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Live At Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinos, USA 16th January 1976 Masque Tour.

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Commercial also work specifically to be the most fulfilling to have the 1970s heyday of Kansas of the ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording take 4 performance From the fan must listen, must-have of the 6 Disc title from the second half until the early 1980s appeared is. Than first in the disk 1 “Masque” tour, the Chicago of the Aragon Ballroom performances of January 16 of the tour mid-term, about 60 minutes in the ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording was directly digitizing the FM broadcast of the reel master recording. Mysteries And Mayhem beginning 30 seconds that had missing master compensation from another source air check tape. Established a whole of sound balance, the best version of the same sound source which has been subjected to moderate remastered and pitch check. The disk 2 & 3 1976 “Leftoverture” tour, October 30, at the beginning of the tour, here an hour and 43 minutes full inclusion in the ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording the Pittsburgh performance. The broadcast before the pre-FM master of FM songs remastered recording. It dropped a hiss, and finish the sophisticated sound the whole of the sound in the clear. Localization would fans be surprised to sound like a firm official live board that a strangely obvious. Only interview track of the last from another tape, the sound quality is valuable while enough. The disk 4 and 5, also serves as a promotion of the first Fururensu live album “Two for the Show”, 1978 July from August to the final than the summer tour that took place in North America date of August 26, Canada here also full inclusion in the ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording across the live at was done in Ontario “Canada jam” in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Bonus DVDR “The Lost Broadcasts” to be live television broadcast pro-shot video three songs of this day has been recording, but this is the full version of the speech. 10 years ago, “Point Of Know Return Tour 1978,” says moderately remaster released Omoto of the master title. You can enjoy the whole picture of the show in the freshness preeminent highest sound quality. Listen in each song, dramatic expansion unit with a dash feeling the best, it is take to enjoy the ensemble play until a fierce of listening Gotae perfect score in the high-quality sound. 1981 to the disk 6, “Audio Visions” tour late, live about 50 minutes in was done in the Netherlands of the Baro of August 22, “Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival”, recorded in ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording. It is that with what was recorded the re-broadcasted radio broadcasting take in the Netherlands, but the sound quality is what is at the top among the current 4 performances take. This remains boasts a wide texture in clear enough for official live of also possible, to is the best listen to a number of representative song in the tone of this season unique (especially the keyboard), “Audio Visions,” the Journal Got To Rock on, Loner would be glad track is a fan. All the trajectory of Kansas of the golden age 293 minutes of superb content to enjoy the best of the line recording. 5 hours is the emergence of fan-mast title of close content.

★ 4 performances worth of live recordings of the heyday of Kansas, definitive edition was recorded respectively in the high-quality sound board recording “LIVE ARCHIVES” is, special re-release determined by a set of high-quality professional shot the video title “THE LOST BROADCASTS” is.

商業的にも作品的にも最も充実していた1970年代後半から1980年代初頭までの絶頂期カンサスの超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音テイクを4公演収録したファン必聴・必携の6枚組タイトルが登場です。まずディスク1には「Masque」ツアーより、ツアー中期の1月16日のシカゴのアラゴン・ボールルーム公演を、FM放送のリールマスターを直にデジタル化した超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で約60分収録。マスターに欠落のあったMysteries And Mayhem冒頭30秒は別ソースのエアチェックテープから補填。全体の音声バランスを整え、適度なリマスターとピッチチェックを施した同音源のベストヴァージョン。ディスク2&3には1976年「Leftoverture」ツアーより、ツアー初頭の10月30日、ピッツバーグ公演をこちらも超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で1時間43分完全収録。FM曲の放送前のプリFMマスターをリマスター収録。ヒスノイズを落とし、全体の音をクリアーで洗練された音に仕上げています。定位が異様に明白でしっかりとしたオフィシャル・ライブ盤のようなサウンドにファンは驚くことでしょう。ラストのインタビュートラックのみ別テープからで、音質は今一つながら貴重です。ディスク4&5には、初のフルレンス・ライブアルバム「Two for the Show」のプロモーションも兼ねて、1978年7月から8月まで北米を中心に行われたサマーツアーより最終日、8月26日のカナダはオンタリオで行われた「カナダ・ジャム」でのライブを1時間20分に渡ってこちらも超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で完全収録。ボーナスDVDR「The Lost Broadcasts」にもこの日のライブのテレビ放送プロショット映像3曲が収録れていますが、こちらは音声での完全版です。10年前に「Point Of Know Return Tour 1978」と言うタイトルでリリースされた大元のマスターを適度にリマスター。鮮度抜群の最高音質でショウの全貌を堪能することができます。各曲で聴ける、疾走感を伴うドラマチックな展開部は最高で、聴きごたえ満点の壮絶なまでのアンサンブルプレイを高音質で楽しめるテイクです。ディスク6には1981年「Audio Visions」ツアー末期、8月22日のオランダのバーロで行われた「Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival」でのライブを約50分、超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で収録。オランダで再放送されたラジオ放送テイクを収録したものとのことですが、音質は、今回の4公演テイクの中でも最上位に位置するものです。このままオフィシャル・ライブ化も可能なほどのクリアーでワイドな質感を誇っており、代表曲の数々をこの時期ならではの音色(特にキーボード)で聴けるのは最高ですし、「Audio Visions」収録のGot To Rock On、Lonerはファンには嬉しいトラックでしょう。カンサスの黄金期の軌跡を全て最高のライン録音で楽しめる極上内容の293分。5時間近い内容のファン・マスト・タイトルの登場です。

★カンサスの絶頂期のライブ音源を4公演分、高音質サウンドボード録音でそれぞれ収録した決定版「LIVE ARCHIVES」が、高品質プロ・ショット映像タイトル「THE LOST BROADCASTS」とのセットで特別再リリース決定です。

Disc 1
Live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA 16th January 1976(Masque Tour)

1. Song For America 2. Icarus-Borne On Wings Of Steel 3. Down The Road 4. Lonely Wind
5. Belexes 6. Drum Solo 7. Kerry Livgren Guitar Solo 8. Child Of Innocence 9. All The World
10. Robby Speaks 11. Mysteries And Mayhem 12. The Pinnacle 13. DJ Outro.

Live at Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 30th October 1976(Leftoverture Tour)

Disc 2
1. Intro 2. Carry On Wayward Son 3. Icarus-Borne On Wings Of Steel 4. Down The Road
5. Good Evening Introduction 6. Mysteries And Mayhem 7. Lamplight Symphony 8. The Wall
9. MC 10. Lonely Wind 11. What’s On My Mind 12. Miracles Out Of Nowhere 13. Guitar Solo
14. Child Of Innocence

Disc 3
1. MC 2. Keyboard Improv/Drum Solo/Magnum Opus 3. MC 4. Song For America 5. Violin Solo
6. Cheyenne Anthem (Ending) 7. Belexes 8. Interviews

Live at Canada Jam, Mosport Park, Ontario, Canada 26th August 1978(Point of Know Return Tour)

Disc 4
1. Song For America 2. Point Of Know Return 3. Paradox 4. Down The Road 5. Mysteries And Mayhem
6. Lamplight Symphony 7. The Wall 8. Lonely Street

Disc 5
1. MC 2. Dust In The Wind 3. Member Introduction 4. Miracles Out Of Nowhere 5. Portrait (He Knew)
6. Carry On Wayward Son 7. The Magnum Opus 8. Bringing It Back

Disc 6
Live at Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival, Horse Racing Course, Baarlo, Holland 22nd August 1981(Audio Visions Tour)

1. Song For America 2. Got To Rock On 3. Paradox 4. Point Of Know Return 5. Dust In The Wind
6. Miracles Out Of Nowhere 7. Loner 8. Down The Road 9. Portrait (He Knew)
10. Carry On Wayward Son


Phil Ehart – Drums, Percussions Dave Hope – Bass Kerry Livgren – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Robby Steinhardt – Violin, Vocals Steve Walsh – Keyboards, Vocals Richard Williams – Guitars

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