Led Zeppelin / Rochester 1971 / 2 CDR

Led Zeppelin / Rochester 1971 / 2 CDR /Non Label

Live At War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York, USA 11th September 1971.L Digital AUD 

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September 11 from the year North American tour 1971 recorded Rochester, New York performances. Edit the sound source to multiple distribution, best album of the past longest recording the Rochester performances! This performance has not been so much on CD until now, because it is only been once released before about the full-length board in ’10, it will be a nice gift the title to the fan. This performance appeared first is recorded in the bonus track to the 3-CD set titled MAD SCREAMING GALLERY, which was released in 1995. Where it had been recorded toward the end from the middle of the live at the sound quality Shang stereo audience recording. At the same called LIVE AT LEEDS 1971 at about the same time, has actually appeared 1CD title was recorded early and late in the Rochester performances. This title is whether such because the sound source is different from the MAD SCREAMING GALLERY, which not only do not overlap at all in Contents speaking with the previous title, it had been recorded in very different mono sound of texture (currently, these are different from each other It seems to have been organized in that the sound source). Then, add the first appearance part in around 2005 these existing title, GIANTS OF THE SKY version that you have raised tailored to one of the live will be published between the net traders, where incomplete Dazed And Confused and Stairway To Heaven is while being the first recording, is close to and Whole Lotta Love Thank You are more finished version, also the same name 2CD titles based on it was released. But then, in order for Dazed And Confused was found to be fake was recorded take at Earls Court in 1975, eventually recording of Dazed And Confused of this day, now leads without being confirmed. This time by editing the plurality of sound sources that multiple distribution between traders, (has been made compensated by its outstanding title part) realize the past longest recorded. Live early, from the Immigrant Song to Black Dog, bass-conditioned dumpling-like, but just you surprised to roar sound that said mass of sound, freshness has become quite well compared to the already issued LIVE AT LEEDS 1971, Although hiss what stand out, it is a strong force sound that can be felt in the air a sense of enough natural. Stairway To Heaven Although it was already issued GIANTS OF THE painful sound quality than live early in SKY, this time recording at its already issued the same sound source while pretty freshness good master. The guitar solo cut in the Journal from the middle is the same, but there is no cut at the location of Robert’s last singing part “stairway to … heaven …”, recorded at the good master, including the screams of the audience. Is enough to tune in the cut of this place is its outstanding did not stick to discriminate because that was buried in the noise, I think this is in the vicinity can experience the sound quality difference between its outstanding about it. In addition, it recording long as 20 seconds compared to the tune between the portion is also already issued after playing. In Celebration Day after roughly stereo recording with the same realism and MAD SCREAMING GALLERY, Whole Lotta Love, but medley is edited version that connects the already issued GIANTS OF THE SKY same multiple takes, its outstanding GIANTS OF THE SKY In A Mess Of Blues later, it had been replaced pickpocket in monaural sound source of inferior sound, so we use a good stereo master of freshness in this clear, and that which you can watch with a fresh feeling for those of you have already issued think. DazedAnd Confused becomes this time gift title for the unreleased, but able Watch with sound that was dramatically improve sound quality much not amusing even if the press platen, live at the time of ’71 ZEP prime is appeared in gift title!

1971年北米ツアーより9月11日ニューヨーク州ロチェスター公演を収録。複数流通する音源を編集し、過去最長収録したロチェスター公演のベスト盤!本公演は今まであまりCD化されておらず、全長盤10年程前に一度リリースされただけですので、ファンには嬉しいギフトタイトルとなるでしょう。本公演は1995年にリリースされたMAD SCREAMING GALLERYという3枚組CDタイトルにボーナストラック的に収録され初登場。そこではライブの中盤から終盤にかけてを音質上々のステレオ・オーディエンス録音にて収録していました。またそれとほぼ同時期にLIVE AT LEEDS 1971という、実際にはロチェスター公演の序盤及び終盤を収録した1CDタイトルが登場しました。このタイトルはMAD SCREAMING GALLERYとは音源が異なるからなのか、先のタイトルとは収録内容的に全く重ならないばかりか、質感の大きく異なるモノラル・サウンドで収録していました(現在、これらは互いに別音源ということで整理されているようです)。その後、2005年頃これらの既存タイトルに初登場部分を追加し、ひとつのライブに仕立てあげたGIANTS OF THE SKYというバージョンがネット・トレーダー間で公開され、そこではDazed And Confused及びStairway To Heavenが不完全ながら初収録され、Whole Lotta Love及びThank Youがより完成版に近くなり、それを元にした同名2CDタイトルもリリースされました。しかしその後、Dazed And Confusedについては1975年のアールズコートでのテイクを収録したフェイクと判明したため、結局この日のDazed And Confusedの録音は確認されないまま現在に至ります。今回はトレーダー間に複数流通する複数の音源を編集し、過去最長収録を実現(一部既発タイトルによる補てんがなされています)。ライブ序盤、Immigrant SongからBlack Dogまでは、低音の効いたダンゴ状の、まさに音の塊と言った爆音サウンドにビックリしますが、鮮度は既発LIVE AT LEEDS 1971に比べかなり良くなっており、ヒスノイズこそ目立つものの、十分ナチュラルで空気感の感じられるド迫力サウンドです。Stairway To Heavenは既発GIANTS OF THE SKYではライブ序盤以上に苦しい音質でしたが、今回はその既発と同音源ながらかなり鮮度の良いマスターにて収録。ギターソロ途中からのカットイン収録なのは同じですが、ロバートの最後の歌唱パート「stairway to…heaven…」の箇所でカットのない、観客の叫び声を含む良好マスターにて収録。既発ではこの箇所の曲中カットがノイズに埋もれていたため判別がつかなかった程であり、この付近ではそれくらい既発との音質差を体感できると思います。また、演奏後の曲間部も既発に比べ20秒程長く収録。Celebration Day以降は概ねMAD SCREAMING GALLERYと同様の臨場感のあるステレオ録音で、Whole Lotta Loveメドレーは既発GIANTS OF THE SKY同様複数テイクを繋いだ編集バージョンですが、既発GIANTS OF THE SKYではA Mess Of Blues以降、音の劣るモノラル音源にすり替わっていましたが、今回クリアで鮮度の良いステレオ・マスターを使用していますので、既発をお持ちの方にも新鮮な気持ちで鑑賞頂けることと思います。DazedAnd Confusedが未収録のため今回はギフトタイトルとなりますが、プレス盤にしてもおかしくないくらい飛躍的に音質向上したサウンドで鑑賞頂ける、71年ZEP全盛時のライブがギフトタイトルで登場です!

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Since I’ve Been Loving You 5. Black Dog
6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Celebration Day 8. That’s The Way 9. Going To California
10. What Is And What Should Never Be

1. Moby Dick 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Organ Solo 4. Thank You



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