Fleetwood Mac / Budokan 1977 / 1 DVDR

Fleetwood Mac / Budokan 1977 / 1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 5th December 1977.Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 5th December 1977. PRO-SHOT

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Than the first Japan tour with in 1977 “Rumours”, recorded over one hour 11 minutes the Tokyo Budokan performances of December 5 days in high-quality professional shot video. To high-quality master at the time of the state television broadcast video, the longest-highest-quality video obtained by multiplying the unaired professional shot the video of the previous time counter containing editing! State-owned broadcasting take is recorded in the past the best image quality. Very fresh also familiar translation to be inserted in several songs! It is really wonderful images taken in gorgeous by a plurality of multi-camera. Rafuteiku of valuable time counter containing the Oh Daddy, Never Going Back Again, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman, with five songs of You Make Loving Fun, only there the image quality is slightly down, but it is usually of no problem level in appreciation. Directing, editing, camera switchgrass, including a degree of quality that surprising for the time of Western live video, fun-splendor of the character of each member, you have extra transmitted realistically it’s the video. Familiar percussion solo Mick in World Turning can also be seen. Large recommendation title of with the original menu.


1977年「Rumours」に伴う初の日本ツアーより、12月5日の東京武道館公演を高画質プロショット映像で1時間11分に渡って収録。当時の国営テレビ放送映像の高画質マスターに、編集前のタイムカウンター入りの未放送プロショット映像を掛け合わせた最長・最高品質映像!国営放送テイクは過去最高の画質で収録。何曲かで挿入されるお馴染みの対訳も非常に新鮮!複数台のマルチカメラでゴージャスに撮影された実に素晴らしい映像です。貴重なタイムカウンター入りのラフテイクはOh Daddy、Never Going Back Again、Landslide、Gold Dust Woman、You Make Loving Funの5曲で、そこだけ画質がやや落ちますが、通常の鑑賞には問題ないレベルです。演出、編集、カメラスウィッチも含め、当時の洋楽ライブ映像としては驚く程のクオリティであり、各メンバーのキャラクターの楽しさ・素晴らしさが、映像だと余計にリアルに伝わってきます。World Turningではミックのお馴染みのパーカッション・ソロも見ることができます。オリジナル・メニュー付の大推薦タイトル。

1. Monday Morning 2. Oh Well 3. Rhiannon 4. Oh Daddy 5. Never Going Back Again 6. Landslide
7. Over My Head 8. Gold Dust Woman 9. You Make Loving Fun 10. Go Your Own Way 11. World Turning
12. The Chain 13. Songbird

Christine McVie – Keyboards, Vocals John McVie – Bass Stevie Nicks – Vocals
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar, Vocals


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