Gary Moore / Hard Rock Years 1979 – 1989 / 1 DVDR

Gary Moore / Hard Rock Years 1979 – 1989 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Ultimate Compilation of Gary’s Hard Rock Decade PRO-SHOT

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The musician Gary Moore, studio album was great, but the attractive performance in live more than anything. In hard rock era, it showed on stage among others threatening him of “Guitar Crazy”, has attracted many fans.
Compilation work that covers a pro shot video, Gary in this hard rock era, now hit the title of numerous recently. However Among the items that number, and then insists Gary must for fans of all undisputed this work!
10 years from 1979 to 1989, this work is the ultimate compilation assorted as much as possible until the video clips of various course live, the number of pro-shot video that Gary Moore is stacked in hard rock era! Press CD title was the culmination rare sound source content packaged whole in a large volume of 4 hours and 40 minutes footage rare and a must-see,: paired with “LOST EPISODE Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001”, this one is a fan must-have !

Configured with the video of up to 1985 and early 1979 “Chapter 1” will start from the promotional video of the album for the first time Gary has released a solo of “BACK ON THE STREETS”. In the pattern of when you appeared on the TV program “Old Grey Whisrle Test” of the United Kingdom, of the here and “Back On The Streets,” “Do not Believe A Word”, in addition to Scott Gorham and Phil Rainotto, and Gary , you can see the lineup of THIN LIZZY + RAINBOW, which celebrated its Don Ailey to the keyboard, Cozy Powell on drums.
From “CORRIDORS OF POWER” tour, and has recorded a video of the 1983 “Pink Pop Festival” Dortmund and performances of ’82 years and subsequently. You will be watched carefully by professional shot a stable, super play that knocked out the fans at the Japan tour at the time, Gary, Don, Ian Paice, Neil Murray unfolds.
Neil Carter joined the band from “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE” tour, I have been recorded in the main image of the music program “Sight And Sound In Concert”. This live in those enjoyed England Chippenham performances January 16 1984, while the tour before the start of full-fledged still at that time, and “Victims Of The Future” as well as “Empty Rooms”, melody as early classic a bias to “Hold On To Love”, I have been covering songs from the fan support is high.
From 1985 is located in the last of the first half, you entertained enough say! “Or even this” in assortment of valuable footage of various classic and “Out In The Fields”. From a total of 6 take you select also from the program of Germany, the Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom, you will feel acutely To the strength of the feelings that were subjected to this song is Gary! In addition, you can enjoy the two masterpieces of another featuring Phil Rainotto also “Military Man”. Every one of these images will also known by its outstanding title, but, as the weight of the material has been different it just the main part of a collection of take this much at once!

From the second half of 1985, I have compiled up to 1989 that graced the last of the hard rock era “Chapter 2”.
Was enjoyed live studio of September 1985 in “Old Grey Whisrle Test”, I can enjoy two songs especially impressive title track and “Run For Cover” and “Reach For The Sky” from “RUN FOR COVER” album.
Pattern of “Self Aid” followed by, will be a material happy even for an avid fan. Pattern of this benefit concert with a focus on Gary “reunion THIN LIZZY” has appeared, we were able to listen in the compilation CD, “Do not Believe A Word”, but the same song on a pro shot video here I can enjoy a total of three other songs of “Cowboy Song”, “Whiskey In The Jar”.
And hard rock of Gary has reached a vertex from “WILD FRONTIER” tour, in addition to the scene in concert in Japan in July 1987, from TV broadcasting, such as Ireland and “Over The Hills And Far Away” and “Wild I enjoy the Frontier “.
Of ’89 than “AFTER THE WAR” tour, we have recorded in high-quality broadcasting take Ireland Belfast performances March 9, which is known as a standard at the end of the live video part. Music that Gary was playing in 2010 in “SUMMER OF ROCK” tour at the center, the music selection to be able to enjoy the same live, is just the name number of gem was the culmination of hard rock route his exactly.
60 minutes you have condensed the essence of Gary flow Irish sound of the opening from “After The War” to “Parisienne Walkways” does not occur and without fascinated any fan!

In the last of this work, it featured precious video clips that have been fabricated on the album promotion for more! Of G-FORCE era Show Uiuishi is Gary 20s sprinkled also still acting “Hot Gossip” is very valuable. Of course also say classic and “Always Gonna Love You” and “Empty Rooms”, hauntingly mood unique also as an image of one “Over The Hills And Far Away,” “The Loner”, co-star of Cozy and Gary fan pleasing and “After The War”, “Ready For Love”, you can enjoy the splendor and charm of Gary sound fun as much as main live! You will enjoy feeling like the best album of the video version of these.

This work was summarized in a single precious take respectively, the scenes of hard rock era high popularity especially in career of Gary Moore, all was recorded continuous of the highlights! Press CD title: in the video version of “LOST EPISODE Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001”, it’s to impress all fans no doubt. You want I enjoy to those who “that you saw is still no” and, this work that has delighted many fans gift at the time of release!
Original menu with only this work, special bonus glad title a total of 280 minutes. Please enjoy this opportunity, the grand pageant of Gary spell in the video!


 本作は1979年から1989年の10年間、ゲイリー・ムーアがハードロック時代に積み重ねたプロショット映像の数々を、ライヴはもちろん各種のビデオクリップまで可能な限り詰め合わせた究極のコンピレーション! 必見かつレアな映像を4時間40分の大ボリュームで丸ごとパッケージした内容は、レア音源を集大成したプレスCDタイトル「LOST EPISODE : Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001」と対を成す、ファン必携の一本です!

 1979年から’85年前半までの映像で構成された”Chapter 1”は、ゲイリーがソロ名義でリリースした初めてのアルバム「BACK ON THE STREETS」のプロモーション映像からスタートします。ここでの「Back On The Streets」と「Don’t Believe A Word」は、イギリスのTV番組”Old Grey Whisrle Test”に出演した際の模様で、ゲイリーとフィル・ライノット、そしてスコット・ゴーハムに加え、ドラムにコージー・パウエルを、キーボードにドン・エイリーを迎えたTHIN LIZZY + RAINBOWというラインナップを観ることが出来ます。
 続いては「CORRIDORS OF POWER」ツアーから、’82年のドルトムント公演と’83年”Pink Pop Festival”の映像を収録しています。当時のジャパンツアーでもファンをノックアウトした、ゲイリー,ドン,イアン・ペイス,ニール・マーレイが繰り広げるスーパー・プレイを、安定したプロショットでじっくりと観られます。
 ニール・カーターがバンドに加わった「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」ツアーからは、音楽番組”Sight And Sound In Concert”の映像をメインに収録しています。このライヴは’84年1月16日のイギリス・チッペンハム公演を収めたもので、当時はまだ本格的なツアー開始前ながら、早くも「Victims Of The Future」や「Empty Rooms」だけでなく、メロディアスな名曲「Hold On To Love」まで、ファンからの支持が高い曲を網羅しています。
 前半のラストに位置する’85年からは、名曲「Out In The Fields」を、各種の貴重な映像の取り合わせて「これでもか!」と言うほど楽しませます。イギリスだけでなくドイツ・オランダの番組からもセレクトした合計6テイクからは、ゲイリーがこの曲にかけた思い入れの強さをひしひしと感じるでしょう! また、フィル・ライノットをフィーチャーしたもうひとつの名曲「Military Man」も2種類を楽しめます。これら映像の一つひとつは既発タイトルでも知られているでしょうが、一度にこれだけのテイクを集めた本編はそれだけで資料としての重みが違っています!

 ”Chapter 2”は’85年の後半から、ハードロック時代のラストを飾った’89年までをコンパイルしています。
 ’85年9月のスタジオライヴを収めた”Old Grey Whisrle Test”では、「RUN FOR COVER」アルバムから特に印象深いタイトル曲「Run For Cover」と「Reach For The Sky」の2曲を楽しめます。
 続く”Self Aid”の模様は、熱心なファンにとっても嬉しいマテリアルとなるでしょう。ゲイリーを中心とした”再結成THIN LIZZY”が出演したこのベネフィット・コンサートの模様は、「Don’t Believe A Word」をコンピレーションCDで聴く事が出来ましたが、ここではプロショット映像で同曲の他「Cowboy Song」・「Whiskey In The Jar」の計3曲を楽しめます。
 そしてゲイリーのハードロックが頂点に達した「WILD FRONTIER」ツアーからは、’87年7月の来日公演におけるワンシーンに加え、アイルランドなどのTV放送より「Over The Hills And Far Away」と「Wild Frontier」を楽しめます。
 ライヴ映像パートの最後には’89年の「AFTER THE WAR」ツアーより、定番として知られる3月9日のアイルランド・ベルファスト公演を上質な放送テイクで収録しています。同ライヴで楽しめる選曲は、ゲイリーが2010年の「SUMMER OF ROCK」ツアーでも演奏した楽曲が中心で、まさに彼のハードロック路線を集大成した珠玉の名ナンバーばかりです。
 オープニングの「After The War」から「Parisienne Walkways」までゲイリー流アイリッシュ・サウンドのエッセンスを凝縮した60分間は、いかなるファンをも魅了せずにはおきません!

 さらに本作のラストでは、アルバムプロモーション用に製作された貴重なビデオクリップ集をフィーチャーしています! まだ20代のゲイリーが演技も交えて初々しさを見せるG-FORCE時代の「Hot Gossip」は大変に貴重です。定番とも言える「Always Gonna Love You」や「Empty Rooms」はもちろん、ひとつの映像としても個性的なムードを湛えた「Over The Hills And Far Away」・「The Loner」、ゲイリーとコージーの共演がファンを喜ばせる「After The War」・「Ready For Love」など、ライヴ本編と同じくらいの面白さでゲイリー・サウンドの魅力と素晴らしさを味わえます! これらは映像版のベスト・アルバムのような気持ちで楽しめるでしょう。

 ゲイリー・ムーアのキャリアでもとりわけ人気が高いハードロック時代の名場面を、それぞれ貴重なテイクで一本にまとめた本作は、収録された全てが見所の連続! プレスCDタイトル「LOST EPISODE: Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001」の映像版して、全てのファンを感動させるのは間違いなし。ギフト・リリース時に多くのファンを喜ばせた本作を、「まだ観た事がない」という方には是非お楽しみ頂きたいと思います!

Chapter 1: 1979-1985

Old Grey Whistle Test 
BBC Studio, London, UK 9th January 1979
1. Back On The Streets 2. Don’t Believe A Word

Rock Pop In Concert
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 19th December 1982

3. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow 4. Always Gonna Love You 5. Hurricane incl. Drums Solo
6. Rockin’ And Rollin’ 7. Parisienne Walkways

Pink Pop Festival
Sportpaark, Gelleen, Netherland 23rd May 1983 PRO-SHOT

8. Interview 9. Cold Hearted 10. Nuclear Attack

Sight & Sound In Concert
Golddiggers Club, Chippenham, UK 21st January 1984

11. Rockin’ Every Night 12. Shapes Of Things 13. Hold On To Love 14. Victims Of The Future 
15. Empty Rooms 16. White Knuckles 17. The End Of The World 18. Back On The Streets 

TV Studio, The Tube, UK 17th February 1984
19. Shapes Of Things 20. Rockin’ Every Night 

TV Appearances 1985 (with Phil Lynott)

21. Out In The Fields (ETC, UK TV 10th May) 22. Military Man (ETC, UK TV 10th May)
23. Still In Love With You (Intro Only) (ETC, UK TV 10th May)
24. Military Man (Rockpop, Music Hall, German TV) 
25. Out In The Fields (Rockpop, Music Hall, German TV)
26. Out In The Fields (Top Of The Pops, UK TV 23rd May) 
27. Out In The Fields (Razzmatazz, UK TV 29th May)
28. Out In The Fields (Top Of The Pops, UK TV 6th June) 29. Out In The Fields (RTL Dutch TV)

Chapter 2: 1985-1989

Old Grey Whistle Test 
BBC Studio, London, UK September 1985
1. Run For Cover 2. Reach For The Sky

Self Aid 1986
R.D.S. Arena, Dublin, Ireland 17th May 1986
3. Don’t Believe A Word 4. Cowboy Song (with Bob Geldof) 5. Whiskey In The Jar (with All)

Nakano Sun-Plaza, Tokyo 14th July 1987
6. Over The Hills And Far Away 

TV Appearances 1987
7. Over The Hills And Far Away(Late Late Show, Irish TV)
8. Wild Frontier(Saturday Night Live)

Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland 9th March 1989 

9. After The War 10. Military Man 11. So Far Away 12. Empty Rooms 13. Blood Of Emeralds 
14. Out In The Fields 15. Over The Hills And Far Away 16. Johnny Boy 17. Parisienne Walkways 

Promo Video Clips

18. Hot Gossip 19. Always Gonna Love You 20. Shapes Of The Things 21. Empty Rooms 
22. Out In The Fields 23. Over The Hills And Far Away 24. Wild Frontier 25. Friday On My Mind 
26. The Loner 27. After The War 28. Ready For Love 

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 280min.

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