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Live At IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan 21st April 1998. Digital Audience

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Taking in the ’90s of the UFO that Michael Schenker has been restored, from 1998 April of Japan tour, which became a visit to Japan for the second time since 1994, the pattern of Osaka · IMP Hall performances, all in between the traders knowledge is was based on the original DAT master not, comes a good audience source. In 1998 Japan sound source of satisfaction sound source is small UFO, this work should consist of both of materials and entertainment, and definitely fan must-have, must listen board!

Michael return to the UFO that was realized in 1993 December, name live “STRANGER IN THE NIGHT” the success of the Japan tour of ’94 June reminiscent of, and ’95 years of Fururensu album “WALK ON WATER contiguous to the “announcement, it was to greatly delight Michael and UFO fan. But the relationship of Michael and Phil Mogg is, again deepen the groove with the passage of time, during the tour of 1995 will have left the Michael band. Michael is one to do was re-start the MSG due to “WRITTEN IN THE SAND” release “Story Live” tour, the band that Michael has left not Nanore the UFO name, facing a George base class as “MOGG / WAY” now to be activity.
Delighted fans UFO up to 1995, but was discouraged as “another whether Michael is not be able to see the UFO to play”, and re-approaching Michael and Phil made in late 1997, suddenly UFO activities as will be resumed. They are and will appeal the alive and well by expanding the energetic European tour to February 1998 from November 1997, in April we gave a concert in Japan to be the first time in four years. The sound source is the Osaka performances of April 21 falls on the first day, have been recorded in full first appearance of the audience master.

Applause and cheers echoing in the hall at the opening will let me taste the expectations of great realism and live to listeners suddenly. While having sufficient prospects and treble of coming out stout bass of power, mellow edge of sound that does not put a burden on hand to hear is, a number of UFO classic starting from “Natural Thing”, “Mother Mary”, listen delight in the exquisite balance of ease and powerful was both.
Singing of Phil early what is somewhat stiff impression, but will continue to gradually relax in response to the reaction of the Positive audience. Which is a feature of the 1998 tour to the “Electric Phase”, guitar feel more alert classic “Out In The Street” loud cheers in Michael is awarded, has become a plant listening even during live.
Number from was the first showcase “WALK ON WATER” in Japan in the presence of no less than all three songs in the past masterpieces of “Self Made Man”, “Venus”, “Pushed To The Limit”, also natural to set list to it is dissolved. In particular that there is a decline, “Venus” in mellow, Michael speedy took up even M.S.G. “Pushed To The Limit” will enjoy firmly on the goodness of the ’90s UFO. Liven up the middle of the live lyrical drama of “Love To Love” is the best.
Disc 2 is a masterpiece of the parade should say “Korezo UFO!”. Combined fill and voice also aligned “Only You Can Rock Me” and “Lights Out” in the taper around the audience, the stage and the audience can enjoy the hot performance to come together. Familiar “Doctor Doctor”, “Rock Bottom” is also, in the combination of Phil and Michael, there is a taste different from the same song to listen in M.S.G.. In particular, “Rock Bottom” is enthusiastic performance of more than 10 minutes, solo that contrasted the middle of delicate tone and exciting play is to meet to hear of truly!

In Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza concert that took place after three days of this performance in Osaka, but will occur incidents Michael to give up the stage and confusion in the middle of live, I do not think hardly like are waiting is such events this day, Guests can enjoy a neat stage. Visit to Japan at this time is not poor fans of the rating and the impact of the events described above, live can of if you listen to the sound source will be able to understand what was rather level or more. Also in fact there is also a possibility was internal to the last minute this day for Michael himself. However, the “danger of grazing” to rather highlight the Michael of the guitar, perhaps playing to listen in this sound source is thrilling.
In a new appearance to become treasured master, Please enjoy the original UFO live in 1998 Japan Tour. This up to 100 minutes of enhancement overturn stereotypes of is here!


’93年12月に実現したUFOへのマイケル復帰は、名ライヴ「STRANGER IN THE NIGHT」を彷彿させる’94年6月の来日公演の成功、そして’95年のフルレンス・アルバム「WALK ON WATER」発表へと連なり、マイケルそしてUFOファンを大いに歓喜させました。しかしマイケルとフィル・モグの関係は、時間の経過とともに再び溝を深め、’95年のツアー中にはマイケルがバンドを離脱してしまいます。マイケルはM.S.G.を再起動し「WRITTEN IN THE SAND」リリースに伴う”Story Live”ツアーを行う一方、マイケルが去ったバンドはUFO名義を名乗れず、ジョージ・べラスを迎えて”MOGG/WAY”として活動する事になりました。

オープニングで会場中に響き渡る拍手と歓声が、いきなり聴き手に素晴らしい臨場感とライヴへの期待感を味わわせてくれます。充分な見通しと高音の抜け・どっしりとした低音のパワーを持ちながら、聴き手に負担をかけないまろやかなエッジのサウンドは、「Natural Thing」・「Mother Mary」から始まるUFOクラシックの数々を、聴き易さと迫力が両立した絶妙なバランスで楽しませてくれます。
フィルの歌唱は序盤こそやや固い印象ですが、ポジティヴなオーディエンスの反応を受けて次第にリラックスしていきます。’98年ツアーの特徴である「Electric Phase」に、マイケルのギターが冴える名曲「Out In The Street」では大きな歓声が贈られ、ライヴ中でも聴き所となっています。
日本での初披露となった「WALK ON WATER」からのナンバーは「Self Made Man」「Venus」「Pushed To The Limit」の3曲とも過去の名曲に劣らない存在感で、セットリストにも自然に溶け込んでいます。特にメロウで陰りのある「Venus」と、マイケルがM.S.G.でも取り上げたスピーディな「Pushed To The Limit」は、’90年代UFOの良さをしっかりと楽しめるでしょう。ライヴの中盤を盛り上げる「Love To Love」の叙情的なドラマは最高です。
ディスク2は「これぞUFO!」と言うべき名曲のオンパレードです。「Only You Can Rock Me」や「Lights Out」ではテーパー周囲の観客も揃ってフィルと声を合わせ、ステージと客席が一体となる熱いパフォーマンスを堪能できます。おなじみの「Doctor Doctor」「Rock Bottom」も、フィルとマイケルの組み合わせには、M.S.G.で聴ける同曲とは違った味わいがあります。特に「Rock Bottom」は10分を越える熱演で、中盤の細やかなトーンと豪快なプレイを対比させたソロパートはさすがの聴き応えです!


Disc 1
1. Opening S.E. 2. Introduction 3. Natural Thing 4. Mother Mary 5. Self Made Man 6. Electric Phase
7. This Kids 8. Out In The Street 9. One More For The Rodeo 10. Venus 11. Pushed To The Limit
12. Love To Love 13. Too Hot To Handle

Disc 2
1. Only You Can Rock Me 2. Lights Out 3. Doctor Doctor 4. Rock Bottom 5. Shoot Shoot

Phil Mogg – Vocal Michael Schenker – Guitar Pete Way – Bass Paul Raymond – Keyboards & Guitar
Simon Wright – Drums


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