Bruce Springtseen & The E Street Band / Paid The Cost To Be The Boss / 2CD

Bruce Springtseen & The E Street Band / Paid The Cost To Be The Boss / 2CD /Non Label

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Live at The Palladium, New York, NY 4th November 1976 SBD(UPGRADE)

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From the last day of the last of the New York Palladium six nights performances adorned from litigation problem blues recording activities had to stop in 1976 that Akekure to tour with the primary manager at the best mono sound board recording. The pattern of the day there is a monaural sound board sound source that is being broadcast at the time the radio, will be the classic sound source that has created an item of a number from analog boot era. However, the instability of the pitch of throughout, and become the roughness of the sound quality is a problem more than anything, “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” in the CD in the Great Dane only was also a sound source that it will not be released. In particular, the Great Dane board is not only ahead of the problem, that sound shaking that occurs in “Something In The Night”, has become a snap decision release while includes until the problem never been in the analog era, too listen as music painful state I had kept away the sound source from the fan.
However, the sound source which appeared recently is that you mix the three types of tapes, including the old, was Mise to eliminate the problem of “Something In The Night” in the Great Dane board is, of course, further over the full length It showed to achieve a recording of the past best sound quality on. Especially nice is New improved sound quality the first time of the master that is used in most of the show, everyone is in the clear sound quality that surpasses lightly the sound quality of the past of the items from the LP era will be not be prohibited surprise. It is obvious if you listen to “Night” in the opening. However, even this version was much trouble improved sound quality, in appeared the stage, and had a deviation of the overall pitch, as further of “Sandy” and “Rosalita”, the sound source is switched editing in the middle of a performance sound source been recorded without being healed is different pitch by, it was in the past the title of the problem or different listening spicy is.
However, perfectly adjust the deviation of the pitch change in its various locations in this release! It was realized the recording of the best of the state. Late and that Ronnie Spector is to play the oldies to back the blues and E · Street Band appeared, finally accurate also, such as “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” of this day is a has been Special cover performance showcase only Animals a pitch and was now past listen at the highest sound quality. Live of 1976 was missing originally to the presence of a definitive sound source, but here finally title that becomes the decision board of this tour and this day is the release by the limitation of the press CD. Please enjoy the dynamism of young blues differently or the familiar Darkness tour.

★ It is this work reviews Yowake in beatleg magazine vol.132 (7 May 2011 issue). In case you’re wondering.

The last day of the New York Palladium six-night performances lock color has graced the last strengthened the 1976 tour has been recorded in mono-line recording. This day is said to have been broadcast at the time the radio, something that has been a little bit of coarse sound source based on, and this time the title and since the same name of the analog-to-boot is released, 76 years classic live sound source. However, Great Dane in the CD is in but was released under the title “WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE”, where and sound swing in “Something in the Night” is not confined to the deviation of the pitch of the entire sound source “Rosalita” There is a problem, such as pitch rise, and coupled with the previous sound quality roughness, had fallen so low longer to be painful item to listen as music. Moreover, that was not only a distribution one more sound source of the original state, the item was the current situation is that without being released later. However, based on the version with improved sound quality has been excavated become last year, fans have appeared are three types of sound sources by making full use collectively “A STREAK OF LIGHT THROUGH THE TUNNEL” that net title topic calling. This title I version the sound source has been improved main sound quality that has been used until the middle of “Jungleland” in, but where sound quality improvement the first time of everyone will be surprised. It is refreshing that rough sound quality is in reversal, but because they reborn in clear sound quality. In addition to the first half of “Rosalita” and “Sandy” from the second half of the same song, and although the “She’s The One” middle of that sound source that is used in such patches fall a little sound quality, but still those with improved sound quality than before is used, the end of the show has been used a sound source from the previous.
Although it was a concept itself is a great idea of ​​the best editing of a combination of such a sound source, Ikansen all have the pitch of the sound source is different, the pitch was slow in such previous patchwork been several songs faster now with the switching of the sound source and become or, remained was in big trouble that great Dane and a little more than listen to spicy (and noise enters at the beginning of “Sandy”). I leave the noise and the like this time of the release of remaining in the expected, but I’m glad that is to make it easier to listen to much to correct the whole of the pitch as much as possible. Although the difference between the pitch remains slightly in such still “She’s The?”, But still would be a world of difference When compared to the original version. In order to eliminate the disparity of the three types of sound source, but state from the original also “A STREAK?” Of the sound source from the previous has been subjected equalizing, but it is also not excessive. In this way not only the sound quality, the pitch also stable by this release, it is too great for such co-starring scene with Ronnie Spector was one of the highlights of this day came to listen. Still is the largest eyeball this day, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place,” but is a pity cover playing of a previous sound source, therewith had been recorded in the correct pitch is the first time, the entire show in the last CD I am glad that satisfaction can be items of just such this day those playing great was released. Of course the release of a press of the disk.

初代マネージャーとの訴訟問題からレコーディング活動がストップしてしまったブルースがツアーに明け暮れた1976年の最後を飾ったニューヨーク・パラディアム六夜公演の最終日を最高のモノラル・サウンドボード録音で収録。この日の模様は当時ラジオで放送されたとされるモノラルのサウンドボード音源が存在し、アナログブート時代からいくつものアイテムを生み出してきた定番音源であります。ところが、全体に渡ってのピッチの不安定さ、そして何よりも音質の荒さが問題となって、CDではGreat Daneの『We Gotta Get Outta This Place』しかリリースされないという音源でもありました。特にそのGreat Dane盤は先の問題だけでなく、「Something In The Night」で発生する音揺れという、アナログ時代にはなかった問題まで含みながらの見切り発車リリースとなっており、音楽としてあまりにも聴き辛い状態がこの音源をファンから遠ざけてしまったのです。
ところが、最近になって登場した音源は旧来のも含む三種類のテープをミックスすることで、Great Dane盤における「Something In The Night」の問題を解消してみせたのはもちろん、さらに全編に渡って過去最高の音質での収録を実現して見せました。特にショウの大半に使われているニュー・マスターの音質の向上ぶりが素晴らしく、LP時代からの過去のアイテムの音質を軽く凌駕するクリアーな音質には誰もが驚きを禁じ得ないことでしょう。それはオープニングの「Night」を聴けば明らかです。しかしながら、せっかく音質が向上した今回のバージョンも、登場した段階では、全体的なピッチの狂いを抱えており、さらに「Sandy」や「Rosalita」のような、演奏の途中で音源が切り替わる編集では音源によって違うピッチが直されずに収録され、過去のタイトルとはまた違った聴き辛さを問題としていました。
しかし、今回のリリースではその様々な個所で変わるピッチの狂いを完璧にアジャスト!最高の状態での収録を実現しました。ロニー・スペクターが登場してブルースやE・ストリート・バンドをバックにオールディーズを演奏する終盤や、この日のみ披露されたスペシャル・カバー演奏であるアニマルズの「We Gotta Get Outta This Place」なども遂に正確なピッチと過去最高の音質にて聴けるようになりました。元々決定的な音源の存在に欠けた1976年のライブですが、ここに遂にこのツアーやこの日の決定盤となるタイトルが限定のプレスCDにてリリースです。おなじみダークネス・ツアーとはまた違った若きブルースの躍動をどうぞお楽しみください。


ロック色が強まった1976年ツアーの最後を飾ったニューヨーク・パラディアム六夜公演の最終日をモノラル・ライン録音で収録している。この日は当時ラジオで放送されたと言われる、少し粗めな音源を元にして、今回のタイトルと同名のアナログ・ブートがリリースされて以来、76年の定番ライブ音源とされてきたものだ。しかし、CDではグレート・デーンが『WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE』というタイトルでリリースしたものの、そこでは「Something in the Night」における音揺れや、音源全体のピッチの狂いにとどまらない「Rosalita」におけるピッチ上昇といった問題があり、先の音質の粗さとあいまって、もはや音楽として聴くのも苦痛なアイテムに成り下がっていた。しかも、元々状態の今一つな音源しか流通しなかったことで、以降アイテムがリリースされないままというのが現状だった。ところが、昨年になって音質が向上したバージョンが発掘されたのを元に、ファンが三種類の音源を駆使してまとめた『A STREAK OF LIGHT THROUGH THE TUNNEL』というネット・タイトルが登場して話題を呼んだ。このタイトルで「Jungleland」の中盤まで使われている音源がメインの音質が向上したバージョンなのだが、そこで音質の向上ぶりは誰もが驚かされるだろう。あの粗い音質が一転してスッキリ、クリアーな音質に生まれ変わっているからだ。さらに同曲の後半部分から「Rosalita」と「Sandy」の前半まで、そして「She’s The One」中間のパッチなどに使われている音源は少し音質が落ちるものの、それでも以前よりは音質が向上したものが使われ、ショウの終盤は以前からの音源が使われている。
そういった音源を組み合わせたベスト編集のコンセプト自体は素晴らしいアイディアだったのだが、いかんせんすべての音源のピッチが違っていて、先のつぎはぎされた数曲などでは遅かったピッチが音源の切り替わりと共に今度は速くなったりと、グレート・デーンと大差ない聴き辛さという大きな問題を抱えたままだった(さらには「Sandy」の序盤でノイズが入る)。今回のリリースではノイズなどはさすがに残ったままだが、全体のピッチを極力補正して格段に聴きやすくなっているのが嬉しい。まだ「She’s The?」などではピッチの差が若干残っているが、それでも元のバージョンに比べたら雲泥の差だろう。三種類の音源の格差をなくすために、以前からの音源にはイコライジングが施されているのも『A STREAK?』の元からの状態だが、それも過剰ではない。こうして音質だけでなく、今回のリリースによってピッチも安定して、この日の目玉の一つだったロニー・スペクターとの共演シーンなどが聴けるようになったことはあまりにも大きい。それでもこの日最大の目玉である「We Gotta Get Out of This Place」のカバー演奏が以前の音源なのは残念だが、それとて正確なピッチで収録されたのは今回が初めてで、ようやくCDでショウ全体の演奏が素晴らしいものばかりなこの日の満足出来るアイテムがリリースされたことが嬉しい。当然プレスのディスクでのリリース。

Disc 1
1. Murray the K introduction 2. Night 3. Rendezvous. 4. Spirit in the Night 5. It’s My Life
6. Thunder Road 7. Mona – She’s The One 8. Something in the Night 9. Backstreets 10. Growin’ Up

Disc 2
1. Bomb Scare Announcement 2. 10th Ave. Freeze-Out 3. Jungleland 4. Rosalita
5. Baby I Love You(with Ronnie Spector) 6. Walking in the Rain(with Ronnie Spector)
7. Be My Baby(with Ronnie Spector) 8. Sandy
9. We Gotta Get Out of This Place 10. Born To Run

Bruce Springsteen – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone, and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Piano Garry Tallent – Bass, Percussion
Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Backing Vocals Max Weinberg – Drums

with Miami Horns
Carlo Novi – Sax Ed Manion – Sax Tony Palligrosi – Trumpet Rick Gazda – Trumpet


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