.

今よりちょうど40年前の1971年7月17日に行われた、グランド・ファンク・レイルロードの「嵐の後楽園」公演を初登場・高音質オーディエンス録音で収録。冒頭は前座の「マシュマカーン」の演奏を2曲・約12分収録(こちらも勿論、初登場)。さらに糸居五郎氏のアナウンスからGFR本編ライブを約68分収録。ラスト、マークの熱いハープ演奏が延々と繰り広げられるInside Looking Outが13分40秒程でカットアウトされますが、それ以外はほぼ完全に収録。この伝説の公演の全貌が音盤化されるのは初めてで、ライブ前半は、2008年に登場した(本盤より音質の劣る)別マスターにて聴くことができましたが、Mark Says Alrightからラストまでの34分は史上初登場パートであり、マニアは初めて聴く1971年後楽園の全貌に大いなる感動と感慨を覚えることでしょう。


糸居五郎氏の状況説明に続き、マネージャーのテリー・ナイトが登場。「皆さん、コンバンワ」と日本語で挨拶すると、それまで大騒ぎだった観客が「こんばんわー!」と言うのも一興。ムードが大いに盛り上がります。テリーの「Grand Funk Railroad is here now!」(大歓声)「Because of rain, the stage is very wet!」「We are sorry for the delay…Grand Funk Railroad will play for you tonight!」との宣言に満ちた説明に、「もしかして、この雨で中止になるのでは?」と心配していた観客から怒涛の歓声が巻き起こります。糸居五郎氏の説明の後、オープニングテーマの「ツァラトゥストラかく語りき」が尊厳に流れ、ステージ上にメンバーが登場。強烈なチューニングの音が響き渡ります。(このライブ開始前のtrk3と4(約4分40秒)は本編とは別のもうひとつマスターより補填。トレーダー間に存在する幾多のノイズのある聴き辛いヴァージョンとは別のノイズレスのテイクが補填音源として使用されています。)再び登場した糸居五郎氏の「どうもお待ちどうさま!どうも!それではご紹介しましょう!Ladies & Gentlemen, Here is Grand Funk Railroad!」のアナウンスに続いてコンサートはAre You Ready?から劇的にスタートします。

会場を埋め尽くした大観衆にとって、おそらく未知の領域と思われる、凄まじいばかりの轟音がPAから炸裂。この瞬間、「とんでもないことが目の前で繰り広げられている」といった興奮、熱気、そして緊張感が会場を一気に包み込んでいるのがお分かり頂けると思います。「伝説は本物だった」という、まさに日本洋楽史における緊急事態は、このテープが雄弁に物語ってくれます。ここで聞ける音像は、絶頂期のクリームを遥かに飛び越え、10年先の絶頂期モーターヘッドを連想させるほどのピュアでアグレッシブなサウンドです。まさに暴走列車の如き迫力、そして電光のようなサウンド。オーディエンスの想像をも超えた大音量と迫力は、40年経った今でも聴き手を圧倒します。「実際の演奏ではなくテープを流していた」との噂がありましたが、形容不能・理解不能の迫力に面喰った一部の観客の感想が独り歩きしてしまったのかもしれません。「ツェッペリンもぶっとんだ」という当時の形容があながち誇張ではないことを、数十年の時を経て、見事に証明してくれます。凄みむき出しの、強烈なまでの演奏は、時に録音レベルをもオーヴァーし、In Need の2分台ではつんざくハープだけになってしまうという特異な音像も飛び出します。一般の公式盤のみ聴いているリスナーにはお薦めしませんが、ライブ盤を聞き慣れているなら、この音の鮮度・魅力を最初の一音から容易に理解できるはずです。誓って言いますが、これは非常に優れた録音です。割れる寸前のダイレクトなサウンドですが、全体がダンゴになってはおらず、加えてテープのジェネが低いため、全体の聴き応えは素晴らしいものがあります。全編その全てが聴き所であり、記録としてもエンタティメントとしても、第一級の価値を持つ、非常に優れたライブ盤です。日本ライブ史に残る歴史的コンサートを捉えた久々の超重要タイトルが限定プレスCDにて、海外より入荷しました!これは凄いです!!

★beatleg誌 vol.135(2011年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

これは日本初のスタジアムコンサートを、豪雨による機器トラブルに見舞われる事なく、恐らく日本初であったハズの野外オーディエンス録音(しかも高音質)で収録し、天災の多い多湿な国土で今日まで現存したという正に奇蹟の音源である。録音者が友人と交わす会話もすっかり録音されている事で当日の空気感、周囲の観客の反応までが生々しく記録されており、まるで自分がそこに居るかのような錯覚に陥る。驚くべき事に前座のマッシュマッカーンの演奏から収められており、伝説となっているGRAND FUNK RAILROAD の横断幕(看板)が突風で飛ばされ観客が熱狂している様子や公演の遅れを詫びる司会者への痛烈な野次、徐々に荒れる天候と観客の興奮までもが見事に収録されている。約一時間もの荒天による中断(その間に飛び交う痛烈な野次)はさすがにカットされているが、GFRの登場シーンからチューニング風景までも収録されている。その直後、Are You Ready のイントロと同時に爆発する観客のエネルギーは凄まじいの一言である。
セットリストは大ヒットした「LIVE ALBUM」通り(Mean Mistreater のみカット)であるが、これはデビュー当時の最初期セットリストであり、来日直前の全米ツアーは既に新曲を含むセットリストであったことから、恐らく日本の開催者側の要請によるものだろう。しかし当時急成長を遂げていたメンバーによって余裕をもって再現された旧セットリストは、「LIVE ALBUM」の名演を遥かに超えており、この日の公演が後世まで伝説となった理由が天候による演出だけでない事がこの音源は物語っている。余談だが、あまりにも完璧なこの日の演奏は、目の前で繰り広げられた圧倒的な演奏力を理解できなかった物知り顔の評論家達を困惑させ、その結果、幼稚なクチパク疑惑を生んでしまう。影響力を持つ昭和のメディアによって広められた「GFR=クチパク」というイメージは愚かにも、この日本だけで21世紀の今も尚語られる事となるのだが、本音源が“登場”した今となって、年老いた彼らは裸足で逃げ出したい心境であろう。全てのパートの演奏は、アレンジこそ「LIVE ALBUM」通りだが、随所に生々しいアドリブ(勿論ミスも有り)があり、GFR楽曲の醍醐味であるテンポのアップダウン(走るのとは異なる)も、マーク・ファーナーの歌い回しの妙も、この日の演奏は独特であり正に歴史的名演である。これを観て「レコード通りだった」と豪語した者ほど実は違いが理解できない、つまりレコードを良く聴いちゃいなかったのであろう。(笑)T.N.U.C.で聴けるマーク・ファーナーの叩くティンバレスがドラムソロに切り込むアレンジは来日直前の全米ツアーから導入された新たな見せ場であり、これもノーカットで収録されている。この日の為に新調されたWESTアンプによる凄まじいベースサウンドもレコード以上に歪んでおり、その迫力もまた必聴である。

1. Children Of The Sun 2. Gladwin

Grand Funk Railroad

3. Introduction 1(by Goro Itoi & Terry Knight) 4. Also Sprach Zarathustra
5. Introduction 2(by Goro Itoi) 6. Are You Ready 7. Paranoid 8. In Need
9. Heartbreaker 10. Mark Says Alright 11. T.N.U.C. 12. Inside Looking Out

Mark Farner – Guitar, Vocal Don Brewer – Drums, Vocal Mel Schacher – Bass

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