Premiata Forneria Marconi / Night Of Celebration / 2 CDR

Premiata Forneria Marconi / Night Of Celebration / 2 CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Live At Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 23rd November 1975.

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On November 23, 1975, which was released in 2006 and shocked the fans, the first day of Tokyo · Shibuya public hall performance recorded “90 minutes of stereo sound board recording” recorded take of “NIGHTS OF CELEBRATION” remastered. Suppresses the hiss noise which was particularly hard with a weak sound, and relaxes the noise of pee which was put on the whole. It arranges the high range and has finished the best content as audio title. The richness of expressions coming from the undulation and texture of the sound, although the army is raised for the high-quality audience recording that appeared this time, even if there is a problem of degree, there is a line recording, it is understood if it is not a sound board · take There is no · a sound wall that can not be tasted, this is attractive with this. For the fans who thought that the sound is good, that noise is really good, it is a good take that can be said as good news, and I would like you to listen together with the newly released “IMPRESSIONI DI NOVEMBRE”, the first day of PFM Japan performance High quality document.

★ It is a review and translation of this work at beatleg vol.133 (August 2011 issue). For your information.

2 pairs which recorded PFM’s bright first concert in Japan with a sound board. It records performance at Shibuya public hall on 23rd November 1975. Right now the Italian rock band has come to Japan like every year, but at that time the bands from countries other than the U.S. and U.S. are performing wonderfully in the performance itself, among them PFM is top class popularity It was a performance that showed considerable excitement as it was only proud of. Listening now, “Impatient” Franz Di Chocho’s drumming is amazing, and Franco Mussida’s guitar solo that follows it is also awesome. Because there was a full-time vocalist named Bernardo Ransetti at that time, being able to concentrate on each person’s performance creates a synergistic effect and it makes me feel many times more power than the record.
2006年にリリースされ、ファンに衝撃を与えた1975年11月23日、東京初日・渋谷公会堂公演をステレオ・サウンドボード録音で90分収録した「NIGHTS OF CELEBRATION」のテイクをリマスター収録。弱音で特にきつかったヒスノイズを抑え、全体にはっていたピーというノイズを緩和。高域を整え、オーディオ・タイトルとしては最良の内容に仕上げてあります。音の起伏や質感から来る表現の豊かさは、今回登場した高音質オーディエンス録音に軍配が上がりますが、程度の問題はあっても、そこはライン録音であり、サウンドボード・テイクで無ければ判らない・味わえない音の壁というのは、これはこれで魅力的であります。「音は良いのだが、あのノイズがどうにも・・・」と思っていたファンにとっては吉報とも言える優良テイクであり、新登場の「IMPRESSIONI DI NOVEMBRE」と合わせて聴いて頂きたい、PFM 日本公演初日の高品質ドキュメント。

★beatleg vol.133(2011年8月号)での本作のレビュー要訳です。ご参考まで。

Disc 1
1. Celebration 2. Four Holes In The Ground 3. Paper Charms 4. Dove….Quando
5. Acoustic Guitar Solo 6. Out Of Roundabout

Disc 2
1. Mr.9 Till 5 2. Alta Loma 5 Till 9 3. Violin Solo 4. William Tell Overture
5. Bass Solo 6. Drum Solo 7. Impressioni Di Settembre 8. Celebration (reprise)

Franz Di Cioccio – Drums, Vocals Franco Mussida – Guitars
Flavio Premoli – Keyboards, Accordeon, Piccolo Patrick Djivas – Bass
Mauro Pagani – Violin, Flute Bernardo Lanzetti – Lead Vocals, Guitar


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