Pink Floyd / Pigs Back In Oakland / 5CDR

Pink Floyd / Pigs Back In Oakland / 5CDR /LEM

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Live At Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA 22nd &23rd April 1988.

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In 1988, Floyd who took part in Australia and Japan started April 22nd and 23rd on the 4th and 5th tours from the 2nd North American tour following “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” started in April Both Oakland and Coliseum 2 California 2 Days performances are recorded completely with high-quality audience recording. Take on the first day of April 22. There was no sound good version in the recording take of this performance until now. This main board mainly uses ultra-high sound quality new source which appeared in recent years, and it is collecting complete show of magnificent scale which is close to 2 hours 30 minutes on 3 disks. (It is definitely a take on this day because I say “Well, thank you, good evening. Welcome! In Sunny California” at the first Gilmore greetings after the Learning To Fly show.) This new source is the beginning Shine On You Crazy Diamond is missing, there was also a cut in One Of These Days, but that part is naturally supplemented from the second source that exists from the past. It is recorded with a clear sound which is not comparable with the take recorded on the same day so far, and maniac will be crazy for the highest sound quality with no sound cracking accompanied with a direct feeling. It is recorded as if it is a line recording, and it is the highest quality take that reigns at the top of the 1988 tour recording by first appearing. (By the way, Mike is Schoeps MK4.) Second day performance recorded on Disk 4 & 5 on behalf. Here I am mastering the 1st Gen tape of unknown details of the recording person and the microphone equipment. It is the best version on the same day remastered the take that is distributed as “COUNTY STADIUM OAKLAND CA”. It is immediately clear with a missing good clear sound of the beginning Shine On You Crazy Diamond, but even if it is not the first day take, it is also a very good recording. I feel the air feeling and the presence feeling unique to the big venue, but this is a very good take with this. There is a cut at Sorrow 8: 05, and it is the point that you can hear the microphone noise at that part (the same is true for the first half and on the end on the On The Turning Away). A thick, rich and stable sound image is wonderful, and it is a wonderful point that not being broken at all though the sound is clogging up to this point. Speaking of Floyd’s Oakland show, there is a 1977 legendary super take left by Mike Millard, but this is the 1988 edition. (In 1994 three consecutive performances were held at the same venue from April 20th to the 22nd at similar times, and the pattern can be heard with the definite version “OAKLANDS REVISITED.”) During a big time flow In each age, a new masterpiece is added to the legendary Auckland performance where a good live representing Floyd’s live history was developed. There is no mistake for fans!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.132 (July 2011 issue). For your information.

On 12th May 2011, at the “The Wall” concert at Roger Waters at O2 Arena in London, I saw the video of David Gilmour from the top of a huge wall during the performance of “Comfortably Numb” on YouTube There are also many people. “Outside The Wall” joined by Nick Mason was just a great circle, and there was a scene that wiped the tears of an impressed Waters, but in 1987 before 24 years ago, Gilmour who was about to perform a concert tour of Pink Floyd without Waters Due to the interference of Waters, he was faced with the situation of when he was in trouble of stopping the activity. The sound source released this time comes from the world tour that started in 1987 with the release of the album “Momentary Lapse of Reason”, changed from year to year, from the second North American tour in 1988, to the beginning of the tour for two consecutive days It is a complete collection of Oakland Coliseum performances that have been held. Besides the fact that patches are applied from the existing sound source which is slightly poor in sound quality to the missing part, it is a recording of nearly perfect sound quality on the 2nd. Especially, it is safe to call the sound source of 22th excavated recently as the ultimate audience sound source. It is also a proof that their performance and production without a minute gap was planned carefully with enormous cost and time, so it is also a reason why Waters’ disturbance was irrational. Though it is somewhat unsatisfactory to the seasoning of a thin mouth, it should be enjoyed at a loud volume. Also included in the Japanese performance was “On The Run” cut.

★ In 2011 Floyd specialty LEM label limited release released masterpiece title is re-release decision for the first time in 6 years.

1988年、豪州、日本を回ったフロイドが4月よりスタートさせた「A Momentary Lapse Of Reason」に伴う第二次北米ツアーからツアー4日目と5日目にあたる、4月22日と23日のカリフォルニア州オークランド・コロシアム2デイズ公演をどちらも高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。まず初日の4月22日テイク。この公演の録音テイクにはこれまで音の良いヴァージョンは存在しませんでした。本盤は、近年登場した超高音質ニューソースをメインに使用し、2時間30分近い壮大なスケールのショウを3ディスクに完全収録しています。(Learning To Fly終演後の最初のギルモアの挨拶で「Well, thank You, good evening. Welcome! In Sunny California」と言いますので間違いなくこの日のテイクです。)この新ソースは冒頭のShine On You Crazy Diamond が欠落しており、One Of These Daysにもカットがありましたが、その部分は過去より存在するセカンドソースから自然に補填しています。これまでの同日収録テイクとは比較にならない程のクリアーなサウンドで収録されており、ダイレクト感を伴いながらも全く音割れの無い最高音質にマニアは狂喜することでしょう。まるでライン録音のような質感で録音されており、初登場にして1988年ツアー録音のトップに君臨する最高品質テイクです。(ちなみにマイクはSchoeps MK4だとのことです。)代わってディスク4&5に収録された2日目公演。こちらは録音者及びマイク機材の詳細は不明の1st Genテープをマスターにしています。「COUNTY STADIUM OAKLAND CA」というタイトルで流通しているテイクをリマスターした同日最良ヴァージョンです。冒頭のShine On You Crazy Diamondの抜けの良いクリアーなサウンドで直ぐに判りますが、初日テイク程ではないにせよ、こちらも相当に優れた録音です。大会場ならではの空気感・臨場感を感じさせますが、これはこれで大変優れたテイクです。Sorrow の8:05でカットがあり、その部分でマイクノイズが聞こえるのが失点と言えます(On The Turning Away前半とエンド付近も同様) 。太く豊かで安定した音像は素晴らしく、ここまで音が詰まっていながら、全く割れていないのも素晴らしいポイントと言えるでしょう。フロイドのオークランド公演と言えば、マイク・ミラードが残した1977年の伝説的スーパーテイクがありますが、本盤は、その1988年版と言えます。(1994年は奇しくも似た時期の4月20日から22日まで同会場で3連続公演が行われ、その模様は決定版「OAKLANDS REVISITED」で聴くことができます。)大きな時間の流れの中で、各年代ごとに、フロイドのライブ史を代表する優良なライブが展開された伝説のオークランド公演に新たなる代表作が仲間入り。ファンは必携間違いありません!

★beatleg誌 vol.132(2011年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

2011年5月12日、LondonのO2アリーナで行われたRoger Watersの「The Wall」コンサートにおいて、「Comfortably Numb」の演奏中に巨大な壁の上部からDavid Gilmourが現れた映像をYouTubeで見た方も多いだろう。Nick Masonも加わった「Outside The Wall」はまさに大団円で、感極まったWatersが涙をぬぐうシーンも見られたが、24年前の1987年、Waters抜きでPink Floydのコンサートツアーを行おうとしていたGilmourはWatersの妨害によって、いつ活動停止の憂き目にあうかという状況に直面していたのである。今回リリースされた音源はアルバム『Momentary Lapse of Reason』リリースに伴って1987年にスタートした世界ツアーからのもので、年が変わって1988年の第二次北米ツアーから、ツアー序盤に2日連続で行われたOakland Coliseum公演を完全収録している。欠落部に若干音質の劣る既存音源からパッチが当てられている以外、2日ともほぼ完璧な音質の録音である。特に最近発掘された22日の音源は究極のオーディエンス音源と言って差し支えない。一分の隙もない彼らの演奏や演出は、莫大なコストと時間をかけて周到に計画されたことの証でもあるし、故にWatersの妨害は理不尽と考えたことも頷ける。薄口の味付けに何となく物足りなさもあるが、大音量で楽しむべきだろう。日本公演ではカットされた「On The Run」も収録。


Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA 22nd April 1988

Disc 1
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Yet Another Movie
5. A New Machine Part 1 6. Terminal Frost 7. A New Machine Part 2 8. Sorrow
9. The Dogs Of War 10. On The Turning Away

Disc 2
1. One Of These Days 2. Time 3. On The Run 4. The Great Gig In The Sky 5. Wish You Were Here
6. Welcome To The Machine 7. Us And Them 8. Money 9. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
10. Comfortably Numb

Disc 3 Encore
1. One Slip 2. Run Like Hell

Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA 23rd April 1988

Disc 4
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Yet Another Movie
5. A New Machine Part 1 6. Terminal Frost 7. A New Machine Part 2 8. Sorrow
9. The Dogs Of War 10. On The Turning Away 11. One Of These Days

Disc 5
1. Time 2. On The Run 3. The Great Gig In The Sky 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Welcome To The Machine
6. Us And Them 7. Money 8. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 9. Comfortably Numb
Encore 10. One Slip 11. Run Like Hell

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