Roger Waters / Third Night In The Netherlands / 2CDR

Roger Waters / Third Night In The Netherlands / 2CDR /Lem

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Live At Gelredome, The Netherlands 11th April 2011.Live At Gelredome.

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Roger Waters’ “The Wall” tour moved the stage to Europe, and from the Portuguese show on March 21 to the Berlin performance on June 16 in the last, a large-scale tour on a magnificent scale is being developed I will. (From the 11th of this week, it will be a new legend in the Roger’s live history 6 consecutive performances at the London O2 Arena!) This is the final day of 3 consecutive performances held in Arnhem, The Netherlands, 4 I am recording the live of the 11th of the month with super high sound quality audience recording completely. It is recorded with a clear and stable feeling sound that represents the recent digital recording, and it is no doubt that this book will be one piece representing the latest European tour. I inadvertently fall down to the clear sound of too much sound at the opening In The Flesh? As I expected. The percussive sound part filled with direct feeling such as The Happiest Days Of Our Lives and the great excitement of the scale are the best, but in the acoustic part represented by Mother etc where a delicate sound image is required feel a little distance of the sound (Still it is a very high quality sound). But every time I think, there are no graphics in the German-inspired intros and In front of In The Flesh? Graphics that images the Second World War, and even the stage image imitating the Nazis obviously in the latter half of the show Could it be? Although you can listen to the sound effects newly added in the middle of the US tour in various places, since the performance itself is fixed as it is unchanged, from the live performance progressing without problems, something new I think it is difficult to find out, but as a high-quality live document of the WALL tour currently enthusiastically fans of European fans, fans can say that there is enough value to add to the collection. Conversely speaking, the texture of a sound different from the US tour that the mood as a luxurious grand enthaltent show that can be heard on the main board was bursting may be said to be a take-over to Europe performing performances. It may be due to the difference in air feeling and mood, but it is certainly wonderful that the same vibrant performance will be transmitted from the sound somewhat vintage atmosphere while being live in 2011. In a sense, it may be said that it is one piece that makes us feel the essence of the WALL show beyond the US tour. For fanatical enthusiasts it is a piece I would recommend by all means.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.132 (July 2011 issue). For your information.

This title is from the popular European tour, the Netherlands recorded the last day of the three performances at Gelredome in Arnhem. Sound quality is a standard digital recording of today, you can enjoy a sound image with realism.

★ In 2011, only 20 sets were released, and the name sound source title that gained popularity from fans and media has been re-released for the first time in 7 years.

ロジャー・ウォーターズの「The Wall」ツアーは、ヨーロッパにその舞台を移し、3月21日のポルトガル公演からラストの6月16日のベルリン公演にかけて、壮大なスケールでの大規模なツアーを展開しています。(今週の5月11日からはロジャーのライブ史における新たなる伝説となるであろうロンドンO2アリーナでの6連続公演!)本盤はオランダのアーネムで開催された3連続公演の最終日、4月11日のライブを超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録しています。昨今のデジタル録音を代表するようなクリアーで安定感に満ちたサウンドで収録されており、本盤が、最新ヨーロッパ・ツアーを代表する一枚となることは間違いありません。予想通りの冒頭のIn The Flesh?でのあまりの音のクリアーさに思わずのけぞってしまいます。The Happiest Days Of Our Lives等のダイレクト感に満ちたパーカッシブな音のパートやスケールの大きな盛り上がりは最高ですが、繊細な音像が要求されるMother等に代表されるアコースティックパートではやや音の距離を感じます(それでも非常に高品質なサウンドですが)。しかし毎度思うのですが、In The Flesh?の前のドイツ語で畳み掛けるイントロや第二次大戦をイメージさせるグラフィック、更にはショウ後半での明らかにナチスを模した舞台イメージはヨーロッパでは問題ないのでしょうか?USツアー途中より新たに加えられたサウンドエフェクトは各所で聴けるものの、演奏そのものは変り様がない程、カッチリと固定されたものですので、問題なく進行するライブパフォーマンスの中から、何か新しいものを見つけ出すのは難しいと思いますが、現在、ヨーロッパのファンを熱狂させているWALLツアーの高品質ライブ・ドキュメントとしてファンはコレクションに加える価値は十分にある一枚と言えるでしょう。逆に言えば、本盤で聴ける、豪華絢爛なエンタティメントショウとしてのムードが炸裂していたUSツアーとはまた違った音の質感は、流石にヨーロッパ公演テイクと言えるのかもしれません。空気感やムードの違いからもしれませんが、確かに同じような演奏でも、2011年のライブでありながら、どことなくヴィンテージな雰囲気が音から伝わってくるのは不思議なことと言えるでしょう。ある意味、USツアー以上にWALLショウの真髄を感じさせてくれる一枚と言えるかもしれません。熱心なファンには是非ともお薦めしたい一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.132(2011年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。



Disc 1
1. Intro 2. Outside The Wall Intro 3. In The Flesh? 4. The Thin Ice
5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 6. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
7. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 8. Roger Speaks 9. Mother 10. Goodbye Blue Sky
11. Empty Spaces 12. What Shall We Do Now 13. Young Lust 14. One Of My Turns
15. Don’t Leave Me Now 16. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 17. The Last Few Bricks
18. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. In The Flesh 9. Run Like Hell
10. Waiting For The Worms 11. Stop 12. The Trial 13. Outside The Wall

Roger Waters – Bass & Vocals Dave Kilminster – Guitar G. E. Smith – Guitar
Snowy White – Guitar Jon Carin – Keyboards Graham Broad – Drums Harry Waters – Keyboards
Robbie Wyckoff – Lead Vocals Jon Joyce – Backing Vocals Kipp Lennon – Backing Vocals
Mark Lennon – Backing Vocals Pat Lennon – Backing Vocals

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